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As authorised UK distributors of Meanwell Enterprises Co. Ltd, one of the world's largest power supply manufacturers with ISO 9001 certification, Meanwell Direct UK is able to offer an incredible range of electrical products. On our website you'll find over 4000 Meanwell products, including AC/DC switching power supplies, enclosed switching power supplies, modular power supplies, din rail PSUs, open-frame power supplies, AC Adaptors, hot swap power supplies, external switching power supplies, LED power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, and a broad selection of battery chargers. These products are used to power all sorts of systems and equipment, whether it's telecommunications, audio and visual, networking, broadcasting, medical, gaming, security, control systems, or lighting. Our industry expertise and application insight allows us to provide advice and technical support on a wide range of issues relating to the power supply. For Meanwell, total quality assurance and customer satisfaction are paramount. We know that the industry demands outstanding functionality and excellent reliability over a long period. That's why every product in the Meanwell range undergoes design verification testing, design quality testing, controlled component selection, and pilot-run production. Only then do we mass produce the device. A newly implemented computerised management system has significantly improved the administration of sales, manufacturing, purchasing, fabrication management, quality analysis, shipping, and customer service. This has had great benefits for our customers, including improved product quality, lower product costs, faster delivery times, and better customer service. Below you'll find a short synopsis of some of the Meanwell products. In several categories we have included a product example, but to really appreciate our full range of power supplies, PSUs and battery chargers, make sure you head directly to the Meanwell Direct UK website. If you would like any further information on the products listed there, please give the team at Meanwell a call!

DC-AC Power Inverters

Our DC-AC power inverters are useful across a wide range of applications.  They can be used to power appliances in the home or office, or portable equipment, such as power tools.  Additionally, our DC-AC inverters are used in a great many marine and vehicle applications.  Visit our website, where you can see detailed technical information about these power inverters.

Switching Power Supply

Our switching power supply range is comprehensive and flexible, meaning that it can be used across a wide variety of applications.  You can choose from enclosed, open-frame, DIN rail, medical, ATX, DC-DC converters and PCB power supplies.  Further there is a choice of power supplies from 0.5 to 18,000W in a range of voltages.  Have a look at the more detailed information on our website to find the unit that meets your specific requirements.

Mains Cables

With the UK, Europe and the US all having different mains connections, it may seem necessary to have three different types of AC mains cables.  However, we have the solution with versatile power cords that can be changed to suit different sockets.   You can choose a C5, C7 or C13 IEC socket, thereby providing you with your international solution.  Visit our website, where you can see more detailed technical information.

Mounting and Cable Accessories

We have a full selection of DIN rail mounting and cable accessories designed for use with our range of enclosed products, to help you easily and effectively mount your units into your enclosure.  Included in the range are parallel connection and series connection accessories for use with our modular power series.  Have a look at our website to see full details of our mounting and cable accessories, which include cable joiner, DIN rail L brackets, mounting plates, mounting ears and a waterproof connector for use with LED lighting power supplies.

Wall Mount Adaptor

Our range of wall mount adaptors provide from 6W to 25W of power and voltages are from 5V to 48V.  You can choose UK, US or European interchangeable plugs.  The range of external switching power supplies includes individual units specifically for use in Europe or the UK or the USA.  Many units meet the requirements of EnergyStar and the ErP (Energy-Related Products) Directive 2009/125/EC.  Visit our website where you can see detailed information about our full range of wall mount adaptors.

Video Game Power Supply

You will find that our video game power range is useful across very many different applications, including as spares for video game supply as well as to power other varieties of electronic entertainment equipment.  Our video game power supplies are available as enclosed, open-frame, adaptor and ATX units, providing 15-300W with a selection of outputs.  Check out the video game power range on our website, where you will also find detailed technical specifications.

DALI-PWM Signal Convertor

Our DAP-04 DALI signal to PWM signal converter is used in a variety of applications including indoor lighting, office lighting and decorative lighting.  The unit is designed for use with Meanwell AC-DC LED power supplies operating a 3 in 1 dimming function.  The DAP-04 features DALI dimming, push-dim functions and produces an open collector PWM output signal.  Our DALI-PWM signal converter meets DALI standards (IEC62386-101,102,207) and holds EN61347-1, EN61347-2-11, EN61058-1 certificates.  You can find more detailed information about this unit on our website.

LED Power Supplies

Meanwell Direct UK supplies a comprehensive range of LED power solutions for both outdoor and indoor applications. We have a massive selection for you to choose from, ranging from 18W to 240W devices, with or without PFC. All products in this category comply with UL1310 and EN61347 regulations, and are particularly suitable for LED lighting and moving sign applications. Since many of these devices are IP rated, you'll be able find a power supply for use in environments where dust and moisture is a perennial concern.

Din Rail Power Supplies

We supply a number of fanless Din Rail power supplies for installation on TS35/7.5 or TS35/15 industrial units. These are available in a variety of formats, from slim line 20 Watt units through to three-phase 960 Watt units. Din Rail power supplies are used for a wide range of applications, including electro-mechanical plant, factory automation, data communications, IT, control panels, power distribution boxes, building automation and household appliance control. For full details on the products listed in this category, just follow the link to the Meanwell Direct website.

Security Power Supplies

Meanwell Direct UK offers a complete range of security power supplies with UPS function suitable for the security industry or battery backup systems. Power ratings are between 35W and 155W. One of our latest products is the SCP-35 Series, a 35W AC-DC single output device that offers protection from short circuits, overloads, over voltage, and battery polarity. This device, like many of our other security power supplies, has UL/CUL/CB/CE approval. For more information on the SCP-35 Series and details on some of our other products in this category, simply follow the link to our website!

Enclosed Switching Power Supplies

Enclosed Switching Power Supplies from Meanwell start at 5 Watts and range up to 3000 Watts, offering a versatile power source for your application standard features, including parallel operation, modular power, UPS functionality, and PFC. These devices are the perfect front end power supply. There are dozens of models to choose from, so you’re highly likely to find the right product for your application, whether it's security, battery backup systems, gaming machines, gaming power, critical applications, LED lighting, or even the most complex equipment and systems. One of our best-sellers is the MWP-602(A) Series, a 104W AC-DC triple output supply for video gaming. Find out more about this low cost, highly reliable enclosed switching power supply by following the link to the Meanwell Direct UK website.

Open Frame Switching Power Supplies

In this category we have models starting as low as 5 Watts ranging through to 250 Watts. Single output and multi-output configurations are available. Standard features include PFC, full safety certification, low leakage current, and free air convection cooling styles. These are typically used in telecommunications, networking, IT applications, test and measurement instrumentation, and general electronics.

On Board Power Supplies

On Board Power Supplies are carefully designed to fit onto PCBs so that they save space and allow for low profile applications with standard features, including no-load power consumption, class II isolation, full protection, and free air convection cooling. They are generally used in IT and industrial
applications, general electronics, and non-patient contact medical applications. One such device suitable for medical applications is the NFM-05 Series, which complies with UL60601-1 and TUV EN60601-1 standards.

Modular Power Supply

The revolutionary Modular Series of power supplies are custom-made to your requirements. They are available as 450W, 650W and 1000W models with 75W, 100W, 150W and 300W modules. Features include remote sensor, remote control and parallel function (MS-300 modules). These devices use ZVS technology to reduce power dissipation and improve efficiency. All customised designs have universal input voltage, while output configurations can be chosen to suit your needs.

Hot Swap Units

Meanwell Direct UK supplies 1000W 1U, 19" rack-mount hot swappable power systems that can be paralleled to generate up to 300W of power. The RCP-1000 Series is a front end power system with universal AC input, built in 5V/0.3A auxiliary power, active PFC function, and short-circuit, overload, overvoltage and over temperature protection. To find out more about our Hot Swap units, or any of the products that Meanwell has to offer, please head directly to our website.

Medical Power Supply

Meanwell offer medical power supplies as general PCB, desktop and on-board types starting at 5 Watts and going right through to 200 Watts. All of the products within this category have been designed with low leakage current or low no-load power consumption, full protection, and in full compliance with relevant medical safety standards. Our range also includes PCB type supplies with non-PFC for smaller wattage models and with low leakage currents, making them suitable for non-patient contact medical equipment. Take a look at our versatile, reliable range of medical power supplies by visiting the Meanwell website directly.

PC Power Supply

We also have in stock a range of high quality PC power supplies, including:

  • IPC-200 Series – a 200W industrial 1UATX 12V/P4 Supply with universal AC input.
  • IPC-250 Series – a 250W industrial 1UATX 12V/P4 Supply with universal AC input.
  • IPC-300A Series – a 300W industrial 1UATX 12V/P4 Supply with universal AC input.
  • YP-350A-AA – a 350W ATX Supply with AC input selected by switch.
  • YP-350J-AA – a 300W ATX 24V industrial power sully with universal AC input.
  • YP-400A-AA – a 300W ATC Supply with AC input range selected by switch.
  • YP-450A-AA – a 350W ATX Supply with AC input range selected by switch.

Full details on each of the above can be found on the Meanwell website.

19" Rack Power

Meanwell’s 19 inch rack power units are available in a 1U low profile with 1000~6000W optional power control and monitoring units. Hot swap operation and custom rack configurations allow numerous output ranges whilst also enabling several units to be operated in parallel. We offer a range of systems with various monitoring units to control and monitor up to 32 supplies – this can be done via Windows-compatible PC communication software. You can view our full range of 19 inch rack power supplies by heading directly to the Meanwell website.

Desktop Adaptor

We supply a number of desktop adaptors offering 15-220W of power in single and triple output variations, with output voltages ranging from 5V right up to 48V. They are available with a choice of IEC320-C14, C8 or C6 AC input receptacles, and many have been designed to meet with the requirements of EnergyStar and the new ErP directive 2009/125/EC. Below are a few examples from our range:

  • GC30B Series – 30W AC-DC Power Adapter with Charging Function
  • GS120 – 120W AC-DC Single Output Desktop Adaptor
  • GS160 – 160W AC-DC Single Output Desktop Adaptor

External Battery Charger

We offer external battery chargers for use when charging sealed lead acid batteries.  There are various models available, so you can choose between desktop, bench and mountable styles.  Our battery chargers are useful across a wide range of applications, such as car and truck batteries, trailers, electric wheelchairs, home appliances, battery back-up systems and a great many general consumer electronic products.  You can see detailed information about the full range of external battery chargers on our website.

DC-DC Convertors

Our range of DC-DC converters is designed for use in a variety of applications, including automotive, security and transportation applications, as well as battery back-up systems and general electrical engineering.  Our comprehensive selection includes encapsulated modules, on-board type units, general PCB and enclosed units, so you can choose the product that best suits your particular requirements.  DC-DC converters are available in 10 watts through to 350 watts in single and dual output.  We also offer a series that complies with EN55015 railway standard.  Visit our website to see detailed information about the complete range.

In Development

At Meanwell we are constantly striving to bring you the best possible and most comprehensive selection of power supply solutions.  We aim to continue to meet our customers’ needs by developing new and innovative products to bring you state of the art power supply products.  We have approximately 50 new products in development, including a series of harsh environment battery chargers, as well as IPC65 rated enclosed power supplies, LED lighting desktop adaptors, waterproof switching adaptors and more.  You can see information about the products currently in development on our website, so do have a look.



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