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McWilliam Technology Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of commercial, industrial and private-use windsocks. We have been producing windsocks for over 25 years, making us one of the most experienced suppliers in the market. McWilliam is a family-run business that prides itself on the quality of its products and the helpfulness of its service. We’re always on hand to provide advice and guidance when it comes to product selection, so you’ll never receive a windsock that isn’t right for your requirements. 

The most popular of our windsocks uses an integral heavy-duty hoop which is sewn into the mouth of the windsock. High quality webbing straps and a stainless swivel snap-on hook attach it to the mast, which can also be supplied by McWilliam if required. We also supply lace-on windsocks that are made with eyelets and are attached with cable ties. 

The range starts from 3ft and goes right up to the international airport standard of 4.3m. Almost all of them can be customised with lettering and logos for branding purposes. As well as the windsocks themselves we also have a full range of windsock accessories such as plugs, bearing blocks and light fittings. 

Head over to our website today and take a look for yourself. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a customised windsock with a member of our sales team, please feel free to call us on 02380 455255.


Our standard snap-on windsocks are made from high-visibility dayglow orange polyester and come complete with all necessary fixings for attaching to a swivel arm (these can also be supplied if needed). Sizes available are:

  • 3ft – suitable for model plane flying, firestations, home and recreational use. 
  • 4ft – suitable for helipads. 
  • 7ft – suitable for private airstrips, harbours and industrial use. 
  • 12ft – the minimum sized required by the ICAO for public transport airfields.
  • 14ft – the standard for international airports. 

We also have several ‘specials’, including a 4.3m lit windsock, a 14ft lace-on windsock, an internally lit windsock and an MoD specification 16ft lace-on windsock. For more information on these, please visit McWilliam Windsocks online or contact us on 02380 455255.

Optional Windsock Extras

Many of our customers come to us requiring branded or lettered windsocks, and of course, we’re more than happy to provide them. Just send us your logo and/or text and we’ll have them printed onto a windsock of your choosing. Another optional extra is our gauze anti-flutter tailcone, which can be fitted as an extension to any windsock to prevent excessive fluttering. To find out more about our windsock customisation service, please contact our sales team on 02380 455255.

Replacement Parts

We also offer a complete range of replacement parts and windsock accessories, including:

  • Bearing blocks – with stainless steel bolts
  • Floodlights – with galvanised steel sockets for fitting swivel arms
  • Internal lights – rotating fitting and cage only
  • Light units – for internally lit windsocks
  • Obstruction light glass – for screwing on top of a floodlit mast
  • Obstruction light lamp – long life 55w, 8,000hr 

More information can be found on the McWilliam website. 

Swivel Arms

McWilliam supplies virtually everything you need for windsock installation, including a range of swivel arms. We currently offer three sizes:

  • Arm 14 – for mounting 14ft windsocks
  • Arm 7-12 – for mounting windsocks between 7 and 12 feet in length.
  • Arm 3-4 – for mounting windsocks between 3 and 4 feet in length. 

For more details, please contact our sales advisors on 02380 455255.

Swivel Hoops

We also offer swivel hoops for windsock mounting, including a 24 inch hoop and a 36 inch hoop. The choice depends on what size of windsock you are planning to use. For advice and guidance, please contact our experienced sales advisors on 02380 455255.


We currently offer four main types of windsock mast. These are:

  • Standard galvanised steel masts with concrete or bolt-down bases. 
  • Floodlit masts with 4 floodlights, obstruction lamps, photo-electric cell, switch gear and ground socket – for major airports.
  • Internally lit masts to comply with CAA and ICAO regulations – designed to show windspeed and strength in all weather conditions. 
  • MacMobile – a telescopic portable alloy pole with a carwheel-anchored base. 

More information on each of the above can be found on the McWilliam Windsocks website. 


Delrin plugs are designed to slide into a locally sourced tube mast, allowing the attachment of a swivel arm. This gives you greater flexibility in terms of what type of mast you wish to use and the way in which you want to mount your windsock. For more details, please contact our sales advisors on 02380 455255.

About Us

McWilliam began producing windsocks almost 30 years ago, and since then the company has been setting the standard for quality, visibility and service life. Our windsocks have been used at airstrips, oil & gas rigs, industrial sites, RAF bases, heliports, all the British Aerospace Airfields and most of the major UK airports, including London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. We have also sold windsocks abroad in Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and throughout the Middle East. McWilliam believes this to be a testament to the quality of our products and the high standard of our service.



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