Established in 2000, McCarthy Environmental are experts in the design, provision, installation and maintenance of fume extraction systems. We strive to deliver high performance, innovative, reliable product solutions that are easy to use, cost-efficient and compliant with health and safety legislation. We stock high quality products from a range of manufacturers, including ESTA, BOFA, Nederman, Filtermist, Kemper and Absolent, and we can also develop complete turnkey solutions for a variety of industries.

With the demand for low operating costs and new materials constantly increasing, we are always innovating new fume extraction methods. This allows our customers to simultaneously protect their employees and the environment, while benefiting from reductions in downtime and energy consumption. We aim to be the supplier of choice for our customers, and our high standards are reflected in our Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) and British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) accreditations.

ESTA SRF K-10/K-15

The SRF K-10 filters smoke filled air to 99.9% efficiency, before sending it back into the workplace, and its high airflow means that it can extract large clouds of smoke with ease. Disposing of dust is incredibly easy due to the filter housing's ESTA tilt-back mechanism, and its long life cartridge filters are cleanable, which keeps operating costs down.

The more powerful SRF K-15 is best suited to applications involving large amounts of smoke or simultaneous fume extraction from two workstations. As with the K-10, its cleanable cartridge filters assure that operational costs are low, and its mobility allows for versatile applications.

ESTA Dustomat

The compact Dustomat 10 and 15 dust collectors are used to extract dust through either a connection on the processing machine or via extraction elements like ESTA arms and hoods. Similarly to the SRF products, the Dustomat has tilt-back filter housing for easy dust disposal and cleanable long-life cartridge filters to provide low operational costs and long operating cycles.

Other features of the Dustomat 10 and 15 include high extraction performance, good mobility, two filter cleaning methods, optional test certificates, and the ability to work with most dust types.

Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors

If you need world-leading oil mist extraction, look no further than the FiltermistXcel2, the latest generation of Filtermist products. Each filter can be used for a wide variety of applications, as the units can operate at a range of low or high voltages, at 50 or 60Hz.

The FiltermistXcel2 can be provided in 304 grade stainless steel or mild steel, which makes it suitable for use in a variety of engineering, manufacturing and processing environments, including automotive, aerospace, chemical and food sectors.

For more information, including airflow specifications, please visit our website.

Nederman Filterbox

The flexible and modular FilterBox is a welding fume and dust extractor than can be customised to fit specific requirements. The basic filter unit can be equipped with fans, extraction arms, trolleys, brackets and more, allowing it to meet a range of fume and dust extraction demands. There is also the option of using the FilterBox as a fixed mounted unit or a mobile unit.

Depending on how the mechanical process is handled, the filter unit can be selected from multiple variants. For the medical, chemical and food industries, there is the FilterBox in Spaceblue, and if you require automatic filter cleaning based on a pre-set value, the FilterBox Monitor is the solution. The standard FilterBox provides semi-automatic filter cleaning which needs to be initiated manually, while the FilterBox Basic uses a manual hand crank.

Nederman L-PAK Dust and Fume

Be it in welding shops, construction, car body shops, bakeries or industrial laundries, the Nederman L-PAK dust and fume collector is the perfect solution. It has a compact design and low weight, making it very easy to move around, and the frame facilitates handling via fork lift truck.

The unique L-PAK filter concept provides both filter longevity and high filter efficiency. A dynamic reducer is used to separate coarse particles, while surface treated polypropylene filters deal with fine particles, making the filters easy to clean and longer lasting. There is also the option of replacing the polypropylene filter with an antistatic filter, and a micro filter can be added for filtration of very fine particles.


Made to control airborne particulates from sanding, linishing, de-burring, fettling, ingredient weighing and other such processes, the FB7 downdraught bench is fully HSG258 compliant. Its filtration system includes a 0-500Pa gauge and 0-1000Pa with 'filter full' indicators, a G4 pleated filter, and an optional HEPA cartridge for submicronic particulate removal.

Features of the FB7 include a 500w backward curve centrifugal fan, swivel and brake castors, a filter clamp mechanism, on/off push button control, a warning light to indicate motor faults, and an inverter.

For more details and specifications, see our website.

DC Aircube Cleaners

If you need a simple way of decreasing dust, consider the DC AirCube Air Cleaners, which are suitable for a range of applications. Air is circulated through a large area HEPA filter which removes any hazardous airborne dust, and this can be done day and night if the cleaner is hooked up to electricity.

The DC AirCube can filter fine and hazardous dusts as small as 0.3 microns, such as quartz dust that can be found in brick, concrete, mortar and grout. As such, the AirCube is well-suited to applications involving hammering, concrete grinding, wall grinding, demolition work, bathroom/kitchen renovations and general construction.


Made for the extraction and filtration of fumes and debris through small bore hoses and attachments, the T60 is ideal for applications that necessitate close proximity, micro extraction. It is designed to be compact, yet still possess a comprehensive filter system, and its filter enclosure is capable of retaining a high concentration of particulate.

For technical specifications of the T60, please visit our website.



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