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Mauell Ltd offers products, systems and solutions for the energy production and  supply industry, the industrial and building automation industry, and the traffic control and environmental engineering industry. Here at Mauell Ltd, we work in close professional partnership with you to cover all phases of your engineering project, from planning, design and manufacturing, right through to the final phase of commissioning and post-sales service. We have always remained committed to providing a quality consultation, engineering, training and maintenance service.

Mauell Ltd strives to develop an automation solution that matches your objectives; we'll improve your efficiency by combining our years of experience with innovative, high-quality product design. We also aim to meet the requirements of each customer by providing on-site customer support, wherever you are in the world. Our global reputation has led to the establishment of Mauell manufacturing subsidiaries and sales offices on every continent.

Power & Process Control Systems

Our control and instrumentation systems play a vital role in fulfilling the demands on operational reliability, economic efficiency and the service life of systems and equipment employed by utility companies and the primary industries. 

Thanks to a modular, scalable design, Mauell systems can be adapted according to the specific technological task. This eliminates unnecessary wiring and makes processes more efficient. We have experience in the development of control systems for all fields of power generation and distribution, including steam generation, steam turbines, flue gas desulfurization, fail-safe burner control, waste incineration, water power and water treatment.

Power Distribution Control, Station Control & Remote Control Systems

Mauell can provide remote control systems that are suitable for a wide range of different operations including various industrial usages, building management, and for all kinds of supply and distribution network including gas, water, heating and electricity. We aim to provide future-oriented products with a high level of compatibility in order to offer the best and most cost-effective solutions for the remote control of processing and data transmission. Some of the characteristics of our remote control systems include a wide range of different operating modes with priority controls depending on your application, uniform data communication, system and interfacing technology, and much, much more.

Control Room Technology

Control rooms act as the interface between operating personnel and the process. A simple and logical design of the control room is essential for reliability and ease-of-use. For many years, Mauell has designed mosaic control rooms that have earned a reputation for quality all around the world. Our
control rooms are ergonomically set out, are attractive, and most importantly, are of a high-quality design.

We do everything from planning, design and construction, to manufacturing, wiring, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our huge range of products include mosaic control and indicator panels, frameworks, control cabinets and consoles, control room furniture, false floors and floor covering, and much more.

Control Room Design

Mauell’s control room design services include the complete planning and design of operator control consoles, mosaic indicator boards, rear projection panels, lighting systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, ceilings, flooring, electrical installations and all other control room equipment, fixtures and fittings. 

We oversee the project from start to finish, consulting with you throughout the design stages to ensure all your requirements are covered. Taking into account all technological standards, spatial conditions and material requirements, our design team will produce a computer simulation which allows you to visually “walk through” your future working environment.  Once approved, we’ll place all the necessary orders and supervise the installation. 

Visualisation Systems

To complement our mosaic systems, Mauell offers large-screen visualisation systems that are suited for wide variety of applications in many industries. Cutting edge graphical representation is the future of control room technology, as it is in-line with new ergonomic standards and its clear and functional user interface is easy for the operator to handle. A variety of ME multiView visualisation systems are available to suit your specific needs.

Mosaic Technology

Our mosaic technology is an informative, transparent style of display, offering the operator a clear and concise overview of the implemented functions. This makes reliable control and monitoring of technical procedures much simpler than other forms of function control. A modular design means you can choose a control that is tailor-made to suit the requirements of your plant. This makes our mosaic technology especially cost-effective, and also means that future modifications can be easily implemented. Mauell's versatile mosaic systems are in use all over the world, and are the optimal solution for a wide variety of processes.

Automation Equipment

Our automation equipment is based on praxis-oriented technology and can be used in any industry. Marking them out from similar devices, our automation equipment possesses innovative features and specialised functional characteristics. Thanks to our state-of-the-art CAD software and cutting edge production facilities, all of Mauell's devices are of the highest quality, conforming to DIN EN ISO:2000 quality assurance regulations.

Our comprehensive range of automation equipment includes automation and communication devices, compact alarm systems, annunciator relays, illuminated annunciator relays, auxiliary relays, phase-sequence relays, time-delay relays, coupler units, test switches, power electronic equipment, control and signal devices and current, voltage and ground-fault monitors.

Turbine Service

Mauell is fully equipped to provide a complete Steam Turbine Valve Service Package in order to ensure that your steam turbine always operates safely and effectively. Our expertise includes an engineering service, the assembly or disassembly of turbine valves, consulting and troubleshooting, the assessment of damage or condition with non-destructive testing, commissioning, and the upgrading of older systems. With repair processes that we continually strive to develop, we can provide welding, machining, heat treatment and surface treatment services both on- and off-site.

Turbine & Generator Spare Parts

Mauell is able to provide a comprehensive range of spare parts for both turbines and generators in order to ensure the continual effective and reliable operation of your system. In terms of mechanical parts, we are able to source springs, gear components, bolts, nuts and sleeves. We can also provide oil seals, white metal bearings (both repaired and newly manufactured), turbine blades and compressor blades for all technologies, bolt tensioning systems, and components for turbine steam valves. In terms of generator components, Mauell is able to supply insulation material, slip rings, coil retaining rings, brushes and connectors, chemicals and paint, wedges, spacers and other related items.

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