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Materion Brush Performance Alloys specialises in the manufacture and supply of high performance alloys to the global market. As the world leading supplier in this area, we are renowned for our first class products and services. We have more than 80 years experience in the industry and are proud to boast an incredible team of extremely talented individuals who work closely with customers to create incredible innovative solutions. Our services are called upon to create excellent results for all kind of industry applications including those in demanding fields such as consumer electronics, commercial aerospace and industrial, automotive electronics, telecomm infrastructure, oil/gas and alternative energy, medical and defence and science. Amongst our range of over 300 alloy types we offer six key products that are particularly suitable for use in demanding applications: Copper Beryllium, Nickel Beryllium, Leaded Copper Nickel Wire, ToughMet®, MoldMax® and Beryllium Hydroxide. We provide all of our customers with the same outstanding level of service. It is our commitment to design, manufacture and distribute high quality products to the industry as well as to manage, recycle and dispose of materials responsibly. To find out more about our high performance alloys and services, please visit our website or call our friendly team at Materion Brush Performance Alloys.

Copper Beryllium Alloys

Copper beryllium alloys are essential in many modern demanding industry applications including automotive, commercial and industrial end-use applications such as down-hole drilling tools and sub-sea wellhead products, computer burn-in and test sockets, and automotive wire harness materials. We manufacture and supply copper beryllium rod, bar, wire, tube, plate, strip, forgings and extrusions in various high strength and high conductivity alloys. Benefits of these alloys include enhanced functional performance, facilitation miniaturisation of components and products, and improved reliability and increased electrical and thermal conductivity. Please contact the team at Materion for further information.

Copper Beryllium Casting Alloys

We also manufacture and supply copper beryllium casting alloys. These high strength and highly conductive alloys are widely used in demanding industries such as commercial, industrial and aerospace end-use applications such as safety tools, golf clubs, military cast parts, plastic and glass moulds and undersea cable housings. They are highly resistant to wear and galling and allow for excellent replication of cast detail. Our copper beryllium casting alloys include high strength casting alloys (age hardenable), high conductivity casting alloys (30% higher conductivity), and fine grain casting alloys (preferred for use in plastic moulds).

Nickel Beryllium Alloys

Our Alloy 360 beryllium strip has properties essential for various industry applications such as fire protection systems, heavy duty controls, electrical/electronic systems, electromechanical devices and more. This alloy is very much like stainless steel in appearance and is a precipitation hardenable alloy featuring high strength, hardness and thermal conductivity properties. It is highly resistant to wear, corrosion, thermal shock and oxidation from room temperatures to operating temperatures of almost 800 degrees C. It also provides excellent resistance to stress relaxation. Please contact us at Materion for further information regarding our nickel beryllium alloys.

Plastic Tooling Alloys

Our MoldMAX® alloys are available in copper beryllium (MoldMAX HH. MoldMAX LH and PROtherm) and non-beryllium containing compositions: (MoldMAX XL and MoldMAX V). These alloys are excellent for withstanding wear and galling and have proven extremely effective as injection mould components and cavity inserts that are in direct contact with the plastic part. The MoldMAX® range features a copper base to provide excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid, carbonic acid and other decomposition products as a result from plastic processing. It is readily machinable for use with various machining operations.

ToughMet® and BrushForm® Copper Nickel Tin Alloys

Our ToughMet™ copper nickel alloys are highly effective in many demanding industries for various end-use applications such as aerospace sleeve and spherical bearings, industrial bearings and transmission thrust washers. ToughMet® offers a PV limit more than twice that of most conventional bearing materials. It is a spinodally hardened copper nickel tin alloy that with high strength, corrosion resistance, lubricity and wear resistance properties. These anti-galling alloys are lead and beryllium free and have proven highly effective against corrosion in sea water, chlorides and sulfides. Our copper nickel tin alloys are identifiable under the following brand names: ToughMet® and ToughMet 3.

Additional Alloys

As the world leading supplier of high-performance alloys we are pleased to provide a range of alloys to suit all kinds of industry applications that are suitable for use with every day or demanding environments. We process more than 300 different alloys to provide customers with successful alloy solutions. Examples of our alloy range include aluminium nickel bronze, copper beryllium alloys, die bronze alloys, leaded nickel alloys, non beryllium plastic tooling alloys, precision strip, solder alloys, TIG rod, ToughMet alloys, braze materials and jewellery alloys. Our technical team is on hand to provide you with all the information and advice you may need to select and create the most effective alloy solutions.


We have more than 25 years experience in vacuum furnace brazing. Our vacuum furnace brazing services include in-house design, partial pressure inert atmospheres like dry hydrogen, argon and nitrogen, programmable controls to ensure repeatability with steady temperature ramp-up and cool-down, heat treating and out-gassing, and 1,400 degrees C temperature capability. We have the facilities and capabilities to provide vacuum furnace brazing services for small part quantities, large quantities and on-going orders. Brazing is offered by Brush Beryllium and Composites, Brush Performance Alloys, Ceramics, and Electrofusion. Please contact us at Materion to discuss options to suit your requirements.

Custom Fabrication

We provide various custom fabrication services as cost-effective alternatives to in-house fabrications of high performance alloy parts. Our highly experienced and skilled team provide a wide range of services such as bearing design, design assistance, CAD, milling, planning, drilling, tapping, gun-drilling, honing, centre-less grinding, precision machining, sawing, broaching, open and closed die forging, extruded shapes, electron beam and TIG welding, brazing, wire EDM and waterjet cutting. We can fabricate finished or ready to finish parts manufactured by any company. Please contact Materion with all of your fabrication requirements for first class results.

Forging & Extrusion

Here at Materion we use state of the art technology and innovative forging processes to extend the size range available in copper beryllium, ToughMet and other high performance alloy components. These processes include rotary forging, ring rolling, roll forging, swaging, cold heading, and various open and closed die techniques. Once forged, these high performance alloys are used all around the world in demanding industries and applications such as aerospace, marine, oil and gas undersea components, plastic mould tooling, and abrasion and galling resistant dies. We provide the industry with a first class, reliable service.

Infrared Imaging

We have developed our products and services continually during the years to ensure that we are able to meet and surpass the demands and expectations of the industry. One of our latest developments is the introduction of our IR cameras. Our highly trained and skilled team is able to look inside your mould and explain the benefits that MoldMAX® mould alloys can offer to your moulding operations. We are dedicated to sharing our expertise with customers all around the world to enable the best management of the thermal properties of their moulds.


We use state of the art equipment and technology to provide a range of manufacturing services including bearing design, design assistance, CAD, milling, tapping, gun drilling, turning, honing, centre-less grinding, precision machining, sawing, broaching and water jet cutting. These services are offered at competitive prices and can be used to fabricate finished or ready to finish parts. It is also cost-effective to purchase finished machined Materion Brush Performance Alloys directly due to the elimination of scrap and machining losses and the benefits this creates. Materion has a wealth of experience and expertise for all of your performance engineering requests.

Metal Recycling and Reclamation


We provide a recycling and reclamation service for all alloy types that meet the following criteria: 

  • Alloy Types: Beryllium Copper and non-beryllium containing scrap. All material must meet Brush Performance Alloys specification BWA-70 and BWA-76. 
  • Scrap Forms: May be solid scrap – bar ends, punching, sheet, strip, coil or other solid form or turnings, borings, scalping – maximum size 25” x 48”.

We cannot accept fine turning and sawing scrap or scrap that has excessive oily residue. Please visit our website to view complete terms and conditions or contact us at Materion for further information and a quote.

Research and Development

We provide various research and development services including Barr Precision Optics and Thin Film Coatings, Brush Beryllium and Composites, Brush Performance Alloys, Electrofusion, Large Area Coatings and Microelectronics and Services. We use state of the art equipment and methods to undertake first class research and development projects to the highest standards. Our team of highly skilled and experienced researchers work quickly and efficiently in order to complete research and development projects in agreed time frames. It is our commitment to provide outstanding results for all projects we are presented with no matter how small or large.


We provide hot rolling and cold rolling services. 

  • Hot Rolling: cast billets are re-heated to temperatures above the recrystallisation temperature before being fed through a hot rolling mill to allow new grains to form in the deformed strip. The strip is then coiled.   
  • Cold Rolling: Following the hot rolling process, the coils are then cold rolled down to the desired final size. This is done well below the recrystallisation temperature. The existing grains in the metal are elongated and strength is imparted to the metal. Some annealing steps may be used to re-soften the material for further cold rolling if required.


Here at Materion we are proud of the range of facilities and services we are able to offer customers all around the world. We are continually developing our equipment and services to meet the demands of the industry and to continue delivering high-performance results at competitive prices. We are also working with the alternative energy market to produce innovate and effective technology solutions to help close the gap with traditional energy sources.

Truextent Beryllium Acoustics

Materion Electrofusion has been supplying genuine acoustic beryllium to a vast number of transducer manufacturers since 1990, and we currently supply 100% of the superior Truextent genuine acoustic beryllium domes and foils around the globe. The unique combination of properties found in the Truextent range undoubtedly help to yield the finest sounding tweeters, compression drivers, microphones, and transducers on the market. The Truextent beryllium acoustics are made from high-quality materials that have been united to form products that improve the accuracy, frequency response, and sensitivity of audio systems in an environmentally-friendly way.

Beryllium Metal

Beryllium comprises of a number of remarkable properties that make it the material choice for a wide range of demanding end-use applications across many industries. These properties include high strength, low density, heat resistance, stiffness, and reflectivity, making beryllium a suitable choice of material for the design requirements of anything from precision optics on satellites to neutron reflectors of scientific test reactors. Components made from Materion Electrofusions’ beryllium metals have been proven to perform under some of the most demanding environments imaginable. We offer these high-performance metals in a various number of grades, shapes, forms, and sizes.

Beryllium Oxide Ceramics

Materion offers high-quality beryllium oxide products to suit the demanding requirements of many companies within the electronics industry. Consumers of high performance electronics are continuously looking to purchase miniaturized products, and therefore thermal management becomes a critical part of the packaging design. Our range of beryllium oxide ceramic products offers superior performance at high temperatures, enabling electronics to achieve higher speeds and reliability, along with the possibility for designers to manufacture smaller devices.

Beryllium Oxide Powder

At Materion Electrofusion, we manufacture two grades of beryllium oxide powder that can be pressed, sintered, or extruded into shapes for producing a ceramic with superior thermal properties. Our beryllium oxide powder consists of properties that offer high thermal conductivity and resistivity, together with excellent electrical insulation, making it suitable for many applications ranging from microwave devices to gas lasers. We typically supply the powder in -20 mesh, dry condition. 

For more information on beryllium oxide powder products, please visit our website at www.materion.com

Beryllium X-ray

If you are looking for a source that offers a wide variety of high-quality and cost-efficient discs, tight tolerance machining, surface finishes, corrosion-resistant coatings or chemical milling and etching processes then look no further than Materion Electrofusion. We offer several beryllium grades that are appropriate for a wide range of x-ray applications. The advantages of our beryllium products are as follows: 

  • High melting point 
  • High thermal conductivity 
  • High transmissivity to x-rays 
  • Low electrical resistivity 
  • Very high specific heat at normal and elevated temperatures 
  • Very low neutron capture cross section 
  • Very low specific heat at cryogenic temperatures

Metal Matrix Composites - Beryllium

At Materion Electrofusion, we have developed two comprehensive families of beryllium metal matrix composites to meet the growing demands of the aerospace and commercial markets for materials that contain superior properties including higher strength, lower weight, and outstanding thermal management. These families are named AlBeMet® and E-Materials. A continuous metallic phase (the matrix) is combined with another phase (the reinforcement) to produce these metal matrix composites that incorporate exceptional strength together with high-temperature durability. 

AlBeMet® is an aluminum-beryllium composite that combines the toughness, ductility and machinability of aluminum with all the unique properties of beryllium. When compared with aluminium, it offers a much lower coefficient of thermal expansion, while having a higher thermal conductivity.
E-Materials are high-performance metal matrix composites that are ideally suited for electronic packaging applications. They have tailorable thermal, physical, and mechanical properties and are available in three different grades, making them suitable for many requirements.

Vacuum - UHV Assemblies

At Materion Electrofusion, we pride ourselves on providing quality products together with an unrivalled customer service, and always make our clients the first priority. We offer a comprehensive range of UHV assemblies in many forms including: 

  • UHV Chambers 
  • Beryllium beam pipes 
  • Actively-cooled assemblies 
  • Conflat window assemblies 
  • Radiation shields and vacuum shrouds 
  • Cylindrical, dome, and formed windows 

Our vast product offerings ensure that we will meet the demands of your UHV application needs. To find out more about our quality products, please visit our website at www.materion.com

Dedicated Program Management

Materion offers a dedicated program management service that enables customers to work with highly experienced program managers that will assist with the development and progression of their projects. Our program managers oversee customer projects in real time and are responsible and accountable for the success of the programs that they manage. Their duties include everything from setting prototype and manufacturing schedules to resolving any technical or logistical issues that arise. Our program management service provides customer-partners with an on-site single point of contact that coordinates all engineering, manufacturing, quality, compliance, logistics, and documentation activities. They also manage and develop risk mitigation and provide rapid identification and resolution of issues that help to keep programs moving forward and in the right direction.

Chemical Analysis

At Materion Brush Ltd, we carry out a range of materials testing processes throughout the production process. From the moment we receive raw materials through to project completion, our highly qualified and experienced team monitors vital materials characteristics such as material purity, density and homogeneity.

We use a range of quantitative chemical analysis methods, including:

  • Trace Analysis
  • Wet Chemical Analysis
  • Gas Composition Analysis
  • Glow Discharge Mass Spectroscopy (GDMS)
  • X-Ray Diffraction
  • Themogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

Our chemical analysis methods enable us to provide advanced materials solutions. These may feature customised materials to exact specifications or materials we have developed with tailored physical properties.

Materion Brush Ltd is ISO 17025 accredited.

Thin Film Quality Systems

The quality of our products and services is paramount at Materion and we adhere to strict quality control procedures that enables us to deliver top quality results at all times.

Part of our quality programme sees the utilisation of our advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. This software enables us to provide customers with a detailed breakdown of information regarding their material.

Our quality system features:

  • 100% visual inspection of all materials
  • Certificate of Analysis supplied will all rolls of sputtered material
  • Test data to suit customer requirements
  • Real-Time Collections
  • Statistical Process Control
  • ISO 9001 Certified Facility.

We are continually monitoring quality performance to ensure we meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Alloying and Casting

Our highly skilled engineers carry out a range of alloying and casting processes in-house, including:

  • Static casting (for flexible net shapes and sizes)
  • Vacuum casting (for void-free, ultra-high purity metals)
  • Continuous casting (for flexible net shapes and sizes)
  • Hot and cold rolling (for fine, equiaxed grains for superior thin film deposition).

We work closely with customers to review specific needs before recommending effective options. We provide complete service solutions and deliver them within realistic turnaround times.

Please visit our website, or give us a call at Materion to find out more.


For many years, Materion Technical Materials has delivered consistent commitment to quality and innovation. Since 1968, when the division was established, Materion Technical Materials has developed its facilities and achieved incredible success and recognition along the way. Today, Materion is well-respected as the global leader in the cladding industry.

We provide cladding services to customers in a range of industries such as telecom, automotive, alternative energy and consumer electronics. We work with more than 200 alloys and all geometries from 2mm down to 0.025mm total thicknesses with clad layers as thin as 1 micron.

Various cladding options are available including inlays, overlays, microlaminates and dovetail clads.

Electron Beam Welding

Electron Beam Welding (EBW) is a continuous strip welding process used to join materials of dissimilar alloys, tempers and thicknesses side by side. The results feature materials with performance qualities that would not otherwise be achievable in a single material.

EBW can also be used alongside other production methods such as inlay and overlay cladding, rolling, solder coating or electroplating.

We offer a range of beam welded strip including: High Power Welded Electrical Contacts, Metal Strip Resistor: High Power Shunts, Metal Strip Resistor: Low Power Electronics, Multi-Gauge Welded Stainless, Welded Implantable Interconnects and Welded Switches and Relays.

Solder Coating

We also utilise technologies for continuous solder coating of strip metals. Our print-on and thermal reflow technologies provide all solder alloy compositions in selection locations on copper alloy substrates (solders can be deposited in thicknesses up to 0.5mm).

Thinner depositions of Sn and SnPb can be continuously electroplated on strip and a wide range of solder alloys can be clad or inlaid to achieve combinations and geometries of solder and substrates that would otherwise not be achievable.

Please visit our website to find out more about our solder coating processes. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Materion with your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Chemical Processing

Materion Brush Ltd is recognised as a world leader in the advanced chemicals industry.  We possess the necessary experience and expertise to enable us to offer our customers a chemical processing service that is second to none.  We are able to synthesize new compounds and manage chemicals in controlled atmosphere environments.  We work closely with our customers to ensure their individual requirements are fully met.  You can see more about our chemical processing technologies on our website.

Contour Profiling

We know all there is to know about grinding, milling and fixed tool skiving of continuous metal strip and continue to keep up to date with all the newest technologies.  We combine these with other processes to create all sorts of combinations of shapes and alloys.  We can offer our customers a great variety, ideal for applications such as battery-busbars, profiled stainless, resistors for high power shunts, as well as resistors for low power electronics.


Electronic Assembly

We excel at all aspects of electronic assembly and are known as a world leader in microelectronics and optical filter technology.  Several elements combine to ensure that our customers’ electronic assembly requirements are fully, efficiently and effectively met.  We draw upon our experience to provide viable solutions.  Our employees possess an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the technologies involved and we can offer an impressive range of in-house capabilities.  You can visit our website for more information and, as ever, feel free to contact us for advice or help with any queries.


We utilise our own innovative reel-to-reel electroplating technology to deposit thin layers of metals onto coil of base metals as well as onto pre-stamped parts.  With almost three decades of experience, we unfailingly provide superior quality electroplated materials.  Visit our website to learn more about electroplating technologies and materials solutions, or get in touch and we will be happy to answer queries, and advise as required.

Precision Optics

We produce a range of optical thin film filters, filter arrays, photolithography and optical sub-assemblies.  Our filters are widely used in applications where the precise management of light is vital, such as in defence, science and thermal imaging.  We have a crack team of thin film engineers who have both the experience and the know-how required to provide solutions for all sorts of different special requirements.  You can depend on superb performance and superior quality with all of our optical technologies.

Optical FilterAnalysis and Testing

When it comes to professional technologies, you can never have too much information and technical professionals know that the fullest possible data is needed when developing, manufacturing and maintaining optical filtering devices.  At Materion, we provide a comprehensive range of analytical capabilities, carried out in our state of the art filter testing laboratories.  We offer reliable advice and information throughout each product’s life cycle.  We use our knowledge and vast experience to help interpret findings as required and to provide advice as needed.  Visit our website where you can see more about our optical filter, component and assembly testing capabilities.

PVD and Packaging Materials Analytical Testing

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and packaging materials testing.  Services include chemical analysis, metallurgical testing, optical filter analysis and testing and PVD and packaging materials analytical testing.  Our facilities are world-class and our experienced analysts will provide you with information that is the best you will find, anywhere in the world.  Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited.  In our state of the art laboratories we utilise our testing capabilities when developing new products, monitoring production processes, as well as to ensure the purity of our products.  We offer a service to customers to help them test new products and ensure a continuous stable manufacturing process.  Further, we perform effective failure analyses to locate and resolve problems.  Our team of expert metallurgists and material scientists provide in-depth interpretation of results and can advise on ways to shorten development time, diagnose processing issues and spot the real causes of any problems encountered.

Materials Testing

We strive at all times to provide our customers with the highest quality precious metal products.  We can assure reliable performances, accurate compositions and the highest possible PVD process yields.  In order to ensure that our customers consistently receive these benefits, we have developed comprehensive testing and analytical capabilities, recognised as industry leaders.  Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and our knowledgeable technical team make sure that we provide a consistent purity.  Utilising the highly advanced GDMS (Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer) we undertake a very thorough analysis of alloys to levels below one part billion.  Additionally, the GDMS gives a detailed elemental depth analysis of plated, layered or surface materials.  Our many customers have many different requirements and we use a comprehensive range of testing services to fulfil all needs.

Engineering and Design Support

Engineering and design support from Materion is recognised as world-class.  Working with the chemical, thin film, beryllium and alloy industries, we make full use of our comprehensive portfolio of engineered materials to help with the development of designs and processes.  Materion stands alone at the top of the advanced materials market, as we use our vast experience and skills to come up with effective solutions to all sorts of technical challenges.


Resource Centre

We understand the importance to our customers and partners of having access to the fullest possible information about our products, services and technologies.  This is why we have put together a comprehensive Resource Centre, containing articles, cast studies, technical papers, white papers and more, all pertaining to our products and services.  We are confident that you will find the information you are looking for on-line in our Resource Centre but, if you would prefer to communicate with us directly, we are always happy to offer information and advice, as needed.


We provide services and products across a wide range of applications.  Businesses include the Advanced Materials Group, Aerospace Metal Composites, Precision Optics, Performance Alloys, Beryllium and Composites and a good deal more.  You will find these all categorised on the Businesses page of our website, with a great deal of information about the products and services in each category available there.  Do have a look, and remember you can always contact us for more information or if you have any queries.

Bulk Metallic Glass

We are pleased to now offer a selection of zirconium based bulk amorphous glass forming alloys.  These alloys are often referred to as Vitreloy alloys, all of which boast a range of valuable benefits.  A high performance alternative to titanium, magnesium or aluminium,  Vitreloy alloys have more than twice the strength-to-weight ratio.  Their unique atomic structure and composition offer superior resistance to corrosion.  They are easy to fabricate and are supremely versatile.  Visit our website to learn more about our bulk metal glass (BMG).

Precision Strip

Our Technical Materials Department is pleased to offer a range of Precision Strip capabilities.  From tension levelling to rolling; special gauge tolerances; from annealing and stress relieving; slitting; surface preparation and cutting to length, our range of Precision Strip services is comprehensive and of the highest quality.  There is a good deal more information about what is available on our website, so do have a look and, as always, let us know if you would like more information or advice.

MoldMAX Alloys

Our MoldMAX Alloys are available in a range of products to ensure you find the perfect high performance alloy for your injection and blow melding requirements.  Production requirements in the plastic production industry are stringent, and our MoldMAX products more than meet these demands.  Benefits afforded by a unique combination of strength and thermal conductivity ensure a shorter cycle time and significant improvement in part quality.  Additionally, MoldMAX Alloys are specially designed to help you achieve a well-polished product.  There is a lot more information available on our website about these high quality alloys, including a table comparing MoldMAX to other plastic tooling alloys, and a webinar entitled ‘Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes and Maximise Results with Copper Plastic Tooling Alloys’.  Have a look and you will learn much more about the highly effective MoldMAX alloys.

Spring and Connector Alloys

Our spring and connector alloys are used across a great many industries including automotive and consumer electronics, aerospace, medical, appliance, defence, wireless infrastructure and the oil and gas industries.  These high quality alloys provide a high level of strength and high conductivity, as well as reliability at higher temperatures.  We appreciate the importance of facilitating the use of new technologies and our spring and connector alloys are designed to make better use of up to the minute technologies.  These alloys are specifically produced to meet the property requirements, both mechanical and physical, that are specific to electronic and spring connectors.  Visit our website, where you will see a comprehensive table outlining the three key factors of high strength, high conductivity and reliability at elevated temperatures.  There you will be able to choose the product best suited to your priorities.  If you would like more information or advice, we are always happy to help.


Copper Aluminium Dovetail Clad

We have been able to draw on over four decades of experience in the field of metal cladding to create an unique technology for joining aluminium and copper as a side-by-side bonded strip.  This innovative metallurgical process is named Copper Aluminium Dovetail Clad™, and produces an interface with unbeatable electrical and mechanical performance.  Additionally, it is easy to stamp and form.  Thus you are able to create busbars, tabs and connectors for joining copper and aluminium.  There is more information about our unique technology available on the website.


We are pleased to offer eStainless™, which provides a structural and thermal management solution, all in one material.  Thin skins of stainless steel encapsulate a thermally conductive aluminium core.  This innovative combination results in a material which will appreciably improve the performance of modern high power electronic devices.  Optimising both thermal and mechanical performance, eStainless™ is an ideal solution as an economical drop-in replacement for solid stainless steel applications.  Visit our website to read more about the innovative eStainless™.  Whilst there you can see an informative video giving more information on eStainless™. 

Metal Joining Clad Materials

A range of metal joining clad materials is available from Materion Technical Materials.  All these clad materials are intended for use when joining together metal systems that do not match.  Needless to say, this covers a huge variety of applications, so we do our best to provide the metal joining clad materials that best suit your needs.  Please feel free to get in touch with us to let us know your requirements.  We are always happy to offer information and advice, as required.

Alumina Ceramic

We are pleased to supply the new Durox® family of alumina ceramic materials.  When you need a quality solution to high performance engineered requirements that is available at a competitive price, Durox® fits the bill perfectly.  The range has a variety of attractive, high quality features including, the use of high purity materials (99.7 purity); boasting high-end microwave and RF properties; and with excellent etch resistance.  We are confident that products from the Durox® family will meet your requirements, whilst offering a cost-effective solution.


Boride compositions have high melting points and a reactive nature and brittleness.  This can make them awkward to manufacture.  However, we have applied our experience in chemicals, as well as the relevant know-how, to come up with a broad line of borides that will stand up to the test and meet your needs.  Our boride products are manufactured to your exact specifications, so you can be sure of the solution that best suits your needs.  Have a look on our website for a table of boride compositions and please do not hesitate to get in touch to let us know exactly what you are looking for.


We provide a range of custom nitride components designed to enhance performance processes and improve your end product.  Our products remain strong at high temperatures, making a sturdy, strong and very hard ceramic material.  Industries using nitride compounds range from manufacturers of optical coatings, decorative and jewellery coating to military and aerospace sectors, medical implants and many more.  New uses are continually being added to the list.  We produce custom nitride compositions to meet your exact specifications, so do please get in touch and let us know your requirements and we will manufacture a superior product designed to suit your needs exactly.


The list of applications in which oxide compounds provide a good solution is a long one, as they are used in many different industries, including agricultural, refractory, construction, environmental and a good deal more.  However, these compounds can cause problems in the manufacturing process because of their sensitivity to moisture and the risk of flammability.  The release of hazardous by-products can also cause difficulties.  However, we have applied our experience of chemicals and our expertise in this area to overcome these difficulties and come up with a range of high quality and reliable custom oxide compositions.  We manufacture to customers’ precise requirements, so you can be sure of a product that suits your needs.

Pure Metals

We have a considerable range of pure metals available, which includes precious metals, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, post-transitional metals and metalloids.  We work closely with our customers to meet their precise requirements, in terms of both composition and form.  We can provide metals and metal alloys in a range of forms, including targets, granules, pellets, powders, pieces, ingot and shot.  The range of applications is wide, including optical coatings, solar cells, medical devices, jewellery, microelectronic packaging and a great deal more.  Have a look on our website where you will find more applications and a table of pure metals.

Microelectronioc Packaging Materials

We are pleased to be able to supply you with just about everything you could need for packaging purposes.  Choose from an extensive standard range of electronic packaging materials, or let us know your requirements and we can produce a design to precisely match your specifications.  We have a great deal of expertise in the area of microelectronics, as well as an excellent tooling library, so we can meet all your microelectronic packaging needs.  Have a look on our website for information about the full product line, which includes ceramic package, hermetic lids lead-free solder alloys and more.


We are pleased to offer the highest quality products across a wide range of markets.  All the industries we serve have stringent standards, which we have the experience and skills to meet and exceed.  We are in it for the long haul and work always to achieve long-term success for our customers.  We are firmly at the head of our field, well-known for designing and building innovative products.  We work closely with all our customers, offering customised products for semiconductors, computers, GPS devices, mobile and smart phones, digital cameras, gaming systems, and more.  We are a key player in the defence and science market, as well as in industrial and commercial aerospace, where the demand for superior quality products is a challenge we gladly and successfully take on.  The markets we serve are many and we take pride in ensuring that all our customers receive the superior quality and service they need.



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