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Masons Kings is an authorised John Deere agricultural equipment dealer based in the town of Chudleigh, Devon. Though we specialise in the supply of new and used tractors, combine harvesters, shredders, seeders, sprayers and other agricultural machinery, we also offer a selection of domestic and commercial garden equipment such as mowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers – not just from John Deere but from other leading manufacturers like STIHL. 

Masons Kings was set up in 1974 as an agricultural machinery dealer, and in 1985 we became one of the first John Deere dealerships in the South West. By the year 2000 we had opened our own horticultural machinery department responsible for the sale of gators, mowers, chainsaws and other such equipment. Today we have one of the largest ranges of agricultural and horticultural machinery in the South West, with equipment from all the leading manufacturers. 

Despite recent growth, Masons Kings remains committed to providing a personal level of service, always listening to your specific requirements and offering practical, cost-effective solutions wherever possible. If you require any help or advice in equipment selection, we’ll  always be on hand to provide it.  

Visit us online or get in touch today on 01626 852140.

New Machinery

Masons Kings offers a huge range of agricultural machinery from John Deere and many other leading manufacturers. We are the main dealers in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset for the entire Rolland product range (including dung spreaders and trailers), and we also offer a large choice of Pichon and BVL products. Bailey, Albutt, Spearhead, Vaderstad, Amazone and Fleming machinery is also supplied. You can see exactly what we have available by visiting Masons Kings online – and if you need any help or advice in machine selection, please do not hesitate to call!

Used Machinery

We have a large choice of used, quality approved machinery available at highly competitive prices, including:

  • ATVs and Gators
  • Combines
  • Forage harvesters
  • Balers
  • Air drills and seeders
  • Rotary cutters
  • Sprayers
  • Spreaders
  • Tractors
  • Tractor loader
  • + Much more

You can see exactly what we have available by visiting Masons Kings online. 

Ride On Mowers

John Deere ride-on mowers are designed for relatively large lawn areas spanning 1,000m² or more. Comfortable, convenient and high performing, these machines are the ultimate in domestic lawn maintenance. A high quality transmission together with a fully welded frame ensures an exceptionally smooth ride, making even the biggest jobs a breeze. Select Series mowers take this to another level; these models (John Deere’s most advanced) feature a heavy duty, robotically welded frame and ultra-powerful diesel engines with outstanding fuel efficiency.

Want to know more? Visit Masons Kings online or get in touch with our sales team on 01626 852140.

Walk Behind Mowers

Walk-behind mowers are your gateway into the world of John Deere. Comfortable, powerful and precise, they offer everything you need to ensure a perfect lawn. Customers can choose from a great range of standard collecting mowers, mulching mowers, roller mowers or even 3-in-1 mowers that you can set to mulching, collection or rear discharge. Walk-behind mowers are ideal for all sorts of domestic environments. 

If you need any help or advice choosing the right mower for your lawn, get in touch with Masons Kings on 01626 852140. 

Commercial Mowers

John Deere commercial mowing equipment offers a quick and cost-effective solution for the largest mowing jobs. If you have large areas of land requiring maintenance, these are the machines for you. Commercial mowers are typically supplied to local councils, private estates, golf clubs, sports facilities and other users with extensive grounds. You can download a brochure containing the entire John Deere range from the Masons Kings website. For expert help and advice in machine selection, just give us a call on 01626 852140.

STIHL Chain Saws

Masons Kings is an approved distributor of STIHL horticultural equipment, meaning we can offer a great range of high quality chain saws to cover almost all requirements. STIHL chain saws set the standard by which all others follow: they bring together innovative technology, exceptional performance and optimum ergonomics in a lightweight design that is easy to handle and safe to use in all environments. STIHL saws can be used for agricultural and forestry cultivation, orchard and plantation cultivation, or even for work in your back garden. The range covers:

  • Cordless chain saws
  • Petrol chain saws for property maintenance
  • Petrol chain saws for agriculture and landscaping
  • Petrol chain saws for forestry
  • Aborist chain saws
  • Rescue chain saws

STIHL Grass Trimmers, Brushcutters and Clearing Saws

Masons Kings also supplies a range of STIHL grass trimmers, brushcutters and clearing saws for taming long grass and undergrowth. These machines have interchangeable cutting tools that allow you to carry out a range of horticultural tasks, from mowing small areas of grass to thinning out overgrown thickets. Masons Kings can offer the following STIHL products:

  • Cordless lithium-ion brushcutters
  • Lightweight grass trimmers and brushcutters
  • High power brushcutters
  • Clearing saws
  • Electric grass trimmers and brushcutters
  • Backpack brushcutters
  • Brushcutter and clearing saw accessories
  • Cutting tool accessories

STIHL Blowers, Vacuum Shredders and Mistblowers

STIHL blowers offer an exceptionally powerful blast that will remove virtually everything in its path – fallen leaves, grass cuttings and all sorts of general debris. Fast, powerful and easy to handle, these tools are perfect for clearing gardens, parks and traffic areas.


STIHL vacuum shredders are capable of picking up huge volumes of fallen leaves, cut grass and trimmings. All garden waste is finely shredded as it is picked up so that it can be used directly for composting or mulching.

STIHL backpack mistblowers have been designed for convenient, economical use in fruit and vegetable gardens. 

STIHL Hedge Trimmers, Long-Reach Hedge Trimmers and Pole Pruners

STIHL hedge trimmers and pole pruners are designed to make general garden maintenance quicker and easier. Not only do they offer exceptional cutting performance, they also ensure comfortable handling to reduce operator strain. The STIHL range includes several long reach hedge trimmers for those particularly tall rows, as well as telescopic pole pruners for cutting branches at height. Customers can choose from three power options: petrol, electric or lithium-ion battery. If you would like to know more about STIHL hedge trimmers and pole cutters, please head over to the Masons Kings website or contact us on 01626 852140.

STIHL KombiSystems

Need a versatile tool that allows you to carry out a range of garden tasks? Look no further than the STIHL KombiSystem, a machine with a powerful petrol engine and a choice of KombiTool attachments. Whether you’re trimming hedges, edging lawns, turning borders or sweeping paths, this practical multi-tasker has the tools to get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively. The KombiSystem features a simple click and twist mechanism that makes tool attachment easy. Find out more by visiting Masons Kings online.

STIHL Cordless Power System

Masons Kings can also offer STIHL’s fantastic new range of cordless garden tools, ideal for areas with limited power supplies. They include:

  • Cordless chain saws
  • Cordless brushcutters
  • Cordless hedge trimmers
  • Cordless long-reach hedge trimmers
  • Cordless blowers
  • Cordless lawn mowers
  • Cordless sweepers

All cordless tools are powered by an efficient lithium-ion battery. For more information, please contact Masons Kings on 01626 852140.



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