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For over 40 years, Martello Plastics Ltd have been manufacturing fibreglass reinforced manufactured products and mouldings to exceptional standards.  Our highly skilled team includes laminators and finishers who we consider to be true craftsmen.  They are experienced at manufacturing a range of mouldings including electrical covers and jointing boxes, vehicle linings, canopies, columns and water tanks as well as bespoke mouldings based on your specifications.  More recently we have added mounting blocks to our product range which allow riders to easily and safely mount their horses.

We offer a comprehensive service and will manage the production from pattern and mould right through to the finished article and are able to handle both one-off and high volume productions.  As a family-run business we understand the importance of exemplary customer service and take special measures to monitor customer satisfaction.  We are confident that you will be satisfied with our quality of products and the service you receive from us. 

GRP Mouldings

Due to its tough composition and non conductive nature, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a widely used material for housing a variety of electrical items. It provides a weather resistant finish that requires no maintenance, is easily moulded into elaborate shapes and comes in a wide variety of colours.  Martello Plastics Ltd are experienced at making many different types of GRP mouldings including belt covers to provide protection to machine workings and electric meter boxes.  We are also able to manufacture moulded panels in production runs and can ensure that each subsequent order has the same high quality finish.

Fibreglass Mouldings

The use of fibreglass for fabricating mouldings produces a strong but lightweight product.  We are able to treat any fibreglass moulding with resins to give them either a general purpose, chemical resistant or fire retardant finish, depending upon their intended use.  For example, we produce sewer aerator tubes with chemical resistant resins for use in the water industry.  Fibreglass can be moulded into complex shapes and we are adept at producing corrugated fibreglass panels and canopy sheets to customer specifications.

Bespoke Mouldings

If you are looking for a company to work with on a bespoke fibreglass moulding project, then we would love to hear from you.  Our laminators and finishers have a wealth of experience of working to customer specifications on a wide variety of bespoke designs including, lifejacket cabinets for passenger ships, where fibreglass provides a non corrosive and maintenance free finish well suited to the salty environment. We also work with customers to restore architectural features on buildings, such as oriel windows, where detailed work is required to replicate the existing features.

GRP Jointing Boxes

Over the years we have worked with numerous clients to produce jointing boxes and electrical covers that have been used for electrical and gas applications amongst others.  We work to our clients’ specifications to produce jointing boxes for both above and below ground level.  Our electrical covers and shrouds are made using the hand lay up method.

Columns and Canopies

GRP mouldings give distinct advantages over heavy timber and stone when used in architectural applications.  We have worked with a number of hotels and country houses to fabricate Doric and bespoke columns that add a sense of grandeur to the building whilst providing cost savings on maintenance.  We have also worked with florists to make mini columns for flower displays.  We can also  produce bespoke canopies and laminated canopies for roof areas, balconies and aesthetical rejuvenation of buildings. Please see our website for examples of some of the columns and canopies we have produced.

Vehicle Linings

Our mouldings are suitable for a multitude of applications including fabricating vehicle parts.  We have worked with a number of commercial organisations over the years producing internal linings, roofs, steps, van linings and skirts as well as bespoke dividers and compartments for trailers to enable safe transportation of fluids. All of our mouldings can either be made in a base colour ready to be sprayed or completed with a gel finish for immediate attachment to the vehicle.

Fibreglass Roofing

The addition of fibreglass or GRP lamination to your roof will increase its durability and longevity; it requires no maintenance and offers full water proof protection, all of which provide long term cost savings.  We have decades of experience in laminating roofs and will come out when required and apply a fibreglass finish to your roof.  It is the perfect solution for flat roofs, garages, balconies, dormer windows and garages.

Mounting Blocks

For many years we have been producing horse riders mounting blocks which we manufacture in a range of sizes.  As they are lightweight they are highly portable and enable the rider to mount the horse more easily.  This also benefits the horse as it relieves pressure put on the horse back from mounting from ground level. Our larger blocks have been produced with disabled horse riders in mind as they allow space for one or two helpers to assist in manoeuvring the rider onto the block and then onto the horse.  Our product range also includes an extra step, making our blocks extremely versatile when working with Horses and riders of varying heights.



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