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Marcol is a plastic engineering company specialising in the production of large-scale chemical process plant and equipment. Our facilities in Bristol are fully equipped for the manufacture of large, bulky items such as storage vessels and tanks, large-bore pipework, machine guarding, dosing cabinets and scrubbing systems for chemical plants. These are just a few examples of the type of equipment regularly manufactured by Marcol. 

At our Bristol factory we have a team of fully trained, vastly skilled welders who are well versed in the welding and fusion techniques used in modern plastics bonding and fabrication. Using the very latest equipment, they are able to fabricate very complex shapes from a range of materials, including PP, PVC, PVDF, ABS and HDPE. 

The Marcol team takes great pride in offering a quality service - a service that encompasses product design and development as well as manufacturing. We can offer expert advice and guidance on new ideas and even provide you with detailed drawings and specifications. The service we provide can also include installation. 

Marcol Fabrications Ltd has been manufacturing plastic products and equipment for over 20 years. In that time we have worked on all kinds of projects from small welding jobs to complete installations of process plant, scrubbing systems and other large-scale equipment. Our clients have included small businesses as well as large multi-national companies working across various industrial sectors, including aerospace, construction, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nuclear energy, utilities and steel production. 

You can find out more about who we are and what we do by visiting Marcol Fabrications online. If you have a project you would like to discuss with a member of our management team, please just give us a call or send your enquiry via email. We are always on hand to help. 


Marcol has been working with plastics for more than 20 years, so we have a very good understanding of what materials should be used for any given application. This makes us well placed to offer advice when it comes to the specification of pipework. Whether it’s polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, ABS, HDPE or CPVC, we’ll help you choose the right material for the job, taking into account all practical factors as well as current standards and legislation which govern the storage and distribution of hazardous substances. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Marcol is more than just a manufacturer. We can provide comprehensive design support to help you develop your concepts and bring them to the production stage much faster. Using the latest AutoCAD software, our engineers are able to produce detailed drawings of your equipment alongside (and integrated with) plant that is already installed on site. Find out more about our design services by visiting Marcol Fabrications online.


Our experience in the plastic fabrication sector goes back more than 30 years, so you can be confident in the quality of our workmanship. To ensure our standards never slip we perform quality checks throughout the manufacturing process and conduct comprehensive end-product quality reviews. 

The Marcol manufacturing facility in Bristol is fully equipped with large-scale production equipment that enables us to engineer large, bulky items with ease. The people who use this equipment are fully trained and vastly skilled in plastic welding and fusion techniques. 

If you would like to find out more about our manufacturing capacity (including how we are able to produce skid-mounted equipment in order to reduce on-site installation costs), please head over to the Marcol Fabrications website. 


Marcol is able to offer a turnkey installation service for customers throughout the UK and beyond. We have a team of experienced installation engineers who will go wherever needed to install our fabricated assemblies. All Marcol staff are fully qualified for the tasks undertaken onsite and are trained to comply with our Method Statements. Any specific site requirements are accounted for in the documentation issued for that project. Find out more about our installation services by visiting Marcol online.

Modifications, Service and Repairs

Marcol’s after-sales services include modification, maintenance and repairs. We’ll make changes or improvements to your installations where required, and we’ll carry out maintenance whenever needed. 

Routine maintenance is essential in ensuring continued operation of the equipment as well as the safety of the operator. Having your plant inspected on a regular basis means problems can be highlighted and addressed before they lead to a breakdown.  

If you do experience a breakdown then Marcol can respond immediately – usually within 24 hours, in fact. Our aim is to get you up and running again so that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Caustic Dosing Cabinets

Fully-welded, dual chamber dosing cabinets like the one pictured to the right are now widely used in situations where concentrated acids are being pumped around a site. All valves, fittings, pipes and pumps are secondary contained so that operators are protected from spraying acid should any of them fail. Duty and standby units are segregated so that maintenance can be carried out safely on the duty pump immediately after the standby cuts in. You can find out more about the principles behind our caustic dosing cabinets by visiting Marcol online.

Ducting/ Scrubber Systems

Environmental legislation designed to minimise air pollution has made it essential for all UK and European companies to clean process fumes before they are discharged into the atmosphere. Marcol helps them to do this by providing scrubber systems and mist eliminators which can be used for almost any application. 

This is an area of particular expertise for the Marcol team, and we can offer a number of different solutions. Often, a packed-tower unit with a once-through water-drenching spray system will be sufficient to scrub and clean fumes produced from decanting. However, procedures that involve continuous use will need a larger unit that incorporates a water re-circulation pump, an extraction fan, a chemical dosing system and a wastewater treatment or effluent system. 

To discuss your cleaning requirements with an expert, just give us a call or send your enquiry via email. 

Process Description of a Scrubber

Before entering the scrubbing system, process gases must be captured using an extraction system (Marcol is able design, supply and install these too). Suction generated by an extraction fan will force the gases into the side inlet of the scrubber and up through a layer of packing which consists of “snowflake” type elements. Meanwhile, scrubber liquor is introduced into the system at an even rate and passed downwards through the packing (counter-current to the gas stream) towards the integral sump which is located at the bottom of the scrubber vessel. 

During this process the gaseous contaminants are absorbed into the liquid and thus removed from the gas stream. The gas then exits the column through a mist eliminator which removes free droplets of water. After this it is released into the atmosphere via the scrubber stack. You can find out more about how our scrubber systems are built by visiting Marcol Fabrications online. 

Machine Guarding

Another area in which we specialise is the fabrication of machine guarding. The guards we manufacture are made from a tough polycarbonate that offers the ideal combination of high impact strength and optical clarity, ensuring operators are fully protected and that visibility is unaffected. Machine guards can be bonded, bent, welded and machined to your specifications and will provide years of protection. Visit us online or get in touch to find out more.


Marcol can supply and install all types of pipework, and we can of course provide expert advice on the most suitable pipe system for your particular application. We can also advise you on current standards and legislation governing the distribution of hazardous substances in order to ensure compliance. 

Our welders are experienced working with PVC, ABS, PVDF, PP, HDPE and many other plastics. They use the most up-to-date welding technologies to ensure a safe, reliable joint. 

Tanks and Bunds/ Bulk Storage

Our manufacturing facilities enable the production of plastic tanks and bunds of all sizes, so whether you need a mini bulk-storage tank to replace small, expensive carboys or a large, industrial tank to accommodate deliveries for major distribution depots and process plants, Marcol can offer a solution. For those who need to store hazardous chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda or hydrofluoric acid we recommend a bunded tank storage system. Purpose-made from polyethylene, these offer a safe solution for many chemical storage applications.

Quality Objectives

Marcol’s reputation has been built upon the provision of quality plastic products and outstanding plastic engineering services. To ensure that the products and services we provide continue to meet the standard required by our customers, we have outlined several quality objectives that all Marcol staff work towards. These are:

  • To perform to the potential expected by our customers.
  • To ensure that quality management systems are fully implemented and continually improved. 
  • To build relationships with our suppliers in a way that ensures they understand the quality standards expected of them. 
  • For all personnel within Marcol to work together to establish a clear idea of what customers expect from them as individuals and the company as a whole. 

Quality Policy

Marcol’s Quality Policy is designed to ensure that we meet the objectives outlined above. We will:

  • Use our quality assurance systems to ensure our employees produce the quality of work that is expected of them by our customers.
  • Discuss regularly with our customers, managers, employees and suppliers the effectiveness of the quality system we have in place. 
  • Take time to understand customer requirements and ensure orders are completed on time, on budget and to their exact specifications. 
  • Identify and highlight any design problems, manufacturing concerns and supply chain issues as early as possible so that problems do not arise later on in the production stages. 

Health and Safety

At Marcol Fabrications we take our Health and Safety responsibilities very seriously. As well as having our own Health and Safety Policy which details levels of responsibility and the procedures we have in place at our own factory, we will pay full attention to the Health and Safety rules and regulations of our customers when working on their site. We welcome site induction training and will ensure all employees fully understand the procedures you have in place. 

Where site work is involved a survey will be undertaken; this includes the conducting and preparing of risk assessments. A Method Statement based on the findings of these assessments will then be prepared and issued to both the customer and the employees working on the project. 



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