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Established in 1970, Maplan have over 43 years of experience within elastomer technologies and engineering. We are proud to be recognised as a technological leader within elastomer, across an international market. Our products are geared towards providing clients with a future-proof, technological infrastructure. We are continually developing and researching new technologies and products so we can continue to provide high quality, effective solutions for our clients. Our qualified and professional team are always on hand to work with clients towards a mutual and successful goal. As an international company, we can provide products and services to a wide range of customers, wherever they may be based. 

Our clients are incredibly important to us and this is reflected in our high quality products and customer service. Whether you have a specific query or you just need to discuss a general issue, dont hesitate to contact our team, who will help you in any way they can.

Ergonomic Injection Machine

We developed the ergonomic injection machine range in response to a gap within the industry which was not being met with a complete solution. The clamping unit within this series features an easy assembly and very few moving parts, making the entire system solid, secure and fast. The rubber injection unit features an extremely short injection process, therefore allowing for only a small drop in pressure. Also thanks to a permanently cooled nozzle, the unit can guarantee an exact injection volume and accuracy.

Vertical Top Machines

Our vertical machines have been designed to manufacture all types of rubber mould types including combination parts such as rubber and metal parts. With the use of peripheral machinery, the extraction process of the rubber parts can be completely automated. We can offer a wide range of rubber injection unit and clamping machine combinations, according to your specific requirements. For any further information, you can visit the website or contact us directly.

Vertical Bottom Machines

As with out vertical top machines, the vertical bottom machines can be used to produce various types of rubber moulds, including combination parts. We can also provide provide a range of clamping and rubber injection unit combinations. To find out more information on these or any of our products, you can visit the website or alternatively, contact us directly by phone or email.

Horizontal Machines

Our range of horizontal machines can offer a wide range of benefits in the manufacture of O-rings and technical rubber parts. Featuring a compact and ergonomic design, our horizontal machines can perform full hydraulic clamping and have a large-area backing of the cavity section. It is also worth noting that we can provide additional equipment such as hydraulic ejectors and central ejectors, as well as others. For more information, please visit the website or contact us directly.

C-Frame Machines

Our vertical C-frame machines feature a C-frame clamp design, this means the clamp can close from the top or bottom. Thanks to this design, these machines have 3-sided accessibility to the mould area making them ideal for the production of corner joints within profiles and hoses. Due to their unique accessibilities, our C-frame machines are particularly suited to the production of smaller rubber parts. For further information, don't hesitate to get in touch, by phone or email.

2-K Technology

As well as offering our standard clamping and rubber injection machines, we can also provide specialist machinery. A fantastic example of one of our specialist products is our 2-component rubber injection moulding series of machines. This series differs by using 2 separate FIFO injection units to fill the mould, whether it be serial or parallel. We could, if required expand these units further by adding a rubber injection unit within a horizontal position and creating a 3 component machine.

LIM Injection Moulding

One of our newest developments within injection technology is a system that features exceptional precision, a compact design and can be easily maintained. Machines within this range can produce moulded parts from liquid silicone rubber at volumes of up to 400ccm. It is also worth noting that these units can be cleaned completely within a few minutes, saving time and effort. For any more information, please visit the website or contact our team by phone or email.


Our Cool Drive technology combines the benefits of both hydraulic drive and electric drives to produce an overall that is effective as well as efficient. This type of technology has been developed in response to problem found during periods of low activity within rubber injection moulding machinery. During this idle time, the pump continues to work and therefore wastes energy and therefore money, Cool Drive is the perfect remedy for this. For any more information, feel free to contact us.

FIFO Injection Unit

Our FIFO injection units are pure-bred elastomer machines which feature a constant L/D ratio. These units also benefit from short flow ways during plasticisation and injection and a gentle processing of the elastomer. As with many of our units, our FIFO injection units are also extremely easy to clean which helps our clients to save time and effort. To find out more about these units, don't hesitate to visit the website or contact our team by phone or email.


Our screw/ram injection units can work with volumes of 2500cm³ up to 12500cm³. One of the main benefits of using these types of machinery is that the temperature of the plasticizing can be completely controlled, throughout the entire process. Another benefit comes from the plasticizing screw, which is core progressive and therefore allows for an easier way to plasticise critical mixtures. To find out more about these or any of our products, please visit the website or contact us by phone or email.

High-Pressure Rubber Injection Unit

Our range of high-pressure rubber injection units use the first in/ first out principle. The unit features a constant L/D ratio and a high than usual pressure of 2500 bar. The machine also benefits from next to no pressure reduction thanks to a shorter nozzle. For more details on these units, please visit the website or alternative, contact us directly.


Our new control development, PC5000touch has been designed in reaction to the many advancements and changes within injection moulding machinery. This machine control is easy to use thanks to a large and clear touch screen display. The Navigation is intuitive and operators can even use the touch screen whilst still wearing their work gloves, for convenience. It is also worth noting that the entire system can be adapted to your own personal requirements, if needed.



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