Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd

29 Enterprise Way
Thornton Road Industrial Estate
North Yorkshire
YO18 7NA
United Kingdom

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Malton Plastic UK is a Yorkshire-based market leader in plastic injection moulding services – the creation of products or components by injecting hot liquid plastic into a precise mould. Demand for high-quality injected moulded plastics, in the UK and abroad, is always on the rise; we are proud to offer an ideal choice for any firm that needs an expert plastic injection manufacturer. We use a range of thermoplastic polymers suitable for any kind of product. Our cutting edge plastic injection moulding equipment, experienced staff, and modern production facilities, make us the go-to specialists for plastic injection. We provide clients with a range of moulded parts – for domestic appliances, such as vacuum cleaners; mudguards for cycle manufacturers; hard-wearing agricultural parts; seed trays, gardening tools, and propagators, for gardening; hose clamps and caps for industry; and winter tools such as snow shovels. We offer professional advice, customised service, and a tailor-made manufacturing process designed to save you time and money.

MPL Gardening Products - Visit our website

Malton Plastics builds a range of gardening products out of thermoplastic polymers. These precisely-moulded components help you address a range of gardening needs. Our products include flexiballs for building cages and protecting plants; cane caps, to cover the sharp ends of bamboo stalks or other garden canes, to protect hands and eyes; a number of other plant support components; security spikes to deter pets from trampling over the flower beds; hanging basket feeders; propagators in a range of sizes; rain gauges; and seed trays. Please visit our website for details.

MPL Winter Products - Visit our website

We offer a wide range of winter plastic products injected moulded to precise designs. Our handheld salt spreader is ideal for home use, to help clear garden paths, driveways, and doorsteps; our ice scraper is s staple for clearing windscreens and windows in extreme weather; our plastic snow shovel is another essential tool for areas where snow fall can be heavy; and our plastic snow skimmer bum sledge is ideal for easy fun and games in the winter months. Please visit our website for details.

MPL Miscellaneous Products - Visit our website

Malton Plastics produces a range of miscellaneous plastic products – from garden measuring jugs, to gardening scoops, de-icing tools, alpine racer sledges, and marker flags for garden planning. Please visit our website for details.

Tool Making - Visit our website

Malton Plastics is pleased to help its clients make their own plastic products, designed to meet their exact needs, by designing and fabricating custom moulds with our plastic injection moulding tool maker equipment. We can work with aluminium, steel, and hardened steel moulds; and we store all of our tools and moulds to ensure consistency between production batches. Our computer-aided design software helps us ensure precision and quality. And we can alter moulds even after they have been fabricated. Please contact us and visit our in-house facility to learn more about our plastic injection tool making skills.



Registration Number: 04019121
VAT Number: GB747 1067 31
Registered at Companies House:21 June, 2000 (23 years and 11 months ago)
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