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We have been a leading manufacturer of power supplies since 1986, and are proud to make our products in Britain to the highest quality and specifications. Our range of products is always expanding, as are the markets we supply, and the companies we currently work with include those in aviation, military, the public sector, retail, healthcare, and aerospace testing. For over 20 years, Magnus Power have supplied Electrical Power Systems to the oil and gas industries, and the products we manufacture include Frequency Converters, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Emergency Lighting Inverters, and Ground Power Units. We also specialise in the replacement of rotary converters, and the testing of electrical goods for export.

With a team of highly skilled engineers, we can design and manufacture bespoke power supplies for a wide variety of applications. We are an entity of Aker Solutions, who are known globally for their skill in engineering, construction, and technology products, helping us to provide integrated solutions. As a company, we take safety seriously, ensuring that products can be used in hostile terrains, harsh weather, or hazardous location categories. This has included subsea equipment, explosion proof containers, and safety interlocks. Whatever your power supply needs, our engineers can come up with a solution for you.  

Frequency Converters

Our wide range of static frequency converters means that it's easy to find one to fit your application. Sizes start at 1KVA for a compact 400Hz frequency, and go up to 200KVA. These units ensure the safety of your electrical supply by preventing overcurrent and overtemprature conditions, and come supplied with input and output cables. Although normally supplied as a free standing bench top unit, these converters can also be built into a rack mount at no extra cost, and this can then be fitted to a support shelf or bracket.  


There are many solutions available when it comes to Uninterruptable Power Supplies, and the Power Station series can provide autonomy for up to 17 hours. You can choose on line double conversion for those systems that need extra protection, and the rotation series can parallel up to four systems together. This means the power supply can grow as your data centre does, allowing you to easily add supplies. Sizes vary from the compact, to the B9600 series which can be used for heavy IT or industrial settings. With features such as Automatic Voltage Regulators and monitoring software, our range is easy to install and cost effective. 

Ground Power Units

Ground power units are ideal for items of aircraft equipment that need to be operated away from the aircraft, and with units available from 3kW to 100kW, there are solutions to suit all kinds of applications. A special purpose outlet will require aircraft-type connectors, interlocked outputs, and emergency stop facilities, ensuring your GPU is practical as well as safe. With experience in building equipment to our customer's requirements, we can give you a quote for your needs.

Bespoke Solutions

Because of our years of experience in the industry, we are often asked to build specialised systems for a range of product development purposes. We have the expertise to design, engineer, and manufacture a system that works for you, no matter what industry you work in. This could be a fixed power supply that stays stable without drifting, even if constantly running, or a variable supply that can be adjusted between two points. We can also help with more sensitive supplies that require controllability, for example when testing turbines or relays.

Aviation & Avionics

Our work for the aviation and aerospace industry has included manufacturing frequency converters for testing and repairing galley equipment, lighting, and seating for on board use. We supply 400hz converters for avionics workshops, and this compact unit is popular with aircraft seating manufacturers. We offer frequency converters to provide 400Hz for hangars, and our ME3 range has units from 10kw to 200kw.

Oil & Gas

We are a long established designer and manufacturer of power supply systems for the oil and gas industry and are able to offer our customers a wealth of experience in this unique area.  We fully understand the complexities involved in providing and maintaining continuous power in remote and marine locations and the importance to your business of doing so.  Our multi bay power supply systems give you control you need and we have vast experience working on power supply builds within Zone 1 and Zone 2 Hazardous areas, and are adept at working within their specific requirements.


With experience of providing military grade power systems, we have designed and engineered systems for the MOD, Army, Navy, RAF, and subcontractors who supply to them. With the military having a unique set of requirements, our internal design team can minimise development times, and have helped with solutions for power issues on military equipment and vehicles. These can be more complex than the average project, requiring designs that are robust, but can perform complex operations. Our equipment is suitable for hazardous location categorisations, including zone one, and our power supply and frequency converters meet the strict specifications demanded by the military. We deliver systems to the military on time and under budget, and have a special understanding of their needs.


With so much automation in the manufacturing sector, we understand how important it is to keep power running, and your business depends on the reliability of your power supply. We provide a range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies that can ensure you stay running during a loss of power, and our systems are of various sizes from 500VA 800KVA. If you manufacture electrical or electronic equipment for export, then we have a range of frequency converters to suit your requirements. Our products can offer you a more quiet and reliable source of power than those old rotary converters, so find out what we can do for you.  

European Distributors

We are proud to manufacture our products in the UK, and have a network of European Distributors for those interested in our products. With distributors in Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, German, Netherlands, Poland, Luxemborg, and the Czech Republic, there are many ways to buy our range of frequency converters and power products in your local country.

Far East Distributors

Our products are popular in the Far East, with local distributors available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Thailand. Ranges sold include our frequency converters, and other aviation equipment.  

Distributors Opportunities

As a leading British manufacturer, with a continually extending range of products, we are always looking to expand our network. There are a number of prestigious businesses around the world who distribute our products, and we are always keen to hear from established companies who want to expand their products and services.

News & Events

We work in a number of exciting industries, and our product range is always changing and evolving. Our website has details of news and events in the industry, as well as updates on new products and improvements to our existing line. Check for details of exhibitions we will be taking part in, and other important updates.  

Our Team

Our team includes many professionals with years of experience in the industry. Many of them have stayed with Magnus Power for several years, and have extensive knowledge of specialist power supplies, frequency converters and other products in our range. Contact our management, sales, or service team for a quick response, and advice on your specific needs.



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