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Unit 1, Regent Business Centre
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United Kingdom

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Magnetrol provides level and flow control solutions that transform industrial process measurement. We offer a series of conventional and electronics-based instruments that make measurement more intelligent, more reliable and more convenient to perform than ever before. Our products are the culmination of over 80 years’ application experience – they have evolved as a result of our meeting every conceivable measurement challenge that we have faced in our long history. 
Ever since our establishment in the 1930s, we have been continually innovating and developing new technologies that provide practical solutions to flow and level measurement problems. As the requirements of modern industry change and evolve, so do our products. But we do not just respond to change – we make it happen by continually introducing new technologies that make level and flow control more accurate and reliable.
Over the last three decades, Magnetrol has taken significant steps in implementing quality control procedures and programmes that make our level and flow control solutions even more reliable. With a Quality Assurance System certified to BS 5750 and ISO 9001, we are able to serve many industries in which the reliability and performance of systems and components is absolutely critical.
We will continue to innovate and pursue product excellence for as long as we operate, so that customers around the world can trust us to deliver flow and level control solutions that they can depend on. Find out more about Magnetrol by visiting our website. For product enquiries, please call us on 01444 871313. 

Guided Wave Radar Technology

Today more than ever, process industries are requiring control solutions that can perform safely, efficiently and cost-effectively in extreme temperature and pressure conditions. To satisfy this requirement, Magnetrol has developed the ECLIPSE Model 706, a transmitter that leads the way in Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology. It delivers best-in-class level measurement even when exposed to fluctuating process conditions such as density, dielectric, viscosity and specific gravity. Superior signal strength means the ECLIPSE 706 can take on a wide range of challenging applications, and, since it has no moving parts, it is virtually maintenance and calibration-free.

ECLIPSE Model 706 transmitter

With innovative GWR circuitry achieving a higher transmit pulse amplitude and improved receiver sensitivity, the ECLIPSE Model 706 offers a far superior signal-to-noise ratio than any comparable device. The result is more margin and a more robust operation across all level measurement applications. Microprocessor-based circuitry controls the measurement engine and gives an analog 4-20mA signal with HART communication or a Foundation fieldbus™ digital communication output. Meanwhile, advanced diagnostics take the user interface experience to new levels of convenience and functionality. An LCD displays critical real-time waveform and trend data and can easily be programmed by the operator to automatically capture data by time or event occurrence.

Probe Configurations for Every Application

The ECLIPSE Model 706 can have a probe configuration to suit any application, from routine water storage to processing media exhibiting foam, steam, corrosive vapours, etc. An extensive line of dedicated coaxial, single and twin rod probes provides users with a complete GWR measurement solution. To find out more, please visit Magnetrol online or get in touch with our expert representatives on 01444 871313.

Configuration and Troubleshooting Software (dtm)

Magnetrol offers an advanced configuration and troubleshooting software package that puts real-time and historical trend data at your fingertips. A simple, intuitive interface allows you to configure and troubleshoot in just one or two clicks of a mouse. 

DTM has been fully redesigned and upgraded as part of our commitment to making level and flow measurement as straightforward as possible. All critical performance data is displayed on a convenient home page, while real-time data can be gathered from an echo curve graph that shows liquid level exactly as it is “seen” by the transmitter. Find out more by visiting Magnetrol online.


The ECLIPSE Model 706 provides superior level measurement and control across a wide range of industries and applications. Whether used in food and pharmaceuticals production, power generation, chemicals processing, petroleum refining or pulp and paper production, you can expect the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in even the most challenging level and interface applications, thereby improving your safety protocols and optimising process efficiency. For a full application guide, please visit Magnetrol online.

Rediscover The Leader In Guided Wave Radar

Magnetrol has always led the way in guided wave radar technology. We were the first to introduce it into level control systems when we developed the ECLIPSE Model 705 transmitter back in 1998, and we were the first to incorporate a high temperature/high pressure probe and interface transmitter when we recently released the Model 706. The future of advanced process control solutions is being shaped at Magnetrol – that’s why we are the preferred partner for hundreds of companies that require the very best in operation safety, efficiency and performance.

Digital E3 Modulevel®

Modulevel liquid level controls provide output signals in direct proportion to changes in liquid level. They are unaffected by surface turbulence, and are accurate over a wide specific gravity range. Modulevel controls are displacer actuated and are suitable for various nuclear and power generation applications. Standard models can handle pressures up to 294 Bar and provide accurate readings in temperatures ranging from -100°C to +370°C. Visit Magnetrol online to find out more.

Model B40 High Temperature/High Pressure Liquid Float Level Switch

The B40 is a float-actuated liquid level control designed for use in high pressure, high temperature applications. It is available in a rugged industrial or ASME B31.1 construction, depending on your requirements, and can handle pressures up to 228 Bar and temperatures up to 538°C. The B40 can be used in a range of applications across a number of industries, including chemical processing, petroleum refining, nuclear power, power generation, and pulp and paper production. For more details, downloads and approvals, please visit Magnetrol online.

Echotel® 355 Two-wire Loop-Powered Ultrasonic Non-Contact Transmitter

The Echotel 335 is a two-wire, loop-powered ultrasonic transmitter designed to provide accurate liquid level, volume or open channel flow measurement. Intelligent electronics enable this non-contact device to analyse the ultrasonic echo profile, apply temperature compensation, reject echoes from false targets, and process the true echo from the liquid surface. The result is an incredibly reliable measurement even in applications where turbulence and false echoes exist. The Echotel transmitter is compatible with PACTware™ PC software via HART Communications, facilitating remote configuration, advanced diagnostics, performance trending and troubleshooting.

Eclipse® Enhanced 705 Guided Wave Radar Transmitter

Our enhanced ECLIPSE Model 705 is based on the original guided wave radar technology first introduced by Magnetrol in 1998. This updated 24 VDC loop-powered level transmitter can be used with all types of probe, ensuring a complete solution in GWR measurement technology. It is designed to provide far more accurate measurements than conventional devices, whilst also providing high reliability in demanding circumstances. PACTware™ compatibility provides additional configuration and troubleshooting flexibility, and an intrinsically safe, explosion-proof design makes it suitable for use in hazardous environments.

Atlas™ Magnetic Level Indicator

Atlas is our standard magnetic level indicator. It offers exceptional levels of performance, can have a broad range of chamber styles, and may be equipped with a variety of level transmitters and switches for complete level and monitoring control. Atlas level indicators can be produced in a wide range of materials and can be made with a choice of process connection types/sizes. The range of applications in which these high performance devices can be used is wide and varied, from chemicals processing, power generation and petroleum refining to oil and gas field processing.

Ultrasonic Contact

Echotel Ultrasonic Contact Switches utilise two piezoelectric crystals mounted inside a transducer to perform level measurement in a range of applications. The crystals are usually made from a lead zirconate or barium titanate compound – they convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. Find out exactly how they work by visiting Magnetrol online. For expert advice and guidance, please get in touch on 01444 871313.

Guided Wave Radar

The Micropower Impulse Radar combines Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), Equivalent Time Sampling (ETS) and modern low power circuitry - a synthesis which brings to the level measurement market a high-speed radar circuit (speed of light transmission) at just a fraction of the cost of conventional radar technologies. Electromagnetic pulses are conveyed via a waveguide that yields a system significantly more efficient than through-air radar. For more information, visit Magnetrol online and download our Guided Wave Radar Overview Brochure.

External Caged Switches

Magnetrol float level controls utilise a simple but effective float and magnetic coupling action. As the float rises or falls with the liquid, they move a magnetic sleeve into or out of the field of a switch actuating magnet, causing switch operation. Magnetrol offers several float type level controls for top mounting, side mounting and external cage applications, as well as a range of dry contact, hermetically sealed switch mechanisms.  Maximum operating pressure is 5000 PSIG, while maximum process temperature is 538°C.

Thermatel TA2

The Thermatel Model TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter combines performance and value by not only providing reliable mass measurement for air and gas flow applications, but also offering the user the ability to verify calibration in the field, reducing the need for periodic recalibration. The powerful and easy to use electronics are contained in a compact explosion proof enclosure, and is available with both insertion probes as well as flow body design for smaller pipe sizes. 


The Jupiter Magnetostrictive level transmitter is packaged in an ergonomic dual compartment enclosure, offering many features not found in typical magnetostrictive units today. Dual compartment design allows for the separation of wiring and electronics and helps facilitate simple, easy installation and set-up for both top and bottom mount versions. They can be connected via standard clamps to Vizual, Atlas and Gemini magnetic level indicators or can be directly inserted into a wide variety of process vessels. This means high accuracy and high linearity at a reasonable price.



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Registered at Companies House:18 May, 1989 (34 years and 6 months ago)
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