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MacGregor is part of Cargotec, a world-wide leader in providing solutions for the maritime transportation and offshore industries including offshore vessels. MacGregor offer a comprehensive range of services and fully integrated cargo flow solutions covering cargo access, stowage, care and handling. As part of our service we can provide lifetime support when it comes to the maintenance of your equipment.

At MacGregor we are experts at providing the right and best engineering solutions for offshore vessels and rigs. Our integrated solutions include subsea load handling, anchor handling and towing and mooring operations. Our offshore vessels and rigs products are specifically designed to optimise the complete functionality of a ship in order to ensure full control and efficiency during missions. We supply to a number of offshore vessels and rigs including drill ships, scientific research and windmill installations, to name just a few. MacGregor draws on years of experience in this field to provide the right engineering solutions for long term sustainable performance as well as adding value and enhancing your business profitability.

We work closely with ship owners and shipyards to ensure we fully understand the specific needs of ships and vessels when it comes to integrating our equipment; the safety of the crew and the ship is a priority to MacGregor. Our products and services are cost effective, especially over the long term, and we have the capabilities and experience to modernise original solutions in order to optimise performance for new and emerging markets. Visit our website to see how we can help to ensure that your marine cargo flow and offshore load handling is an efficiently run process on a global scale, 24 hours per day.

Ultra Deepwater Lifting System

Our Ultra Deepwater Lifting System is the ideal fibre rope technology solution when it comes to the challenge of ultra-deepwater. This lifting system can be retrofitted to an existing crane and gives smaller vehicles the ability to perform large lifting operations and utilises multi-component, weight-neutral fibre rope to provide necessary depth without the weight penalty of traditional steel wire. This means that existing cranes can lift heavier weights to unlimited depths. The wire and rope handling capabilities can be fully automated complete with orientation control to prevent twisting. At MacGregor we are transforming ultra deepwater operations with pioneering technology such as the Ultra Deepwater Lifting System.

Umbilical Winches

MacGregor umbilical winches offer the ideal top precision, full control system with integrated heave compensation technology. Our umbilical winches are specifically designed for use with ROV/Ts of all types. MacGregor umbilical winches utilise technology such as direct on-winch active heave systems that provide speed control and precise position over an enhanced lifetime. Our winches are compact and electrically driven and come with advanced full radius spooling systems. Our sheave system maintains umbilical integrity while allowing for the flexible placement of the winch onboard. Visit our website to view our full range of winches for use on offshore vessels.

Anchor windlass / Mooring winches

MacGregor anchor windlass and mooring winches come with a number of features as standard including 5 to 300 tonne rated line-pull on first layer, manually and hydraulically operated fail safe brake and dynamic braking to facilitate high loads and high speed lowering with de-clutching. Our winches also feature electric, electro-hydraulic and air drive capabilities as well as single, double or triple drum configuration in a side by side or waterfall arrangement. MacGregor winches can also come with a number of specialist features including auto variable speed control, wire spooling and guide systems, grooved drums, emergency release function, gravity lowering and emergency hoisting.

Shipboard Cranes

Our shipboard cranes include luffing, knuckle-jib and telescoping types and are designed for accurate deck lifts for offshore installations, onboard ships and for cargo handling at harbours. Our cranes have a safe working load of up to 20 tonnes and feature various slew bearing dimensions as well as different heights of pedestals. Our shipboard cranes can include cargo rail versions, which are mounted onto our cargo rail vehicle system and can then travel along the entire length of the aft deck. Our powerful and accurate cranes can include remote controlled tools as well as manipulators for deck operations.

Gravity Systems

Our gravity self-unloading system offers rapid, efficient and environmentally friendly unloading of coarse bulk materials. The gravity system can operate continuously 24 hours per day, seven days a week with discharge capacities between 1,000 t/h and 6,000 t/h and higher if required. This system can be integrated into either new build vessels or existing vessels with each system tailored to individual ship size and capacity. Some of the key benefits of the gravity self-unloading system include low power consumption, low operating cost, high discharge capability and an environmentally friendly operation. This system has been supplied successfully to ships ranging in size from 3, 500 dwt to 135,000 dwt.

Rescue and Work-Boat Davits

Our rescue and work-boat davits are specifically designed for easy installation and space utilisation, and provide long term operation in severe conditions and corrosive environments. MacGregor rescue and work-boat davits are the ideal solution for handling small or large daughter craft including MOB and other rescue boats. Our davits are available in pivoting and telescopic models and our SOLAS approved davits feature emergency back-up power systems to ensure continued use even during dead-ship conditions. Our rescue and work-boat davits can utilise optional shock absorbers as well as heave compensation and/or constant tension features for safer handling in extreme weather conditions.


Our A-Frames are specifically designed for a range of functions including offshore handling and subsea load handling (plough deployment and anchor handling). They can also handle the launch and recovery of specialised equipment and tools. Our A-Frames feature a lifting capacity of between 1 and 800 tonnes and can be either electro-hydraulic or electrically–driven. We can deliver our A-Frames as self-contained and self-erecting models, which can be mounted at either the stern or the side of a vessel. We offer centre-rigged, side-rigged, knuckle-jib and telescopic versions with additional features such as winches and pendulum dampening scissor frames.

Anchor handling / Towing winches

We offer a range of winches and accessories to meet your requirements, and our VHSS wire spooling system offers extremely long wires that can be directed in any direction when deployed. Our VHSS wire spooling system also eliminates the need for a defined minimum distance between the winch and first wire sheave. Standard features on MacGregor winches include single, double and triple drum configuration in a waterfall arrangement, 50 – 350 tonne rated line pull on first layer as well as manual and hydraulic operated brakes. MacGregor winches for offshore vessels also feature up to 500 tonne brake holing static at first layer.

Chain Wheel Manipulator

If you require a system designed to perform continuous cycles of chain wheel installation then the MacGregor Chain Wheel Manipulator will provide the ideal solution. Our Chain Wheel Manipulator provides chain wheel installation, removal and replacement on an anchor handling and towing winch while the vessel remains at its offshore operation site, even during adverse sea conditions. Our manipulator requires minimal manual input, can handle a full range of chain wheels and various chain sizes and is fully remote controlled from a portable panel. The MacGregor Chain Wheel Manipulator can be fully integrated into new build vessels as well as retro fitted into existing vessels.

Deck Handling Manipulator

Our Deck Hand Manipulator System has been specifically designed to offer flexibility and multi-functionality as well as proving time-efficient and increasing crew safety on board AHTS vessels. Our Deck Hand Manipulator System is remotely operated with the emphasis on reducing manual tasks and increasing crew safety during tasks such as anchor and deck handling. With this system the crane’s standard winch function remains in use and the gripper holds and moves heavy loads to the desired position. This single multi-function upgrade will greatly enhance the efficiency of deck handing operations. The Deck Hand Manipulator System can be an optional or upgrade feature for new or existing vessels.

Deck-Skid Systems

Our deck-skid system has been specifically designed to save time and labour while ensuring your load is transported safely to its desired position. MacGregor’s deck-skid system features a hydraulically driven tractor unit, pallets and full deck rail arrangement. The unit has the capability to safely move loads of up to 100 tonnes across terrains such as an open deck, moonpools and ship hangars even while the ship is in motion. The deck-skid system can be remotely or locally operated and has the capability to be quickly connected to a ringline hydraulic system for enhanced flexibility and mobility of loads.

Launch and Recovery Systems for ROV/Ts

At MacGregor we offer a number of launch and recovery systems for robotic tools and observation ROVs. Our systems are specifically designed to withstand the harshest of environments and extreme dynamic forces while maintaining safe and efficient subsea operations. Our launch and recovery systems come in three models, the Moonpool LARS, the Overhead-mounted oversize LARS and the deck/skid-mounted overside LARS. We supply watertight access doors for remotely operated vehicles and the side hangar doors are designed to function in extreme weather. We also offer specific configurations to meet your needs such as top or side-hinged or side-sliding depending on the ship’s structural design.

Module Handling / Well Intervention Systems

Our module handling/well intervention systems have been specifically designed to enhance the weather window during subsea units launch and retrieval onboard, subsea and on the sea bed. The module handling/well intervention systems are fully vessel integrated and come with constant tension guidewire system, double guide cursors, multiple door moonpool system, heave compensated lift winch and personnel lift. Our systems can handle modules of all designs and sizes with a weight handling capacity of up to 300 tonnes. We can supply moonpool door systems as an integrated part of the module handling system for ROV and work moonpools of all types and sizes. Visit our website for further details of our module handling/well intervention systems.

Moonpool Door Systems

MacGregor moonpool door systems offer a safe, secure and proven design for ROV and work moonpools of sizes and types. We offer single, double and multiple designs, which have been adapted specifically for moonpool lift equipment. Our moonpool door systems can be easily and fully integrated with bottom moonpool doors, a vertical rail and cursor system as well as a deck-skid system. The door controls can be easily integrated with lifting equipment control systems and feature failsafe locks, which provides additional personnel and equipment safety. Our moonpool door systems are cost effective, high quality products providing quality, efficiency and security.

Offshore Cranes

Our offshore cranes offer unmatched accuracy in deep waters, harsh environments and rough seas. Our active heave compensated offshore cranes are specifically designed for ship to ship or subsea lifts under the most challenging conditions in the world. The powerful and intuitive control system features active heave compensation, auto tension and auxiliary winch and tugger winch functions. MacGregor offshore cranes can be specifically designed to handle loads of up to 600 tonnes at depths down to 4000 meters. We offer a number of additional features including dynamic load calculators, wire log, snatch damping, remote control and Arctic Package, to name just a few.

Offshore Winches

Our range of offshore winches offers high performance, high response and high accuracy. MacGregor offshore winches also offer low hysteresis and a fully functional user interface. We offer a wide range of offshore winches including umbilical winches, anchor windlass/mooring winches and anchor handling/towing winches. All of our winches comply with current classification rules and standards, and can be utilised in even the harshest of sea conditions. Our winches can be supplied with a host of additional features including constant tension, passive or active heave compensation based on direct winch operation or in-line cylinder units, including control systems and power units.

ROV Door Systems

At MacGregor we have the experience to ensure that our doors can fulfil your requirements when it comes to quality, efficient and security. MacGregor doors feature all functions as standard at competitive prices with no loss of quality. Our ROV side hangar doors are designed to be used in extreme weather environments to ensure continuous ROV operation. We offer a number of design configurations including top or side-hinged or side-sliding depending on the ship’s structural design. We also offer the choice of integrated door controls into the control system of a LARS for easier operation. Our doors are weather-tight when closed and operating systems are available using hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors.

MacGregor Moonpool LARS

The MacGregor Moonpool Lars comes complete with a vessel-integrated and rail-mounted guide cursor as well as an extremely accurate hydraulic or electric active heave compensated umbilical winch. The Moonpool Lars also features a large screen-based control panel and a safeseal moonpool door system. The Moonpool Lars can easily accommodate safe handling of large TMS and work ROVS. The integrated wheel locks, extension rams and cursor locks provide easy and secure parking at heights that are suited to maintenance procedures or to allow traffic under and around the ROV. Visit our website to view more information and animation on our MacGregor Moonpool LARS.

MacGregor Deck/Skid-Mounted Overside LARS

The MacGregor deck/skid-mounted overside LARS is one our most flexible, compact A-frame based systems that allows precise ROV/T control during the launch and recovery process. This model features an articulate and fully damped snubber to improve security and full rotation of the load. Additional snubber sheaves do allow for offlead umbilical angles during all surveys. The deck/skid-mounted overside LARS features a hydraulic shock absorber that damps any snatch loads resulting in enhanced load and umbilical safety. The A-frame can also be retracted to free the maintenance area around the parked ROV/T.

MacGregor Overhead-Mounted Overside LARS

The MacGregor overhead-mounted overside LARS features an extremely precise, electrically-driven heave compensated umbilical winch to guarantee safe launch and recovery of a variety of TMS/ROVs. This model features our extendible, telescoping snubber, which reduces pendulum motions, allowing locking and rotating of the load. The compact telescoping design combined with the overhead placement of the LARS ensures enhanced safety and provides a good measure of free work space in the ROV hangar. By placing the side hangar door tops below the LARS you can increase crew safety and comfort, hangar doors can then be closed even if the ROV is deployed.

ROV and Diving Support

At MacGregor we continually invest in state of the art technology in order to fulfil the demands of our clients when it comes to the most advanced, safe and reliable engineering solutions. We work closely with our clients in order to design and manufacture comprehensive integrated solutions that not only maximise overall vessel functionality but also optimise operator profitability. MacGregor has developed an enviable reputation and is one of the market leaders in providing an extensive system of vessels capable of operating safely in some of the harshest offshore environments in the world. MacGregor is now the preferred supplier of offshore loading handling solutions for a diversity of international clients.

Extensive Offshore Vessel Solutions

MacGregor has decades of in depth experience to supply state of the art solutions for a number of offshore vessels. MacGregor provides the most advanced and reliable engineering solutions for offshore vessels including drillships, floating production, storage and unloading (FPSO) units and inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) vessels. We are also suppliers for multi-purpose support vessels (MPSV), seismic vessels, deepwater well intervention vessels and anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels as well as offshore construction vessels (OCV). MacGregor also caters for platform supply vessels (PSV) and scientific research vessels. Visit our website to view our entire range of engineering solutions for offshore vessels.

Windmill Installations

At MacGregor we understand the demand for safe, accurate and efficient offshore installation tools used on offshore converter platforms used by the renewal energy sector. The renewable energy installations sector face increasing challenges such as severe climates and greater depths, and MacGregor continually invests in research and development in order to provide the most advanced engineering solutions for this sector including offshore fields of windmills. Our clients have come to rely on our expertise in providing solutions for the installation and regular maintenance of coastal and offshore windmills as well as their associated infrastructures not only at subsea but on the surface.

Profit from Our Experience

One of the major strengths of our service is to maximise profitability for vessel operators by providing the right solutions for your operational processes. Our offshore load handling experts work with your vessel design project team in order to provide the correct solutions designed to increase profitability and decrease downtime. We have the experience to find solutions that will expand the weather window, enhance the lifespan of your equipment and improve the overall safety of your crew. At MacGregor we understand that efficiency and operability directly influence the ship operator’s bottom line, and we have the experience to analyse and assess the best solutions to maximise efficiency and profitability.

MacGregor Service

At MacGregor we provide a complete cargo handling equipment service for offshore, onboard and onshore needs. Our second to none service has made us the first choice of shipowners, ship and terminal operators and shipbuilders around the world. We provide sustainability throughout the complete life cycle of our products and we provide this service on an international basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer an extensive range of products and solutions specifically designed to improve performance, safety and profitability when it comes to cargo and load handling equipment. We also supply MacGregor original spare parts as well as a complete repairs service on a planned, demand or emergency basis.

24/7 Support Services

At MacGregor we offer a complete 24 hours a day, seven days a week support service via our global network service. We have the trained engineers and service personnel to offer our clients quick, professional and efficient support when they need it. We have a global network of competence centres and new sales units in order to be on hand whenever our clients require support, advice, products, services and information. MacGregor support services are simply a phone call away and we serve our customers in their own language. Our website contains the worldwide phone numbers and email addresses for our 24 hour, seven day a week support services.

Damage Repairs

Breakdowns, accidents and obsolete equipment can often lead to reduced productivity and reduced profits. We can help when it comes to the decision whether to upgrade, modify or repair your cargo handling equipment. MacGregor can undertake major or minor repair work on equipment such as hatch covers, cranes, RoRo equipment, lashing equipment, mooring devices, bulk self-unloaders, offshore cranes, winches and linkspans. We also have the engineers to provide repairs on subsea equipment and davits. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your equipment to assess the best course of action, which may include modification for enhanced equipment lifespan.


We offer a full inspection service in order to provide neutral reports on equipment. These reports can then be analysed in order to make recommendations for vital repair work and spare parts if required. Our inspections provide a quick analysis of the situation, tailored inspections for each product, neutral reports on the findings, recommendations for remedial measures and prices for maintenance. MacGregor offers global availability of our expert resources and we can also assess the condition of equipment anywhere in the world via remote diagnostics and onboard inspections. Our inspections do not affect your ship schedules and our inspections free up crew for productive tasks.


Our modernisation service includes the use of new technology to upgrade ageing cargo handling equipment to the latest performance standard. Modernisation also ensures that your equipment is stronger, easier to service and results in higher earning potential for your company. Modernising your equipment will mean reduced maintenance requirements with short payback times. We can undertake modernisation on a range of equipment including crane modernisation, which will increase the performance and efficiency of your cranes as well as increasing the lifespan of your equipment. Visit our website to view our modernisation services designed to increase productivity and enhance equipment lifespan.

Training for Crew and Personnel

MacGregor offers comprehensive worldwide training courses for crew and personnel. Our courses are designed to ensure that a ship’s crew fully understands the equipment and can operate and maintain the vital equipment installed on a ship. Fully trained crew will result in enhancing the equipment’s lifespan as well as improving operating efficiency, enhancing safety and reducing equipment wear. Our training courses can take place either on board a vessel or at one of our training centres and we can tailor our courses to meet your requirements. We offer a wide range of courses including theoretical sessions, safety courses, maintenance and spare part trouble shooting, to name just a few.

Spare Parts and Logistics

Having the right spare parts when you need them is vital in order to avoid downtime and maintain smooth running of equipment. MacGregor can supply high-quality original spare parts anywhere in the world throughout the year. We have the expertise, capabilities and networks to easily source spare parts and components whether hydraulic, electronic or mechanical across numerous brands at competitive prices. Our logistics department will then be able to arrange delivery of the spare parts anywhere in the world. Visit our website to see how we can quickly provide original MacGregor spare parts using our MacGregor Onboard Care Agreement to simplify the process.

MacGregor Onboard Care Service Contracts

Our Onboard Care Service contracts are flexible, offer peace of mind and are a cost effective solution. By ensuring that your equipment works when it is needed we can offer you sustainable operations and constant revenue earning capabilities. Our Care Service contracts are split into modules, which can be adjusted to suit your on-going requirements. Modules are split into availability support, onboard maintenance, spare parts management and customer training. Visit our website to view the complete range of services available with MacGregor Onboard Care Service contracts and see why these contracts make good financial sense.



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