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Mabey Bridge is a well-respected supplier of top quality steel bridging infrastructure, wind turbine towers and heavy plated structural steelwork. We supply products to customers all around the world including national governments, NGO’s, global mining corporations and national military forces. In the UK and Ireland, Mabey Bridge is a name closely associated with the fabrication and construction of heavy plate structures for the Highway Bridge, Rail Bridge and Footbridge markets. We also meet various modular bridging requirements including Compact Bridges, Universal bridges, Delta Bridges, Atlas Bridges, Logistic Support Bridging, Modular Bridge Production and Modular Bridge Installation.  

Here at Mabey Bridge we are continually researching the industry in order to develop products and services that meet the demanding requirements of the market. Recent investments have included our wind turbine tower facility which has been designed and manufactured with the capacity to meet half of the UK’s domestic onshore needs as well as the capability to produce other tubular steelwork for the energy and construction industry.

Please take a look at our website to find out more about our products and services. Or, alternatively, please contact our friendly team at Mabey Bridge for further information and advice regarding your project requirements.

Highway Bridges

Here at Mabey Bridge we are pleased to be the UK’s leading company for the fabrication, erection and protective treatment of steelwork for highway bridges. We are involved in a range of projects such as town bypasses, inner city distributor roads, new road construction, motorway widening, single span bridges, complex flyovers and more. Our highly skilled and experienced team works closely with civil engineering contractors to complete successful projects for many public and private sector clients including the Highways Agency, Network Rail, local government departments and private property developers. Please contact us at Mabey Bridge to discuss your project.

Railway Bridges

We also design and manufacture bridging solutions suitable for rail infrastructure. These solutions may include U decks, footbridges, viaducts, landmark bridges or other types of heavy structural steelwork. Our services include: High quality steel fabrication, Deck concreting services and waterproofing, Protective steelwork treatments, Installation, including full erection planning, Complex refurbishment of existing structures, Heat straightening of damaged or deformed steelwork and Site services expertise throughout the project.  We use state of the art 3D modelling systems in order to achieve outstanding project solutions and our site services team works closely with existing design teams to create safe, cost-effective solutions.

Foot Bridges

We are pleased to be involved in a growing number of footbridge and sign gantry projects located across the UK. These projects have included vierendeel truss, warren truss and other structures supplied on a fabricate, paint and erect or on a design and build basis. These applications have formed part of a wider package such as for highway bridges or rail bridges. We also provide fabrication, erection and protective treatment of complex footbridges made largely from steel plate and feature complex plan and vertical geometry requirements. Please get in touch to find out more about our capabilities.

Sign Gantries

Our team of skilled engineers produce high quality light steelwork such as for the trusses of conventional sign gantries. We use state of the art equipment and the latest manufacturing techniques, including CADCAM and robotic welding, to produce top quality, cost-effective sign gantries. Alongside traditional warren and vierendeel truss ‘super span’ highway gantries we have also worked on projects where we have fabricated steelwork for tubular gantries with reduced signage requirements. Please contact us at Mabey Bridge for further information about our sign gantry capabilities.

Other Structures

At Mabey Bridge we also offer other fabricators the option of sourcing their plated steel section requirements from our Chepstow based, fabrication facility. We take on various types of steelwork fabrications from basic T, I and box sections through to fully stiffened, drilled and painted structural components. Our excellent capabilities and facilities enable us to carry out both small and large projects to the same high standards. Previous projects have included steelwork fabrications for a range of structures including office and retail buildings, station canopies, power stations, offshore modules and maintenance gantries.

Compact Bridging

Our incredible Mabey Compact 200 Bridge System is the most commonly used modular bridge system in the world. It features a set of pre-engineered components of 10ft long panels that are braced together to form modular side trusses and single or two-lane crossing. Transverse steel transom beams then span between the side trusses and carry a proprietary bolted Mabey steel deck system. This pre-fabricated bridge system dates back to the original Bailey bridge system and is ideal for permanent rural bridges in all kinds of locations. The compact bridge is already used in a range of sectors including oil and gas, energy and mining, transport, NGO’s and humanitarian and international and local contractors.

Universal Bridging

The Mabey Universal Bridge System is an advanced development of the Mabey Compact 200 Bridge system. The Universal Bridge was established more than 40 years ago and is better suited to longer span permanent rural bridges, temporary and permanent site accesses and river crossings suitable for heavy off-road earth moving vehicles. Like the Mabey Compact 200 Bridge system, the Universal Bridge also features braced side trusses, transverse steel transom beams and proprietary bolted Mabey modular steel decks and panels. The Mabey Universal Bridge System can be provided with decking systems to cater to most international loading standards.

Delta Bridging

The Mabey Delta Bridge System is one of our later developments. It features the long, striking Delta panel used to create bridges suitable for long-spanning, permanent applications. This versatile bridge can be configured as a single or multiple-span bridge with clear spans of up to 90m in multiples of 2.25m. Its clear spanning makes it ideally suitable for use on main highways and roads in rural areas. Please follow the link to our website to find out more about the Mabey Delta Bridge System and to view case studies.

Atlas Bridges

Our incredible Atlas Bridge is able to span lengths of up to 73 metres. It features a unique steel decked bridge system that is suitable for installation in urban or rural locations. This lightweight bridge features pre-fabricated components that are used to create a modular bridge system. All of the main structural components are hot dip galvanised for extra corrosion resistance and to keep maintenance to a minimum. Our Atlas Bridges are delivered to the production site via standard ISO containers ready to be assembled and installed by crane or cantilever launching method.

Logistic support Bridging

The Mabey Logistic Support Bridge is designed specifically for the military and is widely used by military establishments around the world. It features a combination of the Mabey Compact 200 Bridge System with special components necessary to meet the demands of this sector. Our specially developed military components include rapid build, highly adjustable variable slope ramp systems, special ground beam assemblies and heavy transverse beam sections. These have been expertly created to cater for specific military loading conditions. The Mabey Logistic Support Bridge can carry loads up to Military Load Class (MLC) 80T Normal, 110W Caution and a range of civilian load conditions.

Modular Bridge Production

Mabey Bridge is pleased to be the world’s leading volume manufacturer of modular steel bridge systems. We are certified to ISO 9001:2000 to ensure all products are manufactured to the highest standards. We are pleased to boast an incredible team of engineers who develop new products and adapt existing systems in order to meet the demanding requirements of the industry. We use certified, high-grade steels in components that are hot dip galvanised to international standards in order to be robust and withstand the elements. Please contact our technical team at Mabey Bridge for further information and advice regarding our modular bridge production capabilities.

Modular Bridge Installation

Alongside the manufacture of world class steel bridges we are also recognised globally for our incredible modular bridge installations. Using our pre-fabricated modular components, bridge constructions can be completed quickly and efficiently. Our bridge systems and components are transported via ISO containers ready to be unloaded and used straight away via cantilever launching or by lifting into position by crane. Our excellent technical team provides assistance and support at all stages of installation. Please contact our friendly team at Mabey Bridge with your project requirements or for further information and advice.

Wind Turbine Towers

Here at Mabey Bridge we made an incredible entry into the renewable energy market in 2010 with a £38m investment into a state of the art manufacturing facility dedicated solely to the fabrication of wind turbine towers, monopiles and associated equipment. As a global leader in steelwork fabrication we entered this market with the essential experience and facilities needed to make a positive impact to the industry. Our highly skilled team uses state of the art techniques and processes including CADCAM modelling, CNC plate profiling, drilling and marking, plate rolling equipment, submerged arc welding equipment and advanced environmentally controlled protective treatment facilities.

Wind Farm Erection

Mabey Bridge has recently strengthened its construction services division by introducing services for the onshore wind market as wind turbine installation contractors. Our talented team brings its strengths in health and safety as well as heavy lifting and site works to provide first-class services to the industry. Our experienced team provides lift plans, method statements and risk assessments prior to the erection of wind turbine towers, nacelle, hubs and blades. We also offer site maintenance and repair services to wind farm owners. This may include applications such as on-site aesthetic touch ups to complete structural inspections and tower refurbishment.

Structural Refurbishment

We also provide excellent repair and maintenance solutions for various owners of large network assets. Names which you may recognise include the Highways Agency, Network Rail and Local Authorities. Alongside our emergency response service available via our sister company, Mabey Hire, we also offer complete bridge maintenance solutions which may include: Bridge Inspection, Heat Straightening, Grit Blasting, Surface Treatment, and Structural Repairs or Enhancements. Please give us a call at Mabey Bridge to find out more.

Site Services

At Mabey Bridge we have a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to bridge installation. Various techniques are used including incremental launching, bridge sliding, strand jacking and heavy land based carnage or floating plant. Following a site visit to determine the most effective methods and to cover specific risk assessment and erection method statements, a Chartered Engineer will oversee project works. All safety, health, environmental and quality issues are of the utmost importance and are communicated before and during installation in order for the project to run smoothly and efficiently.



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