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Founded in 1994, MA Hydraulics has enjoyed a steady growth over the last 20 years. When we first started we were largely sourcing and distributing hydraulic system components from the UK to the local area. We garnered a good reputation and expanded our services so that we now source and distribute a vast selection of mobile and industrial hydraulic pumps, valves and allied components to our customer’s nationally. We are proud to have been chosen as the exclusive agent for several European and international manufacturers. We have established relationships based on trust with both our suppliers and with our customers who can rely on us to provide a comprehensive selection of high quality products at competitive prices.  We are also happy to source any equipment that we don’t stock for our customers using our vast database of manufacturers.     

At present we have a choice range of products from well known industry names that includes:


Vivoil Gear pumps, motors and geared type flow dividers.

Luen Cartridge valves.

Orta Spool valves and diverters

Borelli Clutches, speed reducers and gearboxes

Hystar Cetop valves and pumps

Hoyea Cetop and Industrial equipment

Taicin Piston & Vane pumps

Vivoil Pumps and Flow-Dividers

Since 1985, Vivoil have been producing hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic gear motors and geared flow dividers that offer reliability, performance and quality. Vivoil units represent the latest in technological advancements whilst being both aesthetically pleasing and also competitively priced. As an official UK distributor, MA Hydraulics can offer both the Vivoil Flow Divider and the Gear Styles Flow Dividers. Flow Dividers effectively split a single pump flow into several different separate flows. Whereas the range Gear Style Flow Dividers use precision technology and there is the option to incorporate ‘phase correction’ integral valves.

Luen Cartridge Valves

MA Hydraulics stocks a full range of Luen in-line cartridge valves. Luen are a family run business who have a wealth of experience in valve manufacturing, the main focus of their company is the production of in-line cartridge valves and integrated manifold systems and they are experts in this area. Their components are of the highest quality and are sold at competitive prices. MA Hydraulics always keeps a good supply of Luen products in stock and our current range includes:

Relief Valves

Pilot Operated Check Valves

Priority Flow Control Valves

Overcentre Valves

Flow Divider Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

Solenoid Operated Normally Open-normally Closed Valves

Hose Failure Valves

Shuttle Valves

Transmission Valves

Cross Line Relief Valves

Regenerative Valves

Double Pump Unloader Valves

Sequence Valves

In Line Check Valves

Power Transmission

 MA Hydraulics stock an extensive range of Power Transmissions and we have everything from bearing supports  that are ideal for use with pulley drives as they have been specifically designed for close couple on hydraulic pumps and motors, to speed reducers that work with standard SAE a flange and 25mm drive shaft orbit motors. They allow the motor to run at an effective speed by reducing the normal sped to 3:8:1 and enable slow speed output through a female 35mm shaft. Our full range includes:

Bearing Supports

Lever operated mechanical clutches

Electro-magnetic Clutches

Agricultural PTO Gearboxes

Speed Reducers

Splitter Boxes

Orbit Motors

Orbit motors are suitable for winches, conveyors, slews, sweeper drives, augers, cutters, mowers and chippers. They are compact, high powered hydraulic motors with displacements ranging from 8cc to 940cc per revolution. There are choices available on drive shafts, mounting flanges and port configurations. MA Hydraulics has most of the leading manufactures in stock including Danfoss, TRW and Parker as well as many others and we can also cross reference manufacturers. For mobile applications, we offer orbital steering systems and these can be used such vehicles as fork lift trucks, dumper trucks and harvesters.

Manual Valves and Diverters

Our extensive selection of manual control valves and diverters includes lever operated control valves in both monoblock and sectional firm. MA Hydraulics stocks connection threads of 3/8 BSP to 1½ BSP that have flows up to 400 LPM and work to pressures of 350 BAR. For air, we have control valves of DC 12/24 volt actuation or hydraulic pilot operation. In addition, MA Hydraulics carries spool and rotary style diverters’ valves and selectors. We also have diverters in 2, 3, 6 and 8 way functions.

Industrial Pumps and Valves

In 2006, MA Hydraulics acquired Hystar Hydraulics and further expanded our involvement with the industrial hydraulics which has become a large part of our sales activity. We have since added two more ranges Hoyea and Taicin. Hoyea are a main manufacturer of cetop hydraulic solenoid valves and control slices and offer a large selection that includes relief valves and flow controls amongst others. Taicin produce hydraulic pumps and ancillary equipment that offer a high level of efficiency reduce noise and a choice of mounting styles.

Power Packs and Components

MA Hydraulics has a vast choice of power packs and components. Bellhouse and Drive Couplings come in steel or aluminium and are available for standard and European gear pumps. We stock filler caps in both chrome and plastic and have also lockable versions available. For the side of tanks and reservoirs, we carry level gauges that can be supplied with or without a thermometer and with a choice of fixing centres. We also provide Spin on Filters and Tank Top Filters that can be positioned directly on the tank lid. For protection against large pieces of debris and contamination, we have suction strainers that can be fitted onto the inlet side of the pump. Additionally, we have steel and aluminium hydraulic reservoirs that come with a lid and gasket.

Special Offers

MA Hydraulics continually updates their site in order to bring our customers the latest special offers and prices on our components. The special offers change on a regular basis so it is worth checking back weekly if there is anything specific that you are looking for, alternatively if you call a member of our customer service team, they will be able to advise you on the current offers we have available and are on hand for any other queries you may have relating to any of our products.

Vivoil Pumps and Flow-Dividers PDFs

MA Hydraulics has a comprehensive online list of downloadable PDF’s that relate to each of our Vivoil pumps and flow dividers that we currently supply. Each PDF is supplied directly from the manufacturer and contains all the necessary specs for each individual product, including model number, sizes, displacement, maximum pressure and rotations. All information is clearly displayed in table format and is easy to understand and read. There are also handy, black and white drawings of each component from several angles.

Luen Cartridge Valves PDFs

For each of the Luen products that we stock we have a PDF that contains all the technical data that you need. For example, the information on the PDF document about the single counterbalance valve with in line body, contains details on the correct type of hydraulic fluid  to use as well as  general information on contamination and filtration. The document gives and in depth description of each product and provides a useful reference sheet should you have any problems or queries with any of the Luen products at a later date or need any advice about maintaining them.

Power Transmission PDFs

Our PDF’s for MA Hydraulics stock of Power Transmissions are split by products type as we stock such a varied selection in this area. Once again, the information about each item is extensive and is meticulously detailed, with information being provided on the type of housing, the optimum working temperature, the gears, and the correct lubrication to use. There are also diagrams of the components which are individually labelled so that it is easy to see which part is which. As these are manufactures PDF’s they are incredibly comprehensive and contain all the information you need about your new component.

Orbit Motors PDFs

For MA Hydraulics selection of compact orbit motors we provide detailed information in PDF format. As these units are very small and offer a high level of output it is imperative that users are aware of the technical data of their machinery. The sheets contain extensive information about maximum speeds, torque pressure, output, flow and inlet pressure as well as the model numbers and their relevant fixed displacement amount. All of the MAMM motors come equipped with built in check valves which makes sure that the pressure on the shaft seal never goes above the pressure level in the return line.

Manual Valves and Diverters PDFs

Our PDFs that relate to the manual and solenoid diverter valves that we carry at MA Hydraulics, are separated so there is individual information relating to each diverter and valve, which includes both a coloured photograph as well as a black and white sketch of the component clearly labelled so that it is easy to see each part. The PDF also provides information on BSP, DC voltage as well as maximum bar and maximum LPM.

Industrial Pumps and Valves PDFs

There is detailed information on our site at MA Hydraulics for both the Hoyea range and the Taicin range of industrial pumps and valves. Simply select the component that is relevant to you and the downloadable PDF will show you labelled sketches of the components in the range as well as providing vital knowledge about the model you have selected such as weight, maximum operating press bar and flow as well as the valve size. As the information comes directly from the manufacturer its accuracy is guaranteed.

Power Packs and Components PDFs

The Hydronit range of AC abd DC hydraulic power packs information sheets are incredibly thorough and contain a wealth of information about their products. The brochure details the full PPC range as well as their typical applications. In addition, we have PDFs on our other power packs and components, all of which are equally detailed and comprise of diagrams, pictures and technical information that will help promote the life span of your unit and can also in some cases offer useful troubleshooting advice



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