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M. Buttkereit provides a range of products to the manufacturing industry such as cable handling equipment including cable drag chains, cable entry systems, cable clamps, flexible conduit and EMC solutions, machine protection such as slideway wipers, aluminium apron covers, spiral spring covers, protective bellows, rollaway covers and anti friction coating, as well as various maintenance machines such as machine cleaning, industrial vacuum systems, dust extraction systems, and oil mist filters. We have been in the industry for more than twenty years and continue to provide our customers with an extremely professional service. We provide our customers with high quality, competitively priced products that have been tried and tested within various industries. Alongside our standard ranges of products, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a bespoke service whereby we can tailor designs, shapes, materials, and finishes to meet specific industry requirements. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they receive the very best service from us and are completely satisfied with their products. For further information regarding our products, please visit our website, or contact us at Buttkereit where we will be happy to assist you.

Cable Drag Chains

Our cable drag chains are available in either plastic or steel and are deigned and manufactured to guide and support moveable cables and hoses. Our chains can be open or fully enclosed for maximum cable protection and are assembled to suit individual requirements. For example, steel chains can be supplied with covers, machined cable supports or in stainless steel, and plastic chains are supplied in a range of sizes and can be supplied to specific lengths complete with end fittings. Please visit our website to view images and detailed specifications of our cable drag chains.

Cable Entry Systems

The combination of a cable entry frame and captive split inserts form the cleverly designed cable entry system. The system is split to enable pre-terminated wires and conduits to be routed into panels, machines, junction boxes and also through walls without any modifications. The advantage of this application is the possibility to fit pre-fabricated cables of different diameters to the tightest of spaces. Our cable entry systems are commonly used for processes such as control panel constructions, machine constructions, electrical installations and more. Please visit our website for detailed specifications of our cable entry systems range.

Cable Clamps

We supply customers with a wide selection of cable clamps of various sizes. These are designed and manufactured to hold and support a range of power cables in all kinds of applications and industries in various environments. Our clamps are moulded from black polyamide 6GV and are suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40 0 C to 120 0 C. All of out clamps are short circuit tested and are suitable for clamping single or multiple cable arrangements. They are oil and grease resistant and also resistant to ozone and UV radiation. All of our clamps can suit individual cable loads of up to 600amp. Fixings and fasteners can also be supplied.

Aluminium Apron covers

We supply aluminium apron covers for the protection of machinery from chips and coolants. Our quality covers are designed to be easily installed and maintained. They are manufactured from a durable material designed to be resistant to corrosion. Our covers are designed as single parts or as complete modules in order to meet all kinds of machinery protection needs. They have guide track systems as well as roll away covers for flexible installation in existing environments. For detailed specifications please visit our website, or contact us at Buttkereit with your requirements.

Flexible Conduit

Our quality range of flexible conduit is suitable for a wide range of applications and is supplied to various industries throughout the UK and Europe. Our conduits are available in either plastic or steel (including plastic covered types) and are supplied with end connectors having PG or metric threads. They can be delivered in rolls or cut to length and terminated to suit your requirements. Please contact us with your needs. Our conduit is competitively priced and we aim to build long term relationships with our customers.

Slideway Wipers

Our slideway wipers are important accessories for protecting the slideways of machine tools. The protection in turn provides the product with a greater shelf life. Our slideway wipers are designed for use with new or rebuilt systems. They are supplied in standard lengths of 500mm or 1000mm and can be cut to size and shape easily. For companies that require quantities of at least 50 slideway wipers per year, we can supply moulded wipers that are manufactured to suit the exact shape of the slideway, complete with fixing holes.

Protective Bellows

We manufacture a range of bellows designed to be suitable for a range of applications. Our bellows are essential pieces of equipment that provide safe protection at various processing speeds. Bellows can be round, box, or polygonal and can be manufactured so that the shape, size and materials meets customers’ specific requirements. Materials can be resistant to oils and coolants if required and for requirements of increased protection, bellows can be fitted with stainless steel covers.

EMC Solutions

We offer a high quality range of flexible, fast and effective EMC clamps for shielding cables. A unique design allows them to be used for a variety of fixing solutions and mounting options, while a tool-free assembly makes them quick and easy to install. Our EMC clamps offer a supremely secure hold, and, when used in conjunction with cable ties, provide strain relief in accordance with VDE. Importantly, the clamps also significantly reduce high frequency interferences.

You can find out more about our EMC solutions by visiting the Buttkereit Ltd website, where a full Pdf brochure is available for download.

Spiral Spring Covers

Our spiral spring covers provide outstanding protection against swarf, dust and liquids, whilst also offering high temperature stability and chemical resistance. These circular telescopic covers have been protecting spindles and shafts for over 20 years. Manufactured from polished blue steel or high-grade stainless, they are known throughout the industry for their uncompromising safety, high-level performance, and low maintenance requirements. Springs can operate vertically, horizontally or in a sloping position, and are available in over 1,500 part numbers. Find out more on the Buttkereit website.

Rollaway Covers

Our Roll-Away Covers are fitted with an internal spring motor and offer a cost-effective solution for the protection of machine tools, particularly in situations where space is at a premium and complete sealing is not necessary. Buttkereit offers three types of Roll-Away Cover; a standard version with sealed bearings, a flexible, lightweight version specially developed for cover material, and a steel version for withstanding strong traction.

MB Earthing Tapes

We stock a range of MB earthing tapes which are available in a variety of lengths and cross sections. The tapes are made using E-Cu stranded wires and copper strips which make them ideal for earthing applications. As well as being high quality and reliable, our selection of tapes are also incredibly cost effective. Customers can visit the website for further information. Alternatively, you can contact us directly, by phone or email.

SKC Filler Material

Our SKC filler material features a unique design which allows it to adapt to machine components with excellent accuracy. It is also worth noting that the filler material features a high adhesion force and will harden without noticeable shrinkage. To learn more you can visit the website where you can download the product information PDF. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly feel free to give us a ring. 

Machine Protection Systems

Here at M. Buttkereit Ltd, we are pleased to offer a fantastic range of machine protection systems.

Examples of the range include:

  • Roll Away Covers - these roll away covers feature internal torsion springs and can be manufactured in any width.
  • Aluminium Apron Covers – these cover systems provide excellent protection from chips and coolants. They are available as a single unit, or as part of a complete module featuring guide track systems and roll away covers.
  • Spiral Spring Covers – for the protection of spindles and shafts.

We also offer, Protective Bellows, SKC Slideway Coating, Wipers – Straight Lengths, and Moulded Wipers. Please see full product descriptions (including images) on our website. 

Cable Management Solutions

We are also pleased to supply top quality cable management solutions to suit a range of customer and industry requirements. The range includes: KT Inserts, Cable Clamps, ZL Strain Relief Plates, KLKB/ KLB Cable Ties with Hook-and-Loop Fastener, CONFIX FWS 90 Degree Conduit, CONFiX Split Conduit and a Hydraulic Punch Tool. Please see full product descriptions on our website, or give us a call directly at M. Butterkeit Ltd with your requirements/ enquiries. Free cable management sample packs are available –  simply give us a call, or follow the link on our website and we will be in touch. Included within the pack will be a selection of cable management samples, information leaflets and a catalogue. 

Kolibri Quick Chain

The Kolibri Quick Cable Drag Chain provides users with a quick and easy method of fitting cables. The chain features integrated end fittings and quick fit stays making it easy to mount at any point. Alongside the Kolibri Quick Chain, we also offer the Kolibri Standard Plastic Cable Chain which is excellent for lightweight applications. Various Cable Chains are also available in the range including plastic cable chains, steel cable chains and our PLE cable chain. Please head over to our website for more information, or contact us for more information and/or a sample pack.

DPZ Cable Entry System

Our fantastic DPZ Cable Entry System provides users with an alternative solution, compared to traditional methods, of securing cables in enclosures. The DPZ Cable Entry System enables a number of cables to fit through one single unit by simply pushing them through slits in the rubber membrane. The system is IP68 rated and is available in a range of sizes to suit different requirements. For more information regarding the DPZ Cable Entry System and our cable management solutions, please get in touch.

Marathon System

The Marathon System has been carefully designed to suit long travel applications and applications with heavy cables. It features a roller system which reduces friction and wear on the chain slides thus extending the running life of applications and reducing production costs. If you would like a demonstration of the Marathon System, or more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.


The ALLROUND System features a flexible drag chain to enable lateral and linear movement. This highly flexible chain enables users to create a combination of movements that may otherwise be unachievable with standard chain types. In fact, with sufficient lengths of chain, the ALLROUND System can achieve pivotal movements of 90 degrees and an axial rotation of 180 degrees. If you think the ALLROUND System might be beneficial to your application, please get in touch to discuss.

ATEX Rated Cable Entry Systems

We are pleased to supply icotek cable entry systems. These high-quality cable entry systems are designed and manufactured for use in potentially explosive environments and comply with the EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) for equipment and protective systems intended for use in Zones 1 and 21. Please visit our website for more information or to view the icotek ATEX catalogue. Alternatively, please give us a call directly at M. Buttkereit Ltd to discuss your requirements. 



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  • Kolibri Plastic chain
  • PFR Plastic cable drag chains
  • PKK Plastic combination drag chain
  • SKC Slideway coatings.
  • Way Wipers Slideway wipers. Four types and sizes available two with frame overhang to protect blade from hot chips. Solid aluminum alloy frame lightweight and noncorrosive. Fixing holes drilled through frame only no distortion to wiper blade. Tough, long-lasting polyurethane wiper blade will withstand heat up to 200° F resistant to oil and cooling agents. Blade is easily replaceable. Optional copper alloy shield for added complete protection of wiper blade from hot chips.

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