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Lymore Ltd specialises in the manufacture of emergency escape systems, including retractable ladders, fire escape chutes, fire escape ladders, telescopic ladders, descent control chutes, rescue lines and more. All of our products are designed and developed in accordance with applicable health and safety standards, and many of them may be customised to suit the application requirements of almost any given building. Give us a call for a free quotation.


Ladder-X-it retractable foldaway escape ladders offer a compact, safe and secure solution for situations where security, space and unobtrusiveness are key design factors. They are made using top grade materials and are fully compliant with UK and EU legislation. Find out more about Ladder-X-it specialist escape ladders by visiting Lymore Escapes online or contacting us on 0844 800 3008.


The Davy Descender is used around to world in order to provide a rapid and effective means of escape for people trapped at height. These highly reliable systems utilise a patented centrifugally geared braking mechanism that offers a controlled rate of descent when escaping. Time and time again the Davy Descender has proved to be a life-saver. To find out more about how it works, head directly to our website.

Ingstrom Chute

Ingstrom is an emergency escape chute that can be fitted internally or externally and allows entry from each floor. The inner Kevlar-type material has a low friction coefficient, allowing the escapee to descend quickly at a rate of approximately 1 metre per second. Meanwhile, the outer fibreglass tube offers excellent protection from flame and radiant heat. When not in use, the interior cable is stored inside a supplied reel. This can easily be dropped to release the cable in the event of an emergency. The Ingstrom Chute may be pressured to give cool, smoke-free air, and can be deployed using a variety of methods in order to clear obstructions.

Case Studies

One recent project completed by Lymore involved us implementing a safety solution that would allow workers to escape from the plant area on the roof of a supermarket. The building architects charged us with designing and installing an escape route that would be secure against intruders (ruling out the use of a vertical ladder with cage), unobtrusive and fully compliant with UK and EU law. The solution was to use a ladder in combination with a Davy Descender. This proved to be an economical, secure and elegant solution that also met the current Health & Safety regulations. 

Finding practical solutions to your emergency escape problems is one of our specialities. Get in touch to find out more. 



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Davy Descender abseil escape A CE Marked Descent Controller used as an item of PPE
  • Davy Descender Safe Protective cover for wall mounting with the standard model enclosed. Child Carrrier - Invalid carrier & double child carrier are also available. Eyebolts - These fittings are available for use with the portable unit only. Sill Rollers - Prevents cable chaffing when passing over window sill. Bushed roller is complete with special sill fixing brackets.
  • Ingstrom Escape Chute A Tubular Vertical Escape which is a compact, elegant and secure alternative / secondary means of escape for large numbers of people including the less mobile or even unconscious. No building has yet proved too difficult for the Ingstrom Chute to provide an answer.
  • Ladder-X-it retractable ladder X-IT fire escape ladders offer an easy to use and effective method of escape from upper floors. Manufactured from lightweight steel which safely supports 3 adults. The fire escape clamps on to the wall below the window sill.
  • Parat The Parat Rescue Line is diversified into four related products: Rescue Line for safe evacuation from buildings. Telecoms Line safety for people climbing poles. Travel Line a portable escape system for travellers. Offshore Line a special model for offshore use.
  • Safe-X-Scape Throw out escape ladders.
  • X-it X-IT fire escape ladders offer an easy to use and effective method of escape from upper floors. Strong: Manufactured from tough lightweight steel which safely supports 3 adults (1,000 lbs. static test). Simple: Easy to use, the ladder locks rigid when in use which avoids dangerous swinging and twisting. The ladder "stand offs" help to make the descent safe and easy. Safe: The fire escape clamps on to the wall, not merely to the window sill as do many other ladders. A sill has little inherent strength and is prone to rot

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements