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As a leader in the provision of the latest cleaning technology solutions, trusted by organisations globally, our knowledge and experience of component cleaning technology is unrivalled. 

Our business success has been built on three core values – to advise, to clean and protect for our customers. 

Advise – From filters to baking trays, pumps to medical components, we work with our customers to understand their business process and their business requirements. 

Clean – Our extensive range of cleaning technology solutions and flexible way of working means that we are able to work across a wide spectrum of industries. 

Protect – Our ultimate aim is to protect your components removing contamination effectively when they are being cleaned and then packing them in a way that ensures that they remain clean until they are required for use.

Component Cleaning

At Longworth, component cleaning is our specialty, having over 35 years of experience in the field. Customers have the option to hire our services either on a one-off or retained contract basis, and can be sure that they will acquire a high-quality service no matter which option they choose. Our component cleaning service aims to provide customers with a cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to component replacement and has operated in line with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 requirements for over 15 years. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to determine which type of cleaning process is best suited to particular types of contamination. We are able to cater to almost any component cleaning requirements and proudly provide clients with first-rate customer service, including after sales support, troubleshooting and cleanliness validation.


Sometimes it makes sense to invest in cleaning processes in-house.  At Longworth we have a division which is dedicated to doing just that.
We work with a growing number of organisations who look at Longworth for expertise, knowledge to work in collaboration with them to design and manufacture bespoke cleaning processes to suit their individual requirements.

Clean Room

Our precision cleaning and controlled environments have been designed to meet ISO 14644 Class 5-1 standard, which ensures that the customers who require high specification cleaning to minimise the introduction, generation and retention of particles in the cleaning process can be assured that this facility delivers.

Pyrolysis Ovens

Our ovens vary in size and configuration.  This process is extremely effective at delivering exceptional results for our customers and is also environmentally friendly when compared to some traditional chemical methods. 

Pyrolysis is one of the most effective methods of removing plastics, powder coating and paints, rubber and food deposits.


Longworth is proud to have developed our patented superheated steam cleaning system – DEECOM®. Our team of highly experienced experts have worked together to produce this innovative technology that has earned an internationally renowned reputation. This state-of-the-art product offers numerous proven benefits which include an improved cleaning performance, extended filter life, reduced strain on financial and energy resources, and better health and safety and environmental credentials. We have also built several custom-built bespoke systems for customers in various global locations from the US to Japan. Many of the world’s big players within the component cleaning and manufacturing industries rely on the unrivalled performance and value of DEECOM®.


If you've any questions about Longworth products or services feel free to ask them here.

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  • DEECOM® B&M Longworth has over 30 years experience in cleaning polymer contaminated items. This resulting knowledge and expertise has gone into the development of the DEECOM® system.<p> What can DEECOM® offer?<p> <li> Improved cleaning performance<br> <li> extended filter life<br> <li>reduced energy usage and process costs<br> <li> improved health and safety conditions<br> <li>environmentally sound<p> DEECOM® was developed from a patented concept alongside B&M Longworth’s commercial cleaning operations which include high temperature solvent and pyrolysis primary processing techniques. Under these commercial conditions DEECOM® has been proven capable of improving on cleaning performance whilst reducing costs and improving working conditions and environmental impacts. The system is fast becoming the cleaning method of choice across our range of customers in the polymer producing market.

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