Longdin & Browning has been providing innovative survey solutions throughout the world since 1965. We are one of the largest, longest-serving independent topographical survey companies in the UK, and as such can provide a service based on experience and accumulated expertise. Using the latest mapping technologies, our highly motivated, multi-disciplinary survey teams can offer the following:

  • Topographical land surveying
  • Hydrographic land surveying
  • Engineering land surveying
  • Geographical land surveying

These are our core services, but the supporting infrastructure at Longdin & Browning means we can offer innovative solutions to just about any measurement problem. By expanding our facilities, we’ve been able to become more flexible in our operations, which in turn has allowed us to meet the ever-growing demands of our customers. 

This has resulted in a quality-driven, customer-focused service. We will do everything we can to provide a measurement solution that’s right for you. 

Our survey teams can be rapidly deployed to any worldwide destination. We have offices in the UK, the USA and the Middle East, and have personnel available in over 65 countries. 

Topographic Land Surveying

Longdin & Browning’s survey crews are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art data capture equipment from world-class manufacturers such as Leica and Trimble. Surveys can be carried out virtually anywhere in the world, even in the most inhospitable conditions, and no matter how large or small the project, we’ll always be happy to take it on. Gathered data is part-processed onsite to confirm that accuracy criteria are being met; it is then transmitted to our offices for final processing. 

Services provided by Longdin & Browning survey teams include:

  • Detailed site surveys
  • Route surveys
  • Control surveys
  • Measured building surveys
  • Surveys of topographic river features
  • Volumetric surveys

Hydrographic Land Surveying

Longdin & Browning owns a large number of fully equipped, trailer-mounted survey launches ready for immediate deployment throughout the UK and Europe. But, because of their modular design, our instruments can be fitted onto virtually any vessel, which means hydrographic land surveys can be carried out anywhere in the world. Bathymetric surveys are undertaken using the latest satellite positioning techniques, with heave-compensated, dual-frequency echo sounders linked for automated data capture, providing fast and precise processing. 

Hydrographic land surveys include:

  • Inland waterway surveys
  • Inshore and coastal surveys
  • Oceanographic surveys
  • Port surveys
  • Geotechnical surveys

Engineering Land Surveying

Longdin & Browning surveyors often play a key role in the design and construction of civil and mechanical engineering projects, helping to ensure successful completion on time and within budget. Our experience in measurement technology, together with our customer-orientated approach, enables us to offer innovative solutions to even the most complex survey and setting out problems. 

Services include:

  • Dimensional control
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Photogrammetry surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Setting out

For more information, please head over to the Longdin & Browning website or contact us on 01792 644 181.

Motorway Land Surveying

At Longdin & Browning, we know how important it is for an infrastructure project to run smoothly. That’s why we employ a technique that keeps disruption to an absolute minimum, thus increasing cost-effectiveness and improving road safety. The van-mounted measuring system has been designed to carry out highway surveys from the hard-shoulder or verge – so far it has been used to survey over 1,500km of road surface in Europe and the USA, and has been extremely successful. Data can be accumulated in most formats and used to design overlays or, when combined with data from topographic surveys, to produce digital models for widening, maintenance or improvement projects.

Land Surveying

Longdin & Browing is one of the largest independent topographical survey companies in the UK. We offer a service based on experience, but use measurement techniques based on modern technology. Our land surveying services cover:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Engineering surveys
  • Motorway surveys

If you would like to find out more about any of these services, please contact us on 01792 644 181.

Geographical Information Services

Our willingness to meet client requirements has seen us develop several additional services that support our traditional surveying activities, including:

  • Data capture – geo-spatial information and associated data collection
  • Data conversion – digitising, translating and updating data into various formats
  • Software – GIS management and CAD development and customisation

We can also offer a number of software products. Visit Longdin & Browning online to find out more. 

Underground Service Tracing

Underground utility mapping provides projects with accurate, up-to-date information relating to underground services, including communications, water, gas and electricity. The depth of the investigation depends on the site, but is usually between two and three metres. There are three main techniques used to map underground utilities:

  • Radiodetection cable and metal pipe locators – for accurately locating buried metal cables and pipes. 
  • Ground Radar (GPR) – a non-destructive geophysical method that gives a continuous cross-sectional profile of subsurface features.
  • Sondes – assist in the location of large non-metallic pipes and conduits such as sewers or drain runs. 

Lidar & Aerial Mapping

As a forward-thinking, standard-setting company that strives to stay abreast of industry trends and developments, we have embraced the recent laser-mapping technologies, and are able to offer, with our consortium partners, low-level helicopter-based laser mapping combined with video and digital aerial photography. This gives transportation, energy and environmental engineers with a range of information-rich datasets to facilitate infrastructure design and asset management.



Registration Number: 01077561
VAT Number: GB207 8819 43
Registered at Companies House:19 October, 1972 (51 years and 6 months ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: 2-5m

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