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Loheat has been manufacturing quality specialist equipment for the coldstore and farm & dairy industries for over 40 years. Among our coldstore products are frost heave prevention systems, door open alarms, entrapment alarms, door frame heating systems, column heating, ramp heating, anti-condensation mats, pressure relief valves, and de-icing mats. Our frost heave prevention systems and ancillary products are used in blast freezers, cold stores, chill stores, food-processing facilities and distribution centres throughout the UK and beyond. We have provided solutions for a whole host of reputable clients, including Makro, Tesco, ASDA, Co-op, Waitrose, Lidl, Budgens, Sainsbury's, M&S, Pfizer and many more.

Loheat's huge farm & dairy industry product portfolio encompasses dairy water heaters, udderwash heaters, udderwash booster pumps, galvanised stands, stainless steel auto-handwashers, basins and taps, volume washdown kits, booster pumps, submersible pumps, electric teat spray systems, compressed air teat spray systems, trough heating kits, pipe trace heating kits, solenoid valves for plate coolers and heaters, and a range of spare parts and accessories.

The Loheat brand is synonymous with quality and reliability. That's why large organisations and small businesses alike rely on our coldstore solutions and farm & dairy systems. All of our products are available at highly competitive prices through a large network of suppliers. Whether
you're in the UK or mainland Europe, just contact our sales department to find your nearest dealer. We are also happy to offer technical advice by phone or email, so if you're unsure about how our products might work for your application, don't hesitate to contact us!

Frost Heave Prevention Systems

Our Frost Heave Prevention Systems are perfect for the prevention of ice build up on the floor of cold stores and blast freezers. They use a heat barrier controlled by a thermostat to stop permafrost reaching the base concrete.

Loheat's modular heating systems are made up of strong, moisture resistant Polyfoam boards (25mm or 12mm thick) that are individually designed for your application by our very own CAD team who will also provide comprehensive support, every step of the way. For more information on our Frost Heave Prevention Systems, please follow the link.

Entrapment Alarm Systems

Amongst our range of coldstore safety products are entrapment alarm systems featuring a powerful red flashing alarm siren which is quickly and easily reset. These have been tested to work in temperatures as low as -40 degrees C. The alarm switch is operated by a red plastic-coated steel wire, while operating instructions are luminous for low light situations. A permanent light indicates the location of the alarm, giving employees assurance of their safety. A red reassurance light comes on when the alarm is activated. To find out exactly how these alarm systems work, simply follow the link to the relevant section of the Loheat website.

Door Open Alarms

Our door open alarms provide users with energy saving solutions. These energy saving models feature a flashing red beacon, 100db alarm that is activated when the door is left open, a timer that can be set to suit user requirements, a door limit switch plus one meter of cable and conduit and a screened ABS box. The door open alarm is available with a magnetic switch or door limit switch and can be labelled to suit customer requirements.

Column Heating

As part of our range of Coldstore products, Loheat can supply both column heating and partition heating systems. We construct our column heating from stainless steel cable which is able to cope with heavy duty usage. This product is also designed and pre-formed to be compatible with a variety of different sizes and shapes of both steel and concrete columns. Our partition heating systems have been specially designed to help stop cold tracking through rooms of different temperatures within the same coldroom. Partition heaters have also be manufactured with heavy duty cable made from stainless steel.

Door Frame Heater Systems

Door and threshold heating systems are one of the most common methods of providing continuous access through hinged and sliding doors for all different types of low temperature stores. Our Door Frame Heater Systems use low voltage, 304 grade stainless steel strips in 6mm, 12mm and 25mm widths. Two layers of polyester tape enclose the elements, while protection from operational damage comes in the form of 1.6mm thick aluminium or steel (galvanised or stainless) plate which is screwed to the door jamb. Threshold heaters are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel wire that is encapsulated in PVC. These are made into a grid formation for installation under the top screed. Our low voltage transformers have full fuse protection on output and input, and come with warning light and variable tappings for different loads.

Anti-Condensation Mats

Anti-condensation mats from Loheat's Coldstore range of products are extremely similar to our Traditional Heater mats, featuring the same design, but giving a much higher ouput of heat. Capable of producing 20 to 40 watts per square metre of matting, our anti-condensation mats have been manufactured from heavy duty High Grade 3.2 millimetre stainless steel which has been sheathed in 6 millimetres of PVC. The installation process for our anti-condensation mats is straightforward and can be carried out by our own Loheat engineers or by independent qualified operators, depending on your exact requirements.

Ramp Heating Systems

Ramp heating is often needed in addition to threshold heating. Where this is required, Loheat will produce full layout drawings enabling the tailor-made elements to be fitted under the top screed. Our elements - made up of 10 gauge stainless steel wire - are connected by cold tails to a thermostat via a bus bar chamber. They are easy to install and are ideal for any hinged or sliding door that requires continuous heating. Full fitting and wiring instructions are provided.

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure changes, whether inside or outside a low temperature coldstore, will cause forces to act on wall and roof panels. Significant pressure decrease can potentially deflect panels inwards and make doors difficult or impossible to open, while pressure increases can deflect panels outwards, forcing doors open. Quickly and easily installed, Loheat's pressure relief valves utilise unique semi-circular spring loaded flaps to allow rapid air movement and equalise pressure. These are suitable for panels that are between 65mm and 150mm thick, though they are easily adapted for thicker panels.

Dairy Water Heaters

Our ALUZINC cased water heaters are both tough and highly resistant to corrosion, giving them a long industrial life. Available in a variety of sizes from 110 litres to 680 litres, all models comprise of a large external header tank with brass ball valve, an inlet service valve, power light, insulated lid, and heavy duty Incalloy heating elements. They can have either 1 or 2 x 28mm water outlets, depending on the size. Starter models feature a manually operated ball valve below the header tank which stops cold water entering the vessel when drawing off hot water. The temperature is controlled using a rod thermostat, while an analogue thermometer reads it. Loheat offers a range of factory fitted options, allowing you to choose the most appropriate product for your application.

Fill & Heating Options

Loheat offers several fill and heating controllers for dairy and farm applications. Our range includes; the VAC Pac & 24 Hour Timeclock Pac, including an external vacuum operated pinch valve for stopping cold water entry when drawing hot water, a digital thermostat and sensor probe to set and display temperature, and a 24 hour timeclock for heat cycle control; the DX Pac, fitted with 0.5hp hot water pump that delivers 20 litres per minute at 20 PSI, as well as a 24 or 48 hr clock for controlling heating cycles; the Time Delay Relay Pac, for eliminating the ingress of cold water during tank cleaning cycle; and the Full Remote Pac, a remote wall-mounted control box.

Water Heaters

Loheat also offers top quality unvented hot water cylinders. These are manufactured from duplex stainless steel and designed for use with dairy farm robotic milking systems. Our water heaters feature:

  • 2 x 3kw immersion heaters
  • Duplex stainless steel cylinder supplied with a 10 year conditional guarantee
  • Zintec corrosion-proofed steels
  • Highly efficient foam insulation – environmentally friendly
  • Complete installation kit featuring inlet control, set, temperature and pressure relief valve, expansion vessel, wall mounting bracket, expansion vessel hose, fitting instructions.
  • Individual control of elements by digital thermostats
  • Control box that is remotely mounted on the heater.

Water Heater Stands

Our heavy duty stands are designed and recommended for the mounting of Loheat water heaters. They are strong and robust with tough galvanised stands for safe elevation of the water heater to the required height. The stands evenly distributes the weight of the water heater for effective, long term use. They feature 16 gauge steel tray to support the base of the water heater, 14 gauge steel legs for strength, folded back foot pattern for high load bearing, leg clamping flanges for rigidity, handy storage tray and three available heights to suit each size heater. All stands are supplied in kit form for easy on-site assembly.

48 Hour Timeclocks

From Loheat's Dairy & Farm products range, our 48 hour timeclocks are capable of providing typical savings in energy costs of over £100 annually. This works out as an incredible 100% payback on the cost of the product in the first 12 months of usage. Easy to install and set, our 48 timeclock features a neon indicator and a manual override for ease of use. Over a 48 period, the timeclock allows for up to 96 half hour switchings. To protect the unit, the timeclock is wrapped in a high impact case that is also water resistant. Our three standard models range from 3 to 12 kw while other kw ratings can be made on request.

Udderwash Heaters

Loheat's udderwash heaters come in 25 or 50 litre capacity options and are suitable for udder washing in large parlours and in areas where smaller quantities of constant hot water are required on a regular basis. Our heaters are open vented systems with an integral cold water supply, eradicating the need for a cold loft tank. Powered directly from a mains supply, stainless steel Incalloy heating elements maintain a suitable water temperature for udder washing. A rod thermostat makes temperature fully controllable. 25 litre tanks measure 725mm x 470mm x 210mm. 50 litre tanks measure 770mm x 600mm x 320mm. If you would like any further information on any of our products, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

Udderwash Booster Pumps

Udderwash booster pumps from Loheat's Dairy & Farm range of products are made up of an electric pump, which is supplied in its own moulded ABS box, a transformer, a suction tube, a dosage adjuster, a foot valve and a filter. The booster is capable of delivering 5 gallons or 19 litres per minute at 45 psi or 3.1 bar. We can also supply a professional adjustable spray gun constructed with a metal body which has been plated in satin chrome. With a front adjuster made from brass, this durable spray gun can be changed from jet to spray easily.


Providing a touch-free operation for superb levels of hygiene, Loheat's autohandwash is compliant with hands-free food regulations. Featuring an adjustable temperature and a 20-second shut off function, the autohandwash is also economical to run. The system is supplied pre-wired for fast and easy set up and with 1 litre of Antibac soap. Waste fittings are also included and the cold water connection is easily achieved via a simple push fit. Our autohandwash system is fully guaranteed with a 3 year guarantee on the 3kw infrared heater. A full range of spares can also be found on our website.

Volume Washdown Systems

We provide tough and robust washdown systems designed for use in yards and parlours. These high volume systems feature a powerful 2.2HP motor, a brass impeller for long life and they are capable of pumping 26 gallons/ 120 litres per minute. They are easy to install and a full range of spares are available in stock. They are also available with a 24 litre pressure vessel or Presscontrol automatic cut out to prevent dry running of the motor.

We also provide Superjet Self Priming Pumps. These versatile units are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial plants where applications require a high volume of water.

Water Booster Pumps

Our high performance water booster pumps feature a pump and motor that is mounted on a 24 litre horizontal pressure tank. Other features include: automatic pressure controlled switching, pre-wired complete with 240v pressure switch, pressure gauge and brass outlet connector, and self-priming. Our water booster pumps are used for a range of farm activities including parlour washing, irrigation, boosting water flow and various domestic systems. Please visit our website to view technical details.

Submersible Pumps

We also supply excellent submersible pumps featuring heavy duty construction for use in demanding conditions. The pumps feature a pump body, cover and support manufactured from cast iron, a back and open type impeller in cast iron, an oil bathed motor with built-in motor protector, stainless steel shaft, mechanical seal in silicone carbide, and 10m of supply cable. They feature IP68 class protection and the maximum temperature of pumped liquid is 50 degrees C. Other features include: models vortex 1hp, 1.5hp, 2.00hp, vortex models with grinder for pumping dirty water with solid parts up to 50mm, stainless steel clean water pumps .80hp, pumps for sandy water, and more.

Teat Spray Systems

We provide two main teat spray systems:

Air Operated High Performance Teat Spray System: this easy to install system features a multi gun and an air pump for effective teat spraying. We hold a full range of spares in stock if needed.

Low Voltage Electric Teat Spray System: this system is designed to suit 3 and 6 guns from our stock. It is easy to install with push fit fittings. The kit features an electric pump in splash proof box, transformer, suction and delivery hose, extendable coils and spray gun, hose connectors, and clips. Different size kits are available.

Pipe Heating Kits

Any dairy farmer will know that the timely task of defrosting pipes on an icy cold morning before work can begin is a nuisance. That is why our pipe heating kits are useful. Our systems feature heating wires designed to fit into existing pipes and joints to protect water systems. They are easy to install and provide safe and reliable results. They feature low power consumption (only 10 watts per metre run) and are available in four standard kits (15m, 25m, 35m and 50m pipe protection).

We are also able to tailor kits to meet longer pipe runs or larger bore pipes. Please contact us with your requirements.


Loheat is pleased to offer the SAXON range of protective farm and veterinary clothing. This range of clothing is manufactured with new hi-tech, breathable fabric which is 100% waterproof, lightweight but tough for long-term, reliable wear. The SAXON range of protective clothing is chemical and abrasion resistant, machine washable at 40 degrees C, features excellent practical designs, and features non-corrosive zipper and press studs. Please visit our website to view images and details of the range including prices.


We also offer a range of spares to complement our product ranges. We supply:

  • Various Consumable Spares: a large range of stock suitable for our older ranges of water heaters/ heat recovery units and more.
  • Submersible and Superjet Pump Spares: includes float switches, impellers, mechanical seals, impeller nuts, capacitors, motor cases and windings.
  • Spares: a comprehensive collection of spares for water heaters, pumps, washdown systems, teat spray systems, and more.
  • Professional Adjustable Spray Gun: features a metal body and is satin-chrome plated. Other features include: front lever with easy lock, brass front adjustor, adjustable from jet to spray, strong and durable and 15mm hosetail.



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  • Loheat Anti-Condensation Mats The same design as our Traditional Heater mats but designed to give a higher heat output, typically between 20-40 watts per sq metre.
  • Loheat Door Frame Heater Systems Specification Door heating elements are manufactured from 39 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel strip to BS1449. Elements are enclosed between two layers of polyester tape. The elements are available in 3 standard widths of 6mm, 12mm & 25mm.
  • Loheat Door Open Alarms COLDROOM DOOR OPEN ALARM – energy saving and cost-effective, Energy saving, Flashing red beacon, 100db alarm is activated when door left open, Time can be set to suit requirements, Available with magnetic switch or door limit switch (illustrated), Door limit switch plus 1m of cable & conduit, Can be own-labelled, Screened ABS box
  • Loheat Entrapment Alarm Systems for Coldstores Another safety product from LOHEAT, the leading manufacturer of anti-frostheave heater mats, door heating systems, air pressure equalising valves etc. Powerful red flashing alarm siren, Easy and quick reset, Easy installation and wiring, Tested to –40°C, 2 million cycles switch, Permanent comfort light for panic free location by employees, Alarm switch operated by red plastic coated steel wire, Red reassurance light when alarm activated, Stainless steel fittings and Luminous operating instructions
  • Loheat Frost Heave Prevention Loheat Frost Heave Prevention Systems are designed to effectively prevent the build up of ice in the ground which can lead to frostheave in cold stores & blast freezers. This thermostatically controlled heat barrier will effectively prevent permafrost from reaching the base concrete in the coldstore. Each heating system is individually designed by our in-house CAD Team who will provide detailed support every step of the way. Loheat modular system: Polyfoam boards, 25mm or 12mm thick, high compressive strength and moisture resistant. We design, manufacture and install heating systems, low voltage and mains, to suit any size of cold store.
  • Loheat Pressure Relief Valves Pressure Equalising Valves - Easily installed, Unique semi-circular spring loaded flaps allow rapid air movement, Heated plate ensures free valve operation, Suitable for panels 65mm to 150mm thick, Easily adapted for thicker panels 105mm diameter tube, Available for all standard voltages, Fine stainless steel mesh to screen out insects and Covers available in Stainless Steel or White Painted Aluminium
  • Loheat Ramp Heating Systems Loheat low voltage door and threshold heating systems are one of the most reliable and widely used methods for providing continuous access through hinged and sliding doors for all type of low temperature stores. Loheat door heaters operate on low voltage for maximum safety and long life and are designed to operate at a temperature of a few degrees above freezing point.

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