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Lodge Service's 94 years of experience in security enable us to provide world-class security solutions. We deliver intelligent security solutions for optimum protection and return on investment, be it for people, property, business operations or profits. Whether you want standalone or integrated security, we blend manpower and technology to deliver optimum security and ROI for major retail and corporate clients.

In addition, we can provide a free guide on how to improve protection, prevent losses and boost return on investment. Leading security users are now improving protection while simultaneously cutting the cost of security by as much as 50%, and we can show you how. Our guide covers how to combine guarding and remote monitoring to reduce theft and overheads, loss control and investigation (finding out where your losses occur), environmental guarding (why it cuts costs and adds value to security), civil recovery (deterring crime and recouping losses through civil law), security KPIs (what to measure and how) and how to protect your business processes at each stage.

Security Personnel

Lodge Security operates an international network of professionals who support our clients with their security requirements, protecting people and property for retail, distribution, financial, corporate and other commercial business sectors. All of our security personnel and guards are professionally trained and fully vetted, with standard training including SIA, first aid, CCTV operation, fire marshal and warden, customer care, incident reporting, health and safety awareness, civil recovery and theft/loss prevention.

As an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold Accredited organisation with an ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme) score in the top 5% of manned guarding companies, you can trust us to fulfil your security needs cost effectively and efficiently.

Monitoring Services

In the world of security, monitoring is no longer simply about CCTV surveillance; security manpower needs to be integrated with diverse technologies, monitoring can be outsourced and centralised, and data analysis and security response can deliver huge benefits. At Lodge Service, we enable an intelligent approach to security through our complete set of integrated monitoring services, delivered through our UK Intelligence Centre. We can make sure that resources are used proportionately to address specific risk profiles, helping to reduce costs and optimising ROI.

Our monitoring services include access control solutions, CCTV monitoring and facial recognition solutions, alarm and building management system monitoring solutions, retail/distribution monitoring solutions, and people and staff monitoring solutions.

Facial Recognition Systems

Face Alert is Lodge Service's automated biometric facial recognition system with a 98% rate of positive identification – one of the highest rates available. This is an advanced, proactive security strategy, providing real-time intelligence about who is entering a controlled area. Face Alert can be applied as protection for retailers, Government facilities, major events, banks and border controls, providing consistent detection of people such as known shoplifters, terrorists, criminals and VIPs. In a test performed on BBC TV in 2011, Face Alert picked out four faces in a crowded station concourse, outperforming the trained Police spotter, who only identified two.

Screening & Vetting

This year in the UK, it is estimated that more than 45% of job applicants will misrepresent themselves or falsify information in order to gain employment; a figure that is expected to increase due to the current economic crisis. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to assist in the screening and vetting process, to ensure that their potential employees are representing themselves accurately. Lodge Service offers workforce integrity solutions that will help you to prevent an unscrupulous person from joining your organisation and damaging your business. We can provide a variety of screening and vetting services, including CRB criminal records disclosure, DVLA licence checks, professional and educational checks, electoral roll and finance checks, personal background enquiries and employment history and character reference checks.

Integrity Testing

To support the profitability of our clients, our experienced staff use real-time smart technology to perform independent testing and analysis of the integrity of their purchasing processes, customer service and compliance. We perform research to pinpoint where potential losses may occur, use point of sale information to identify where concern may exist, then have our field teams test and confirm staff and procedure integrity. For quickly identifying and rectifying potential losses on a random or targeted basis, our test purchasing and integrity testing services provide effective measures. Our Test Purchasing Plus (TPplus) service combines mystery test shopping with additional feedback on customer service, and reports on any staff and customer activity that may be a reason for concern and investigation.

Loss Prevention

To help businesses prevent margin attrition due to criminal and negligent loss, we provide a variety of loss prevention and profit protection services, operating on the principle that broken rules lead to stock losses, and that adherence to correct procedures keeps shrinkage to a minimum. Our loss prevention services include audit and compliance visits, procedural and crime related investigations, integrity testing, test purchasing and test purchasing plus (TPplus). Additionally, we specialise in monitoring POS activity and integrity testing, with our field-based teams providing a quick and effective response to 'front end' issues related to purchasing, customer service and compliance processes.

Mystery Shopping

The best customer service helps to retain customers, build profitability and increase loyalty, but measuring how service is being delivered from the perspective of the customer and setting improvement targets requires proven methodologies and insightful interpretation of findings. This is where Lodge Service's specialist mystery shopping division, REACT Surveys, comes in. Built on years of expertise, REACT Surveys is one of the leading mystery shopping agencies in the UK, Europe and Africa, providing a cost-effective way of measuring and improving customer service. They operate by a 'best practice' approach, recognising the individual needs of clients and offering actionable data analysis on issues including service skills, sales skills and operational performance.

Intelligence Centre

Located in Accrington in the UK, the Lodge Service Intelligence Centre provides clients with the most comprehensive and advanced set of monitoring and data analysis services available for secure business operations. The Intelligence Centre is a BS 5979 (Cat II) accredited facility that harnesses the latest receiving, monitoring and data analysis technology to provide intelligent, cost-effective monitoring. The Intelligence Centre acts as a hub for a communications network that has the capability to link client premises, systems, personnel, operations and services, provide analysis and management information, and deliver demonstrable ROI. It monitors a range of services, including CCTV, vehicle tracking, fire and intruder alarms, staff time and attendance, access control, lone workers, data mining, building management systems, networked distribution centres, environmental and waste management, trolley and facial recognition systems.


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