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Linde Sterling is proud to offer modern and efficient logistics products and services to meet almost any need in the industrial or commercial sector. We specialise in providing long-term partnerships with local and national businesses by building a true understanding of your individual business needs. And we back up this service by offering quick and meaningful after-sales support.

Our facility is headquartered in Warrington; we also have service centres in Buckley, Liverpool and Bolton, allowing us to serve clients across the North West of England and North Wales. Linde takes pride in its expert workforce – dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our success as a business depends on the quality of products and services we offer to our customers – but even more, it relies on the quality of service to our clients and the relationships that we build with you.

Our product range includes stacking equipment for warehouses and other facilities, storage machines such as pallet stackers and other pieces of equipment for storage facilities, as well as order picking machines to quickly collect the right items from a large inventory. And we offer transporting equipment to keep things moving in your business.

Our service and support teams make sure that you choose the best handling equipment for your needs. After-sales technical and customer support is just as important as pre-sales consultation. Our servicing focuses on keeping your equipment in use for as much time as possible during its life-cycle. We have 23 local customer support centres to offer this business with over 1,000 factory-trained engineers on hand. And we offer bespoke maintenance programmes, 24-hour call-outs, resident engineers when necessary, mixed-fleet and mixed-brand service contracts, and comprehensive workshops for overhauls and repairs of your equipment.

Stacking - IC Trucks

We are pleased to offer a range of internal combustion forklift trucks, using diesel, LPG or CNG fuels, with lifting capacities starting at 1,400kg in our basic H 14-20 unit and going up to 8,000kg in our heavy-duty H 50-80/1100 product. Our products have a reputation for cost-effective efficiency while offering high productivity levels; and they have reduced fuel and maintenance overheads. Operator comfort safety, meanwhile, is never sacrificed in our designs; the operator seat sits within a protective frame to guard against operational accidents. And we deliver seamless acceleration or reversing, and precision load handling, to help you get your job done.

Stacking - E-Trucks

Our electric lifting and stacking trucks, starting with the stand-on counterbalance E 10 truck, offers a manoeuvrable unit that can be used in storage and retrieval, block stacking, and pallet transfer work. It is a versatile unit that can be positioned in narrow aisles while handling either open or closed pallets. We also offer electric-powered forklift trucks in more conventional designs, capable of handling payloads up to 5,000kg.

Stacking - Heavy Trucks

Linde offers a heavy diesel forklift, capable of handling load weights from 10,000kg and up to 18,000kg. The H 100-180 includes Linde's high precision hydrostatic drive train, with no gearbox, clutch, differential, or conventional brakes. This unique system, coupled with a high torque diesel engine, and Linde's twin drive pedals, offers you clean control of forward and reverse travel, and precision handling of loads, to make this a responsive heavy truck. We have also built the H 100-180 to be more compact than similar machines. And the safety frame offers high visibility for the operators, with an intuitive, comfortable and functional cab.

Storage - Pallet Stackers

We offer a large range of electrical stand-on pallet stackers to perform the critical job of cost-efficient and high-capacity pallet handling. Space is always at a premium and you need units that can help you efficiently stack materials but access them quickly when needed. Our pallet stackers can handle loads of at least 1,000kg, and up to 2,000kg, while manoeuvring in narrow spaces and keeping the operator at a safe distance from the loads being handled. Some of our units can accommodate ramps and other potential obstacles. And all of our products are designed to be user-friendly, comfortable, safe, and require minimal cost in upkeep.

Storage - Reach Trucks

Our range of electric reach trucks, with lift capacities starting at 1,400kg and moving up to 2,000kg, feature hydraulic masts that extend to several times the height of the unit, allowing you to reach multiple shelving levels in your facilities to store or retrieve your goods. Our 1120 range of reach trucks sets new standards for operator safety and comfort, low handling costs, and productivity. The operator's cabin absorbs the shocks and vibrations of rough floors – essential for long hours of handling pallets and other loads. And the integrated side-shift and tilting fork carriage increases the product's versatility. Our other reach trucks all offer features suitable to specific contexts – so that you always have exactly what you need.

Storage - Turret Trucks, man-down

Our man-down turret truck is built to optimise the storage space available in your facilities and to offer maximum capacity in extremely narrow aisle-based racking systems. The Linde man-down A-truck offers a wide variety of specifications to meet your exact requirements. The truck can be fitted with either an 'L' head, with hydraulic reach and rotate, or a telescopic fork head. And the cabin, as with all our products, is designed with ergonomics, safety, and functionality in mind.

Storage - Turret Trucks, man-up

Linde's man-up turret truck is a very narrow aisle combi-truck with a modular design allowing for bespoke configurations. We built this K series of dual-purpose combi-truck to suit any warehouse arrangement and lifting needs that you may have in your facilities. Our man-up turret truck can offer, depending on the modular arrangement, lift heights of up to 16,200mm and picking heights over 16,000mm – and a 1,500kg lifting capacity. The cabin design and operation is built to our standard and trademark measures of comfort, safety and functionality.

Order Pickers

You need to quickly collect items from across your warehouses if you are to have a successful business. Efficient order-picking is essential to good operations. Our range of order pickers uniquely puts the operator near the front of the machine, with the battery in the rear, to minimise the movements an operator must execute during a fast-paced and intense picking cycle. We offer, as a consequence, a higher pick-rate while minimising operator fatigue. And all picking controls are integrated into the steering control for intuitive and easy operation. Our order pickers come in a wide variety of sizes, lifting capacities, and configurations for different kinds of spaces.

Transporting - Hand Pallet Trucks

Linde's hand pallet trucks are essential tools for moving significant pallet loads – up to 2,500kg – with fast-lift facilities and 220 degree steering for manoeuvrability in trailers, trucks, storage units, and other confined spaces. We offer units that come with printers and SD card readers, for logistics and administration functions, as well as stainless steel models for use in dairies or chemical/pharmaceutical facilities. And one of our models includes "scissor-lift" legs for transporting and then lifting to short heights.

Transporting - Logistic Train

Linde offers a full logistics solution – including horizontal transportation. Production operations are among the most demanding areas of business – while supply chains and production processes are more complex than in the past. Discrete logistical steps need to be eliminated or combined wherever possible. We offer horizontal transport solutions (trains) to minimise costs and guarantee a constant flow of material to and from production. We supply all of the modules necessary to assemble a logistics train that matches your needs.

Transporting - Pallet Trucks

Linde offers a range of pallet trucks, with load capacities from 1,600kg up to 3,300kg, for constricted areas, such as inside lorries or other transport or storage areas, and for efficient pallet transfer work and marshalling work. Operators are kept at safe and comfortable distances from the pallet loads with low pivoting tiller arms and controls that include hand guards and a chassis that protects the feet. We also offer an electric pallet truck specific for use in urban areas, with a load capacity of 500kg, and a design that is quiet, civilised and can be used in areas with obstacles or other urban challenges.

Transporting - Tow Tractors

Linde's tow tractors combine with our logistics train to offer a full solution for transporting large quantities of goods on the horizontal axis around your facilities. We offer electric tractors with platform pulling capacities ranging from 3,000kg and up to 250 tonnes. That's an incredible power achieved without combustion engines; we use clean, efficient and cost-effective electric power to achieve these results. Our range of tow tractors, depending on internal and external use, all offer operator comfort and safety, ergonomic and functional controls, and even all-weather sealed cabins when needed.



Registration Number: 02794358
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:26 February, 1993 (28 years and 4 months ago)
No of Employees: 251-500
Annual Turnover: 20-50m
Parent Company: Linde Material Handling Ltd
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  • Distributor
UK Branches: Liverpool, Bolton, Buckley

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