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Light Insight is a Warwickshire based business offering a range of optical products and services to customers in a range of industries. Light Insight is a member of the Athene consortium of independent optical specialists that provides innovative optical solutions to the industry. Light Insight offers a specialist consultancy service to provide customers with ultimate optical lighting solutions.


Roland Clarke of Light Insight works closely with customers to gain a fine understanding of their requirements and expectations in order to create tailor-made solutions for effective results. With many years of experience within the industry Roland is able to provide a first class service to his customers and is committed to providing cost-effective services in short turn-around times.

Light Insight has provided services for many manufacturing businesses that require the expertise of an optical consultant for effective product development.

Home Examples of Consultancy Services

Light Insight provides customers with a quality optical consultancy service that is tailored to meet the requirements of each individual customer. Examples of our capabilities include feasibility studies, product development, technology surveys and patent searches, independent professional support in the application of optical and laser technology, cost-effective expertise, laser diode based instrumentation design, specifying and sourcing optical components, and more.

Please contact us at Light Insight to find out how we can help you.

Previous Experience

Light Insight has provided optical consultancy solutions to many manufacturing companies. Examples of some of our previous projects include the introduction of holography and speckle techniques to develop weighcells and weighing machines for W&T Avery (Birmingham UK); developing scientific and industrial lasers for Lumonics (Rugby, UK); and coupling industrial Nd:YAG lasers into optical fibres for Convergent Energy (NA USA).

To find out more about our capabilities, please visit our website, or contact us at Light Insight for further information.

Athene Consortium

Here at Light Insight we are pleased to be a member of the Athene consortium of independent optical specialists (Bioptica, Light Insight and Optical System Design). The Athene consortium has been created to provide customers with a new and innovative approach to optical consultancy and services.

We are pleased to be able to provide complete optical solutions and services to customers from
consultancy through to design and implementation stages. We are on hand to answer all questions and queries as well as to provide technical support both before and after sales. The collaboration of the Athene consortium enables members to provide customers with complete optical consultancy and services to meet the requirements and demands of the industry.

Useful Links

Please visit our website to view a range of companies and website links that we find useful. The majority of these have been added for additional information regarding optical services such as for laser safety applications, optical system design, optical scanning technology, manufacturers of ruby and YAG lasers, and more.

Directory of Web Sites of Optical Companies

Please visit our website to view the Light Insight Directory of web sites of optical companies. This directory is intended to provide customers with a list of companies and resources in the optical lighting field. Companies can add their details to the directory for free by contacting Light Insight. Light Insight does not endorse companies listed on the directory.

Directory of Optical Companies

The Light Insight Directory of web sites of optical companies currently includes a wide selection of companies in various areas of the market such as lenses, diffractive optics, fibre optics, filters, spectrometers, lasers, laser diodes, light measurement, alignment/inspection, monocromators, optical design software, cameras and arrays, graticles/recticle/gratings, laser beam scanners, books, windows/mirros/wave plates, infrared viewers/cameras, mounts/benches and positioning, and many more. Please contact Light Insight with your comments or to add your business to the directory. We look forward to hearing from you.



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