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A family run business based in Merseyside but covering a wide area, LEK offer a range of high quality lubrication services. We can supply and fit your centralised lubrication system and are also able to design specialised kits for any kind of application. We work with clients from different industries and have supplied systems for trucks, buses, agricultural equipment including stacker trucks, cranes, waste compactors and bailers.

We are an official distributer of Beka-Max, a system that makes sure each bearing receives the exact amount of grease by releasing the lubricant in precisely measured amounts. Long term the system reduces maintenance costs and improves its overall reliability. 

In addition to providing and designing lubrication systems we can also carry out repairs on your system at your site and can be contracted to perform regular service inspections to ensure that your system is running correctly and check for any signs of wear and tear. To complement our wide range of products we also have a parts service and have a full catalogue available on request. Furthermore we can provide training in the maintenance of our lubrication systems. 

We take pride in our work and are known for our excellent service and reliability, with all our staff and engineers being highly skilled and experienced in their field.

E1 Pump

The Beka-Max E1 pump is the ideal solution for large vehicles, such as those used for construction, agriculture and trucking, that have a high number of lube points. It is often expensive and time consuming to manually grease the lube points but even more costly if the vehicle breaks down and stops working. The E1 Pump is a high pressure automatic pump that precisely distributes grease where needed, making sure that each of the bearings receive the correct amount of lubrication. The E1 pump is available in 12v or 24v with, or without an integral time and with reservoirs of 1.9kg to 8kg.

Pico System

The Beka-Max Pico system is designed for compact machines with few lube points and for where it is difficult to install a larger lubrication system due to restricted space. The Pico system uses multi line technology  to directly supply 8 lube points without a distributor and has the option to add a progressive system if necessary. The Pico is a modular system and is suitable for use on all common vehicles and machines.

Oil Pumps

Mainly used in chain lubrication, our oil pumps provide continuous lubrication whilst using the minimum amount of oil. The machinery remains fully operational and is still moving as the oil is transferred to the chain either using brushes or is drip fed, ensuring each link receives oil.

X-LOADtronic 3

A highly dynamic, automatic weighing system for wheel loaders that requires no stand still times, even on the roughest of surfaces. The weighing process happens whilst moving so you will never be required to slow down thus saving you time and money. The system allows you to transfer data via a USB port so that there is always copy on the office system. It can also be easily calibrated for up 10 attachments and will also automatically check for changes to the attachments tare, weight and load location on command. It is accurate and easy to use and has been approved to meet European regulations.



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