Leedan Packaging Ltd

Unit 6
Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate, Lovett Road
Hampton Lovett
United Kingdom

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    Registration Number: 02963648
    VAT Number: n/a
    Registered at Companies House:31 August, 1994 (23 years ago)
    No of Employees: n/a
    Annual Turnover: n/a


    Since Leedan Packaging first began trading over four decades ago, we’ve become established among the UK’s most prominent manufacturers of polythene bags and sacks for the commercial sector. We’re based in Droitwich Spa in Worcestershire, and from here we distribute our high-standard products around the country.
    From our earliest days as a small family firm, we’ve prided ourselves on our personal touch and intimate knowledge of our customers’ needs. Such a familiarity is today combined with an extensive network of professional contacts and a catalogue of products impressive both in scale and quality. From hazardous waste sacks and packaging material to builders’ bags and recycling sacks, Leedan Packaging will provide you with the appropriate polythene item for your requirements. If you want something slightly different, we’ll happily produce it as a bespoke order. Small or bulk orders, eco-friendly alternatives, choices of styles and colours – Leedan will meet your needs at prices that are truly competitive.

    Hazardous Waste Sacks

    If your organisation regularly handles hazardous waste, then you’ll already know how essential it is to dispose of it responsibly. Leedan offer a sturdy selection of tough hazardous waste sacks specifically designed for toxic products, which are suitable for such items as battery waste, chemicals and contaminated materials. We also sell specialist-usage sacks for oily, animal and asbestos waste. All hazardous waste sacks are produced on our own premises and tailor-made to your precise instructions, with large-print warning messages branded on each sack. For informed advice before ordering, just phone or email us, and we’ll direct you towards the right sack for you!

    Janitorial Products

    Polythene janitorial products are among Leedan Packaging’s leading lines, and are available in numerous colours, dimensions and levels of thickness. We have every imaginable type of bag and liner for your pedal, swing and square bins, and also supply accessories like compactor sacks, plastic gloves and disolvo sacks. For that personalised look, you can have your company colour scheme or logo incorporated into the bag’s design. Our janitorial products (all composed from recycled and biodegradable materials) can be delivered to you just one day after ordering. Please note, we also manufacture by request, if you’re after an item not on our website.

    Protective Polythene Packaging

    Whatever the products you need to despatch, Leedan have just the polythene  packaging to ensure that they’re thoroughly protected while in storage or when on their journey. We’re accustomed to catering for the needs of all sectors of industry, from agriculture to foodstuffs, and can even invent a new type of packaging at your request. Our packaging comes in any size, quantity and depth you want, and can be branded with your own colours for easy identification. Covers and sheets for furniture and mattresses are also available to keep things extra clean and safe, so you can rest assured your merchandise will be undamaged in transit.

    Builders' Sacks

    It goes without saying that sacks for use in the building trade have to be exceptionally strong and hardwearing to cope with the weighty materials they carry. We offer builders’ and compactor sacks in a multitude of colours and size (and to your own exact dimensions if you wish), while shredder bags, rubble sacks and aggregate sacks further enhance our range. Any of our builders’ products can sport your company information and design, and may be ordered in amounts from single items to large consignments. Made to the highest possible standards, Leedan Packaging’s builders’ sacks are perfect for both compacting and bailing assignments.

    Bespoke Packaging Products

    Sometimes your business may want a packaging strategy that’s a bit out of the ordinary. Leedan Packaging realise that standardised products aren’t always what’s needed, and that’s why we’ve got a dedicated bespoke service to give you the packaging deal that suits you. We cooperate fully with you in planning every stage of your packaging process, from initial feasibility study through concepts and design to manufacture. Just tell us what you want and when you want it, and we’ll deliver your tailor-made packaging, bags, sheets or sacks right on time in the styles and quantities desired.

    Compostable Sacks

    Compostable sacks are very practical products which have numerous uses, from lining domestic bins to disposing of waste on a large scale. They are far sturdier than ordinary bin liners and represent a highly sanitary way of bagging your waste. Leedan offer compostable sacks for every size of bin, and our customers include educational organisations, eateries and domestic customers. All our compostable items have undergone rigorous testing on different sorts of bins before being approved for distribution. The sacks will be delivered directly to you with your business information and logo branded on them, confirming to the world your eco-friendly credentials!

    Soluble Bags

    Have you ever considered using soluble bags for your business? Leedan Packaging are purveyors of top-quality water soluble bags that can be used in a variety of commercial situations. Health care managers will find our soluble laundry bags helpful in limiting the onset or spread of infectious conditions. Infected bedsheets and towels can be isolated within such a bag before being taken away for washing and disinfection. Or, for an especially sanitary and environmentally responsible option, choose one of our specially designed bags which dissolve when immersed in cold water. Soluble bags could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

    Polythene Shredder Bags

    Don’t fall into the common trap of forgoing the use of waste bags with your paper shredder. There are several good reasons to put a Leedan polythene bag inside your shredder’s collection box. Firstly, the bag will gather up all the dust produced by the shredder when the paper fragments are removed. Furthermore, using a bag means you’ll maximize the waste created before the shredder has to be emptied. Finally, it is far easier to transfer the waste in a bag than loose from the shredder itself. All our shredder bags have been strenuously tested and can be bought in small or large orders.


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