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Established in 1984, LCM Systems Ltd is an independently owned business that specialises in load measurement solutions for many worldwide industries including oil & gas, civil engineering, marine & offshore, aerospace, heavy lifting, and process engineering.

Our comprehensive range of standard load cells and instrumentation are designed and manufactured at our purpose built facilities in Newport, Isle of Wight, UK. LCM Systems also develop bespoke products that are tailored to meet specific customer requirements, including innovative solutions for Zone 1 and 2 hazardous area applications.

At LCM Systems Ltd, we have full control over how the business develops. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to respond rapidly to commercial demands. Our profits are re-invested to further strengthen and enhance our business, allowing us to develop specialised techniques to ensure consistent production of high-quality, cost-effective load measurement solutions.

Tension and Compression Load Cells

We supply a full product range of tension and compression load cells which include: stainless steel stud type, stainless steel diaphragm, stainless steel low profile, aluminium alloy 's' type, stainless steel 's' type, alloy steel 's' type, and stainless steel tension and compression load cells.

Beam Load Cells

Our range of beam load cells includes:

  • BBL-1: Stainless steel beam load cells designed for use in a wide range of weighing applications with ranges of 5kg to 500kg, environmentally sealed to IP68 and supplied with vessel mounting assembly or shock mounts.
  • BF2: Stainless steel low range cantilever beam load cell available in ranges from 2kg to 50kg, 1000ohm bridge resistance perfect for material testing and weighing applications.
  • SBL-2: Alloy steel shear sheer beam load cell for ranges up to 2000kg, environmentally sealed to IP67 and can be supplied with vessel mounting assembly, shock mounts or platform foot mounting assembly.
  • SWA-1: Double sheer beam load cell silo weighing assembly which is sold as a complete assembly with mounting brackets.

Load Measuring Shackles

LCM Systems offers a range of load measuring shackles which include four primary models:

  • SHK-B: Bow type Crosby cabled shackle load cell with ranges from 1 - 400 tonnes, high tensile steel construction, environmentally sealed to IP66 and can be supplied with amplified output.
  • SHK-D: D-Type Crosby cabled shackle load cell with ranges from 1 - 35 tonnes, high tensile carbon steel construction, and can be supplied with integral signal conditioning alongside many other options.
  • TELSHACK-B: Wireless telemetry Crosby bow shackle load cell with ranges from 12 - 400 tonnes, 2.4GHz license free frequency, transmission range of up to120 metres clear line of sight.
  • TELSHACK-D: Wireless telemetry Crosby bow shackle load cell with ranges from 12 - 35 tonnes, 2.4GHz license free frequency, transmission range of up to120 metres clear line of sight.

Load Measuring Pins

The LMP Stainless Steel Load Measuring Load Pin features ranges from 50kg to 1500 tonnes, is environmentally sealed to IP67, and can be supplied with integral connector, and anti-rotation plate if required. The load measurement pins are designed for general use and suitable for immersion in seawater. LCM Systems offers a standard range of pins, although will manufacture pins to specific industry requirements. Load measuring pins can be supplied singly or combined with other instrumentation to provide a complete monitoring system.

Load Monitoring Links

Our load monitoring links are designed for use in harsh environments and made entirely from stainless steel for strength and durability. Examples include:

  • RILL: Rill radio telemetry wireless link load cell: with ranges from 2.5 – 250 tonnes, made from lightweight aluminium construction, steel bushed shackle holes, can be supplied with various bespoke telemetry and/or software packages.
  • SILL: Self indicating link load cell with ranges from 2.5 – 200 tonnes, lightweight aluminium construction, steel bushed shackle holes, remote handheld facility available, can be supplied with various bespoke software packages.
  • TLL: Stainless steel load monitoring link load cell, with ranges from 5 – 100 tonnes, special sizes and ranges available, higher range versions available, amplified output versions available.
  • TOG: Ranges from 750 – 9500kg, many special design options available, can be supplied with amplified output or integral connector.

Pressure Transmitters and Transducers

We provide a wide range of pressure sensors of different specifications for different uses. These include:

  • BP16: Strain gauge pressure transducer for excellent performance with ranges from 100psig to 15,000psig, supplied with 2metre PVC cable.
  • BP70: High range pressure transducer, 1000, 2000, and 3000 bar, 1000ohm bridge resistance, cable gland or integral connector output versions available.
  • UP1: Ultra low range pressure transducer, 10"WG (25mbar/0.36psi) range, 700ohm bridge, Integral MIL-26482 Connectorresistance,
  • BP16EF: Current output pressure transmitter, 100psig to 15,000psig, ¼" BSPP female pressure port (supplied as standard with bonded seal and ¼" male pressure port adaptor), 2-wire or 3-wire 4-20mA Output
  • BP16UVW: Voltage output pressure transmitter, ranges 100psig to 15,000psig, ¼" BSPP female pressure port (supplied as standard with bonded seal and ¼" male pressure port adaptor), 3-wire 0-5V or 0-10V or 4-wire ±10V Output

Linear Displacement Transducers

The PD13 linear displacement transducer is the latest circuit arrangement perfect for OEM applications as well as low volume applications. Specifications include, body Diameter Ø13mm, simple voltage divider operation, life at 250mm per second is greater than 100 million operations, 1 metre long cable (extension cable options are available) and sealing to IP50 (IP66 optional). Contact LCM Systems for further details on its wide product range of supporting instrumentation.

Digital Indicators

LCM Systems offers a set of digital indicator product ranges. These include the ADP15 range for a wide range of signal input types and ranges, the ADW15 range designed to meet specific application areas such as weighing or force measurement, the RCA15 rack mounted intelligent strain gauge amplifier, the SMW wall mounting weighing indicator/controller, and a range of wireless or battery operated indicators to suit your requirements.

Handheld Indicators

LCM Systems provides a range of wireless telemetry advanced and acquisition model handheld indicators as well as battery powered load cell and strain gauge indicators.

  • T24-HA: is an advanced handheld display for Mantracourts sensor acquisition system. It allows wireless remote viewing of multiple inputs such as strain, voltage or current using 2.4GHz radio.
  • T24-SA: high performance strain gauge to radio telemetry converter module, offering precision measurement with high performance two-way telemetry.
  • TR150: is a portable, precision instrument packaged in a small, robust IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosure, weighing only 260 grams. The TR150 accepts an input range of up to 50mV/V.
  • TR200: is a portable, 4½ digit precision instrument ideally suited for use in the harshest of environments or in the laboratory.

Amplifiers and Conditioners

We provide a wide range of amplifiers and conditioners alongside our wide range of products. Products include digital strain gauge to data converter models, intelligent strain gauge amplifiers, analogue strain gauge amplifiers, modular analogue expandable systems, single channel wireless telemetry docking modules, and wireless telemetry serial output modules.

Radio Telemetry

We also offer a range of radio telemetry products including single channel wireless telemetry docking modules, wireless telemetry base stations, wireless telemetry advanced handheld indicators, wireless telemetry handheld acquisition modules, wireless telemetry wall mounting printer and wireless telemetry serial output module.


Our complete product range is supported by our wide range of accessories. Accessories are available for load cells, pressure transducers and displacement transducers alongside various other instrumentation accessories. For all product enquiries contact us at LCM Systems or visit our comprehensive online catalogue. Full and detailed specifications are provided.

SBL Shear Beam Anti-Vibration Mounting Assembly

Our extensive product range includes the SBL Shear Beam Anti-Vibration Mounting Assembly, which has been specifically designed to support the damping of high frequency vibrations. Our SBL-AV helps to improve setting times and overall system accuracy by damping high frequency oscillations. Integrated features of this system include plated steel for additional protection, simple installation and the ability to minimise vibration effects. The SBL-AV is a suitable accessory that can be used with our SBL-1, SBL-2 and SBL-3 shear beam load cell series. Please visit the LCM Systems website for more specifications on our SBL Shear Beam Anti-Vibration Mounting Assembly.

Crosby Safety Shackles

Our comprehensive range of Crosby Safety Shackles includes the G2130, G2140 and G2150 models. These high quality safety shackles are manufactured by Crosby, a recognised expert in this field. Crosby Safety Shackles feature alloy bolts and bows, are quenched and tempered, and can be bought as an accessory with or without the need to purchase link load cells. The bow shackles range from 0.3te to 400te and come supplied with full Crosby traceability. More specifications on our complete range of Crosby Safety Shackles can be found on the LCM Systems website.

G2140 Bow Shackle

At LCM Systems we supply only products of the highest quality manufactured by experts in their field and this includes our G2140 Bow Shackle. This quenched and tempered shackle is manufactured by Crosby and contains alloy bows and bolts with a working load limit permanently marked on each shackle. As you would expect from shackles forged in alloy steel or cast alloy steel, (depending on the weight requirements), the shackles meet Grade 8 shackle performance standards. All shackles sizes come RFID equipped and each shackle has been individually proof tested at two times the actual working load limit. For more specifications on our range of Crosby Safety Shackles please visit the LCM Systems website.

LCM Systems Load Cells

LCM Systems offer over three decades of expertise in the field of standard and custom designed load cell products. Our load cells have been specifically designed and manufactured to perform even under the most severe weather conditions. Our products are used within a diversity of industries where superior product performance and reliability are prerequisites. Our customers come to us safe in the knowledge that our products are fit for purpose and that we have the experience and wide product range to meet the most demanding conditions. Our load cell capacities start at 25g and extend to over 1000 tonnes and we have the necessary experience to provide the right load cells to meet your requirements.

LCM Load Cell Benefits

Our product range offers a number of benefits as you would expect from a company with over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of premier quality load cell products. Our long-term customers return to us to benefit from our highly accurate products that offer long-term and reliable operation; we also offer customisable options depending on customer requirements. Our load cells are simple to install and have been calibrated to national standards, and we also offer telemetry versions as required. Visit the LCM Systems website for full details and load cell product specifications.

Compression Load Cell Benefits

LCM Systems has the in-depth experience, design and manufacturing capabilities to offer a complete range of compression load cells. We not only offer a standard range but can also manufacture customised compression load cells to customer requirements. Our compression load cells start with a capacity range of 1Kg through to our 1000 tonne compression load cells and bespoke models of over 2000 tonnes are available on request. Our compression load cell product range offers high accuracy, simple installation and a rugged construction offering an extremely long, trouble free life span. We offer compression load cells in a range of IP ratings and all cells can be supplied with instrumentation packages such as amplifiers and displays.

LCM Systems Tension Load Cells Benefits

Our extensive range of premier quality tension load cells includes columns, low profile, shackles, s-beams and link-type load cells with capacities ranging from 1kg through to 1000 tonnes. At LCM Systems we welcome a challenge and we urge customers with specific requirements to get in touch to discuss our bespoke tension load cell design and manufacturing service. Benefits of our tension load cell product range include an extremely durable construction for an enhanced lifespan, an easy installation process, high accuracy and completely sealed to protect against dust and water. Our tension load cells are calibrated to national standards and full specifications can be found at the LCM Systems website.

LMP Stainless Steel Load Measuring Load Pin

Our load measurement pins are constructed from stainless steel and are specifically designed for general use in exposed situations including seawater immersion. This range is proof loaded to 150% of the standard rated load and capacities range from 500kg to 1500 tonne complete with an anti-rotation plate if required. Most of our load measurement pins are designed and manufactured to customer requirements; we can also modify standard models to meet specific applications and many design options are available to our customers. LCM Systems also offer versions suitable for offshore and marine specifications as required.

LD-STRAIN Load Cell and Digital Display

Our LD-STRAIN large digit display has been specifically designed for use with strain gauge bridge sensors such as load cells and load pins. A number of display options are available including digits of various heights allowing viewing from a distance of up to 200 metres as well as four or six digit versions. The LD-STRAIN offers direct connection to strain gauged based sensors, is available as either an AC or DC version and can be suspension, panel or wall mounted. One of the main applications of this unit is crane weighing including hoist and winch monitoring. Please visit the LCM Systems website for more information on our LD-STRAIN load cell and strain gauge input large display unit.

PMD-PROCESS Voltage & Current Input Panel Display Mouting

Our PMD-PROCESS panel mounted display is generally used for crane weighing applications including hoist and winch monitoring as well as many other force measurements. This unit offers a menu free setup and calibration and is entirely suitable for process analogue current and voltage signals. The PMD-PROCESS unit features a 14.2mm high red LED display and is available in either AC or DC versions. Option boards are pluggable and this model is suitable for retrofitting; easy connection is available to any of our load cell products via integrally mounted amplifiers. More specifications of the PMD-PROCESS unit are available at the LCM Systems website and our experienced engineers will be happy to answer all product enquiries.

LD-SERIAL RS232 & RS485 Input Large Digit Slave Display

The LCM Systems LD-SERIAL large digital display is available in four or six digit options as well as a range of digit heights for viewing distances of up to 200 metres. This unit comes with suspension, panel or wall mounting options as well as AC or DC versions. The LD-SERIAL digital display is IP65 sealed and can be interfaced with a variety of LCM Systems products including LCA15, ADW15, SMW, T24-SO, MAX and many more; connections are available via RS232 and RS485. A variety of analogue, relay or digital outputs are available as well as a number of power supply and output options. Our skilled engineers will be more than happy to discuss further product details and contact details are available via the LCM Systems website.

SMW Wall Mounting Weighing Indicator and Controller

Our premier quality digital indicators instrumentation range includes the SMW wall mounting weighing indicator and controller, which features a large eight digit LCD display housed in a light grey ABS case. This unit features a variable gain load cell sensitivity from 0.5 to 200mV/V as well as a simple one pass auto calibration and plug-in module positions for power supply, relay and communications options. The SMW offers high accuracy and stability as well as a wide range of power supplies. More information on the SMW wall mounting weighing indicator can be found on the LCM Systems website.

CBR Stainless Steel Compression Bending Ring Load Cell

Our premier quality Legacy products include our range of CBR compression bending ring load cells, which provide superior performance with regards to accuracy and environmental concerns. Featuring a fully welded stainless steel construction the CBR provides protection levels to IP68 with capacities ranging from between 500kg to 30,000kg. This unit has been specifically designed for vessel and silo weighing as well as low height weighbridge applications. The CBR can be installed quickly and easily via a diversity of mounting assemblies and can be supplied with complete instrumentation. For more specifications on the CBR compression bending ring load cells please visit the LCM Systems website or contact one of our technical advisors.

BP6 High Range Pressure Tranducer

Our Pioden Transducers have been extensively used throughout a diversity of industries for many years thanks to their robust and accurate nature. The LCM Systems BP6mV is used for high pressure applications and is constructed from a stainless steel, single piece diaphragm with amplified analogue or digital versions available. Features include - 1000 to 3000 bar, 1000ohm bridge resistance and ¼ BSPP male pressure port. Further enhancement options to meet your requirements can include matched outputs, improved temperature compensation and integrated electronics capabilities. The BP6mV can be supplied with other instruments in our product range meaning our customers can receive a complete instrumentation package to meet their specifications.

STA-5 Stainless Steel S-Type Tension and Compression Load Cell

The LCM Systems STA-5 series load cell provides the ideal solution for tensile and comprehensive forces measuring. This load cell consists of a fully welded stainless steel construction with capacities ranging from 500kg to 5000kg and has been environmentally sealed to IP68 as standard. The STA-5 is ideal when high accuracy measurements are required and applications include vessel weighing, material testing machines and dynamometers, to name just a few. This series of load cells can be supplied with mating spherical rod-end bearings as well as any of our comprehensive range of instrumentation, providing our customers with a complete load monitoring system.

TR150 Battery Powered Handheld Load Cell Indicator

Our handheld indicators instrumentation range includes the completely portable TR150 battery powered handheld load cell indicator. This small and robust model is powered by two internal AA alkaline batteries and is environmentally sealed to IP65. Standard features of this model include a 7.5 digit LCD display, a tactile keyboard and dual range facility; battery life is around 450 hours when on low power mode. The TR150 is microprocessor based with a single pass calibration feature with calibration and configuration permitted from the front panel. Instrument responses to applications can be tailored by the engineer via the menu options. For more specifications on the TR150 please visit the LCM Systems website.

TR200 Battery Powered Strain Gauge Handheld Indicator

The TR200 battery powered strain gauge handheld indicator is an extremely portable and versatile model offering a 4.5 digit LCD display and a single pass calibration feature. The TR200 is suitable for use in the laboratory or in the harshest of environments and comes environmentally sealed to IP65. The ability to store the parameters of up to 10 sensors makes this model ideal for multi-sensor monitoring and operators can switch from one sensor to another without the need for calibration adjustment. Flush mounted buttons and an internal battery are standard features of the LCM Systems TR200 strain gauge handheld indicator.

T24-HA Wireless Telemetry Advanced Handheld Indicator

The T24-HA is one of our most advanced handheld displays and allows wireless remote viewing of multiple inputs including strain, voltage or current via 2.4GHz radio. This model features a two way radio system for data integrity, has a 400 feet maximum range and is environmentally sealed to IP65. The T24-HA offers an extended battery life due to the wake and sleep functionality for all wireless modules, resulting in a reduction in maintenance costs. This model is also suitable for use in harsh conditions thanks to the robust technology and wide temperature operating range. With a simple configuration and calibration operation via PC, and the two mode operation facility this is one of our most advanced handheld display models in the T24 range.

T24-HS Wireless Telemetry Simple Handheld Display

Our batter powered, compact T24-HS handheld wireless display unit is easy to operate via just two buttons and this model is used as the display in several of our load cell products. The T24-HS features a 400 feet maximum range with a licence free 2.4GHz radio and comes sealed to IP65. Other features of this popular model include robust technology and a wide operating temperature range making the T24-HS suitable for use in the harshest of conditions. LCM Systems can also supply T24 models integrated into a range of sensors providing a complete wireless sensor system. Visit the LCM Systems website for more specification on our T24-HS handheld wireless display.

T24-HR Wireless Telemetry Roaming Handheld Display

Our T24-HR is a portable battery operated handheld roaming unit that wakes each device and displays the data tags of the remote acquisition module on its LCD display. The operator simply needs to roam pass the acquisition modules to awaken each device. Standard features of the T24-HR include – can wake and read an unlimited number of acquisition modules, has a worldwide licence exempt 2,4GHz radio and offers a 400 feet maximum range. The unit is simple to configure via a PC base station with telemetry toolkit software and can operate in the harshest of weather conditions via its robust technology and wide operating temperature range. More specifications on our T24-HR unit can be found at the LCM Systems website.

SWA-1 Double Shear Beam Load Cell Silo Weighing Assembly

The LCM Systems SWA-1 series offers a stainless steel, double ended shear beam design with a mounting bracket that enables simple on-site mounting. Features of the SWA-1 series include capacities ranging from 0.5 to 100 tonnes, environmentally sealed to IP68, a high degree of accuracy, an anti-lift off mechanism and a high resistance to off-axis loading. We offer the SWA-1 in five sizes with a painted alloy steel construction mounting assembly; a stainless steel option is available for food or for hygienic and corrosive applications. Our SWA-1 series can be supplied individually or can be provided with full instrumentation in order to provide our customers with a complete monitoring or control system.

WAS Force Washer Through Hole Load Cell

Our WAS range of load cells is the ideal solution for applications that require the force application component to pass through the load cell centre. The WAS series is primarily used for the measuring of bolt tensions in a safety monitoring and control application. Standard features of our WAS series include – ranges from 12.5kN to 540kN, a stainless steel construction, environmentally sealed to IP66 with very high accuracy version available. We also offer our WAS series with special sizes and ranges, and bespoke versions are available through our technical team. Please visit the LCM Systems website to view more specifications of our WAS force washer through load cell products.



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