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Laser Trader Ltd is a supplier of laser based products from manufacturers such as Primes and Precitec. We have a high level of customer service and can guarantee that when a customer or client contacts our staff, they will be talking to someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the laser industry. As well as providing a high quality of service, our business takes a versatile and personal approach. This is reflected in the independent and impartial advice we can provide to our customers about thei specific situation that is facing them and the best solution to take. We also supply products from a variety of trusted manufacturers, these products include laser cutting, cladding, welding and monitoring equipment as well as optics and laser consumables. We also understand the inconvenience of your machinery malfunctioning and can offer next day delivery for essential items. 

Precitec Auto Height Sensing System Components - Visit our website

Here at Laser Trader, we are pleased to offer top quality auto height sensing system components.

The range includes:

  • Adjust Box EG8030: designed for use with all types of laser cutting applications and features Lasermatic® and Lasermatic® Z distance sensor technology. The EG8030 features a range of signals such as collision, malfunction, operation, nozzle lost, cable break, position attained and more to indicate if user assistance is required.
  • Motor Controllers MC 8510/8610: suitable for use with a range of laser cutting applications with capacitive distance sensors. These controllers feature parameterisation via remote control and front panel, control via I/O or field bus, error signals, saving and tracing of parameters and more.

Please visit our website for more information.

Precitec Laser Process Monitoring - Visit our website

We are also pleased to offer a fantastic selection of laser process monitoring equipment.

Examples of the range include:

  • Process Adaptors PA HP1.5”/ HP2”/ HP2” M: for process monitoring as a combination of piercing and lens fault sensor. Monitoring takes place online and can detect damage to the lens and larger areas of burned-in spatter.
  • Lens Break Sensor: for detection of damage to the lens during process.
  • Piercing Sensor PS130: for monitoring of the piercing and cutting process.

Please visit our website to view our complete range of laser process monitoring equipment.

Precitec Beam Delivery Components - Visit our website

Our range of Beam Delivery Components includes:

  • SU50 NJ Beam Bender: these beam benders are suitable for use with CO2 lasers.
  • SU FS Beam Bender: these beam benders are suitable for use with all solid-state lasers such as Nd:Yag-, disc and fibre laser types.
  • Laser Cutting - Collimators: our high quality collimators are suitable for use with Nd:YAG, disc and fibre optic solid state lasers. They can also be used with diode lasers.

Please head over to our website to find out more about our excellent range of beam delivery components. Or, contact us directly at Laser Trader with your requirements or for more information.

PRIMES Products > Other Equipment - Visit our website

Laser Trader is pleased to offer a wide selection of additional equipment.

Examples includes:

  • Laser Quality Monitor: designed to measure the position and dimension of the focus.
  • Polarisation Monitor: for measuring the polarisation of high power lasers.
  • Absorber: suitable for industrial, multi-kilowatt applications.
  • Beam Control System: designed for integration into laser systems.
  • High Power MSM I: automated beam monitoring solution suitable for use in demanding industrial environments.

Please visit our website for detailed product descriptions and technical data.

Precitec Laser Cutting Heads - Visit our website

Our cutting heads from Precitec provide well established products for CO2 and solid-state laser machines for both 2D and 3D applications.  All have integral automatic distance sensors and process monitoring. For CO2 systems there is the popular HP range which is an ideal robust solution for flat bed work.  Alternatively where a 5 axis system is used the KN,head provides an ideal geometry for getting into tight areas.  A wide range of laser cutting heads has been developed for solid state lasers including the LightCutter, SolidCutter, FormCutter and FineCutter, All heads use the latest materials, and technologies to give superb cut quality and in process monitoring.

Precitec Laser Welding Heads - Visit our website

We have five different types of laser welding heads from Precitec, each with its own specific qualities. The YW30 head has a compact design and would be ideal for delicate work like precision welding and spot welding. Those looking for a welding head that is more heavy duty should consider the YW52 which is capable of the highest level of laser power and can be easily integrated into existing systems. The SP50R is a mirrored welding head used for CO2 lasers and can be used for welding thick and thin sheet as well as T-join geometries. Those who require a head for shipbuilding and railway vehicle construction should consider the YH50 whilst the YW50 benefits from integrated sensors.

Precitec Laser Cladding Heads - Visit our website

Our laser cladding heads from Precitec include the YC52 and the YC30. The YC52 cladding head is a processing head for cladding, using solid state lasers and can be used for repair welding work. A range of nozzles is available to allow optimal processing in a wide range of situations. The YC30 can also be used for repair work including that of tools, turbine blades and moulds. This head benefits from a small, compact design and can be easily integrated into established systems as well as having a high power efficiency which can help to keep bills low.

PRIMES Power Measurement - Visit our website

We supply a wide range of power measurement products from PRIMES which allow for laser diagnostics within industrial manufacturing. One such product is the PocketMonitor which is a portable, easy to use measuring tool used for the everyday application. Another device we supply is the PowerMonitor which allows for the measurement of the power of the laser in relation to the work piece. We also offer the PowerMeasuringCassette from Primes which allows for direct intergration into laser processing head of solid-state laser. For a complete list of the power measurement products we have available, feel free to visit the website.

PRIMES Raw Beam Measurement - Visit our website

Our range of raw beam measurement devices from PRIMES include products such as the BeamMonitor, BeamMonitor HQ and CameraMonitor 10.6. The BeamMonitor is a measuring device that is used to investigate the characteristics of the unfocused laser beam. The CameraMonitor 10.6 is a camera based measuring system that analyses IR laser radiation at a 10.6 µm wavelength. The BeamMonitor HQ is a new beam profiler that allows for a high level of accuracy of measurement thanks to the high dynamics detector system. For further information on these and other products, please visit the website.

PRIMES Focus Measurement - Visit our website

Our focus measurement products from PRIMES include the compact MicroSpotMonitor, FocusMonitor and MicroSpotMonitor. The MicroSpotMonitor operates as a modular focus analysing system for micro manufacturing and is optimized for the limited space that is available in micro production plants. The FocusMonitor measures the focussed laser beam with high continuous output power. Those who need to investigate or check very small laser beams, like those found in laser micro machining, should consider the MicroSpotMonitor.

Laser Optics - Visit our website

Our wide range of laser optics include both standard and bespoke designs. All of our optics are of an extremely high quality but are also cost competitive so are extremely god value for money. Products include lenses, reflective phase retarders, partial reflectors, beam expanders, beam splitters, polarization devices, mirrors and beam directors. Customers are also reminded that we can dispose of all used optics, completely free of charge. For more information on all of the laser optic products we have to offer, please visit the website.

Laser Consumables - Visit our website

We offer laser consumables for a comprehensive list of manufacturers including Trumpf, BLM-Adige, Amada, Prima, LVD and Salvagnini, just to name a few. The range of products held in stock is extensive and includes everything from insulation rings to ceramic parts and nozzles. All items supplied come with our full rechnical support. Whatever part you require for your laser system, we are likely to stock it. You are recommended to visit the website to view all of the products we have to offer.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Centricut Laser Trader are a distributor for Centricut laser consumables. We stock high quality consumables including mirrors, lens, nozzles, ceramics and teflon covers. Makes supported include: Adige Sala® Amada® LVD® Mazak® Balliu® Messer Griesheim® Bystronic® Prima Industries® ESAB® Salvagnini® Trumpf® Haas® HACO® Laser Lab® plus many others - please ask.
  • Hypertherm Laser Trader are a distributor for Hypertherm laser consumables. We stock high quality consumables including mirrors, lens, nozzles, ceramics and teflon covers. Makes supported include: Adige Sala® Amada® LVD® Mazak® Balliu® Messer Griesheim® Bystronic® Prima Industries® ESAB® Salvagnini® Trumpf® Haas® HACO® Laser Lab® plus many others - please ask.
  • Precitec KG Laser Trader have been the UK & Ireland distributor for Precitec since 2000. Precitec has gained an international reputation for being an expert in providing complex system solutions for laser material processing and for optical measuring technology. Cutting heads for CO2 and Nd:YAG applications with long life, non-contact distance sensors that have proved to be reliable in many thousands of applications, ensure that optimum cutting qualities are achieved. Additional integral sensors increase process safety and reduce processing time to a minimum. Electronic units used for sensor signal processing, linear drive and process control round off the product range. In the area of laser welding technology Precitec offers a comprehensive range of processing heads with integral sensor systems for non-contact seam tracking and online process control. In addition, Precitec manufactures process sensors for industrial adhesive technology.
  • PRIMES Laser Trader Ltd are the UK agaent for PRIMES laser beam diagnostic equipment The most important fundamental for the long-term assurance of continuously high quality of manufacturing and high systems performance is the constancy of the laser beam parameter. PRIMES have developed a wide range of products which cover laser power measurement and laser beam diagnostics and monitoring. These products facilitate laser users in achieving high quality production and complying with process analysis required by quality systems.

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