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Lamonde Automation Ltd specialises in the distribution of products suitable for various industrial automation, process control and electrical engineering applications. The company was established in 1982 and has built fantastic partnerships with many leading manufacturers.

We offer a fantastic product range incorporating items such as programmable controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), variable speed drives, servo systems, stepper motor solutions and temperature controllers.

We also supply a wide selection of sensors for level, pressure, temperature and current alongside various conductive and capacitive proximity switches, photoelectric switches, ultrasonic sensors, various limit switches and rotary encoders.

Integrators and panel builders can select from a range of suitable items including power supplies, pushbuttons, selector switches, indicator lamps, stacklights, relays, timers, fuses, disconnect switches, contactors, terminal blocks and more.

To find out more about our services and our fantastic product range please visit our website. Or, alternatively, please contact our friendly team at Lamonde Automation Ltd who will provide all the information and advice you may need.

Industrial PC’s

Lamonde Automation Ltd is pleased to supply the fantastic Nematron range of industrial PCs. The range features:

  • iPC-Series Embedded Industrial PCs: the iPC-Series features Intel® i-Series Core™ embedded processors and features CPU options including: i7 Dual Core 620M, i5 Dual Core 520M and Dual Core Celeron P4500. Other standard features include: 5-wire analogue resistive touchscreen, 2GB DRAM, Intel 40 GB removable SATA Solid State Drive and more.
  • ePC-Series Ultra-Thin Industrial PCs: the ePC-Series features ultra-thin industrial PCs featuring Intel® Duo Core™ Technology and is available with a choice of 12.1inch, 15inch, 17inch or 19inch displays.

Please see full product specifications on our website.


We also offer an excellent selection of drives. The range includes:

  • AC Variable Speed: DURApulse variable speed drive products designed to provide users with a range of AC drive models to support all industrial control applications.
  • Stepper Systems: features four standard stepping motors and a ‘one size fits all’ stepper motor driver. These systems hold torques from 0.59Nm to 3.06Nm in NEMA sizes 17, 23 or 34 frames and are suitable for a range of automation applications.

Other items in the range include: AC Servo’s, Soft Starters, Inverter AC Motors, General AC Motors, DC Motors, AC Motor Bases, Worm Gearboxes and Motor Controls.


Please contact Lamonde for all of your sensor requirements. We offer a fantastic range of top quality sensor equipment including:

  • Temperature: features the TSD25 Series temperature switches, RTD Series temperature probes, TTD25 Series temperature transmitters and Thermowells for RTD probes.
  • Inductive Proximity: these reliable and accurate non-contact switches are designed to detect metallic moving parts of machinery and door, flap or gate closure. They are maintenance-free and have no moving parts.

Other items in the range include: Magnetic Proximity, Capacitive Proximity, UltraSonic Proximity, Photo-Electric, Fibre Optic, Rotary Encoders, Linear Position, Pressure, Level Sensors, AC/DC Current and Limit Switches.


Our hardware range features:

  • Buttons/ Switches: available in metal or thermo-plastic body and featuring LED or Lamp Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Push Buttons, Push On/Off Illuminated, Mushroom Head and Emergency Stop, Two-Way, Start/Stop Combo Buttons, Panel Indicators, Selector and Key Switches, Joysticks and Panel Potentiometers.
  • Disconnects: 600VAC/ 250VDC heavy-duty fusible and non-fusible disconnects from Ferraz Shawmut and the SD Series of modular disconnect switches used for breaking and disconnecting on low voltage equipment loads at nominal current from 16 to 125 Amps.

Other items in the range include Stack Lights, Relays and Timers, DIN Rail Terminals, Wiring Solutions, Panel Tools and Foot Switches.


Lamonde Automation supplies top quality NITRA pneumatic solenoid valves available in a wide range of configurations to suit different pneumatic control air valve applications. Configurations include: single air solenoid – two position, double air solenoid – three position – centre exhaust and normally closed poppet valves.

We also supply a range of accessories suitable for use with NITRA pneumatic air tubing, pneumatic hose, push to connect fittings, air prep FRLs, pneumatic valves, air cylinder switches and stainless steel round body pneumatic cylinders.

Network & Comms

Our Network and Comms range features:

  • OPC Servers: designed to connect disparate devices and applications from plant control systems through to enterprise information systems.
  • Industrial Ethernet: features Unmanaged and Managed Ethernet Switches/ Gigabit Switches, Ethernet Converters and Modbus Gateways, Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cables, Ethernet PC Network Interface Card (NIC) and Ethernet Configuration Kit.
  • Serial Converters: includes RS232/ RS422 network adaptors and converters, a USB to RS232C serial adaptor cable, cable kits and wireless radio modems.

The range also includes Profibus and PSTN modems. Full product descriptions are available to view online.


Our safety range features:

  • Light Curtains: includes two series of safety light curtains. The YBB-14 Series features safety light curtain with 14mm resolution – finger safe protection while the YBB-30 Series features safety light curtain with 30mm resolution – hand safe protection.
  • Safety Switches: developed and manufactured in accordance with IEC and EN European standards for Type 4 machine safety/ OSHA machine guarding.
  • Safety Relays: designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC and EN European standards and RoHS, CE, UL listed and tested by TUV for compliance.

Please see full product descriptions on our website.


Please visit our website to find out more about our power range. We offer:

  • DC Power Supplies: includes the RHINO PSM Series, RHINO PSP Series, PS Series and FA-24PS range.
  • Distribution Blocks: finger-safe power distribution blocks designed to manage power distribution needs.
  • Transformers: designed for high inrush applications that require reliable output voltage stability.
  • Line Filters: power line filters and overvoltage/ spike suppression for control circuits.
  • DC-DC Converters: four models for DC input voltage available in the PSP series of DIN-rail DC to DC converters.



Registration Number: 01665424
VAT Number: GB939 1093 09
Registered at Companies House:20 September, 1982 (41 years and 6 months ago)
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