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KK Water Purification Ltd are the UK distributors of ultra-violet water treatment products designed and produced by Trojan Technologies Group, the largest manufacturer of its kind in the world. This means KK Water has a privileged position within the UK ultra-violet water disinfection market. Ultra-violet disinfection is an environmentally friendly, non-chemical technology that is used in a range of industrial processes. It is also used for processing clean and germ-free domestic drinking water.  

At KK Water, our team of highly qualified water treatment experts help you choose the right product for your application, and because we can source low to medium pressure systems from Trojan Technologies' Aquafine, Viqua and Trojan brands, you have an even better choice of top-quality products. Access to these ranges means you can purchase anything from small domestic systems for self-contained drinking water units, right through to large commercial and industrial units for a variety of applications. In fact, the products that we offer are used by clients operating in a wide range of markets, including domestic supply, food and food processing, sustainable rainwater harvesting, aquaculture, brewing and beverage, pharmaceutical, life science, ballast water, swimming pools, spas, and electronics. One way or another, all of these sectors re-use water which requires treatment. Ultra-violet disinfection eradicates Legionella, E-Coli, Giardia, Cypto Sporidium and much else besides for safe drinking water. It also removes chloramines from water used in recreational environments such as swimming pools and spas. The life science, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries also need to eliminate chlorine from pure water.  

Wherever there is a process involving water, it's highly likely that UV can be applied as part of the system to benefit the end user. All we need to know is the flow rate, the target pathogen or the germ that you need to kill, and the quality of your water - provide us with this information and we can provide you with a tailor-made solution. If you need any more information on the following products, please visit our website where you'll find full specification charts and model descriptions.

CSL Series

Aquafine's CSL series is ideal for hospital and hotel installations, as well as life sciences and microelectronic applications. The CSL series includes medium-flow models for a range of markets. Even after 60 years, the CSL series continues to be a highly-popular choice, and because its features can be customised to client specifications, it will continue to be popular for many more years to come. The CSL series comprises of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a 304 stainless steel control panel integrated into a single unit. It comes complete with standard lamp status indicators, and thanks to its compact design, the CSL series saves floorspace and is easily installed. Single-ended lamps enable fast change-outs without the need for tools. 

DW Series - UV Technology for Aquaculture

KK Water also supply Aquafine's DW series which have proved to be unrivalled in performance for over 20 years. The increasing demand for water in growing urban areas and the pollution of natural waters has had a drastic impact on the availability of pure and disease-free water. The Aquaculture industry has been hit hard by these problems. That's why fish hatcheries and rearing facilities are increasingly using sophisticated water treatment systems such as Aquafine's DW Series. These water disinfection systems are available in both closed pipe and open channel arrangements, offering maximum flexibility.

Liquid Sugar

The Liquid Sugar UV system is ideal for treatment of sugar syrup in the beverage processing industry. For more information on these products, please contact us directly.

Optima HX Series

The Optima HX series offers unbeatable performance and technology in a variety of applications, including food and beverage production, life sciences and microelectronics. They have been designed with an innovative sizing programme which combines Multiple Source Summation (MPSS) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CF), both of which are imperative in the calculation of fluency rates, velocity distribution and flow patterns. The Optima HX Series is made up of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and stainless steel control panel integrated into one unit. The HX lamp offers superior process performance and a long lifespan thanks to its low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) technology. 

SCD H Series

The SCD H Series from Aquafine offers Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and chlorine eradication solutions. It is particularly suited for greater reduction efficiency in high volume, ultrapure, waste or reclaim processes in both outdoor and indoor applications. The SCD H series is in use in worldwide microelectronic facilities and life science applications where meeting the exacting criteria of the cGMP and gaining full acceptance from the FDA are obligatory. The SCD H series comprises of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber as well as a UL Type-1 painted carbon steel control cabinet which features a microprocessor-based controller. 

SP & SL Series

The SP and SL series from Aquafine offer economical UV treatment for low-flow disinfection applications, making them ideal for laboratory and medical facility water, final electronic component rinsing, pharmaceutical make-up processes, and much more. Offering numerous benefits including a compact design and low maintenance costs, the SP and SL series comprise of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a 304 stainless steel control panel in a single integrated unit. SL models come with standard running time meters. Flow rates range from 1-24 U.S GPM. Both series feature single ended lamps and can also be configured for TOC reduction or ozone destruction. 

Trojan UV Logic

The Trojan UV Logic series is currently in use in thousands of different installations all across the globe. Extremely robust and highly versatile, these unique UV water treatment systems are available in a number of configurations for a range of industrial applications. These UV filters feature state-of-the-art low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) amalgam lamp technology for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They also have an L-shaped reactor design which has been developed using advanced computer modelling: this offers 40% greater hydraulic efficiency than other systems. The Trojan UV Logic series comprises of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a UL TYPE-3R 304 stainless steel control cabinet with a micro-processor based controller. 

Trojan UVMax

The Trojan UV Max models are innovative disinfection systems designed by Viqua. With a compact design, these systems are typically suited for domestic Point Of Use or Point of Entry in hospitals, rural homes and cottages, nursing homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, resorts and holiday camps. The Trojan UV Max range also covers light commercial models which can treat flows of 18m³ per hour. High output lamps kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. High flow models employ amalgam technology that lasts twice as long as regular and high-output low-pressure lamps. A simple design enables easy maintenance. The innovative design of the Trojan UV Max range means that UV lamps can be changed without interrupting water flow. 

Sterilight Series

KK Water is proud to offer the Sterilight Silver range of disinfection systems which are perfect for domestic Point of Use or Point of Entry applications. They have even been used for light commercial applications including rainwater harvesting. These models are probably the most economical and ecological method of treating water. High output, long-lasting Sterilume lamps kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. A simple design enables effortless maintenance and easy replacement of the UV lamp without interrupting water flow. A quartz sleeve design offers optimal UV output and operating efficiency. 

UVK Series

The UVK Marine Series from Aquafine are rugged UV water treatment systems suitable for marine drinking water systems. For a low powered, easy to maintain system with proven reliability, the UVK series is the optimal choice. They feature a vertical reactor for increased installation flexibility. Each model uses the latest in UV lamp technology and also employ a quick service quartz jacket guard for easy cleaning. Every one of our products undergoes stringent quality control checks, as well as electronic functionality and hydrostatic pressure tests. Optional extras include safety solenoid valves for automatic shutdown, flow control valves, and remote controlled cabinet mounting with 7ft cable. 

Integrated Home Systems

As well as offering a range of UV treatment systems for commercial and industrial applications, KK Water is pleased to offer a variety of units for domestic environments. Can you honestly say that you know for sure that your drinking water is safe? Many circumstances can affect the quality of your water supply - Indeed, water quality studies have shown that between 20% and 40% of all wells are contaminated. To clean this water, authorities use short term solutions such as chlorine bleach. So if you want bacteria and viruses removed from your drinking water, the best option is a UV treatment system.

Water Softeners

To complete our product range, KK Water supplies Minimax high capacity water softeners which have numerous advantages over conventional single-tank electronic softeners. They feature compact twin cylinders, high flow tanks, meters and ports, and offer flow rates of up to 80 litres per minute. Minimax water softeners do not need mains power supplies, meaning they will not be affected by power cuts. The Minimax Major is capable of dealing with the demands of a large home or business, while being compact enough to fit easily within a kitchen unit. Also available is the Minimax Big Blue, the ultimate high capacity water softener which holds over 65kgs of salt.

Trojan UVLogic Series

The high performance TrjanUVLogic Series is designed for use in many industrial applications. Featuring low pressure, high output (LPHO) amalgam lamp technology, the Trojan UVLogic Series provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for use with many applications. Only  one third of the number of lamps are used to deliver the same quantity as conventional systems. Benefits include smaller footprint, lower operational and maintenance costs, NSF 50, cULus and CE listed, seven programmable input/output signals, a microprocessor-based controller, and more. To view technical specifications of the Trojan UVLogic Series, please visit our website

ChloRid Series

Aquafine's innovative ChloRid® series uses MP lamp technology for the reduction of chlorine and chloramines in specific industry applications. The ChloRid® model features a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber, a UL type 3R stainless steel control cabinet, a microprocessor-based controller and optional sanitary fittings and wiper. The use of MP high intensity UV lamps produces greater UV energy than low pressure lamps, reduction of down time requirements, lower installation and maintenance costs, and higher flow rates. Please visit our website to find out more about the ChloRid® series or call us at KK Water Purification Ltd for advice and information.



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  • Aquacare
  • Aquafine Aquafine provides UV solutions worldwide for TOC reduction, chlorine and chloramine destruction, ozone destruction and disinfection in the following sectors of the Industrial and Commercial markets: Process water: Food, beverage and cosmetic industries Ultrapure water: microelectronic and life science industries Aquaculture: Fish hatcheries, grow-out facilities and shellfish cultures Marine: Disinfection of drinking water and wastewater on marine vessels Recreational applications: Fountains, swimming pools, aquariums and car washes Wastewater: Disinfection in the food, beverage, microelectronics, etc.
  • R-Can
  • Trojan
  • Viqua VIQUA (vee-kwa) is a leading water treatment technology company focused on providing our customers with confidence in their water. In over 100 countries, our UV systems are disinfecting water in homes and light commercial applications including: apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, campgrounds, resorts, hotels and hospitals. Every minute, VIQUA systems treat over five million gallons of water. VIQUA has more than 90 dedicated employees reporting to the Guelph, Ontario, Canada headquarters which is situated 40 miles west of Toronto. A modern facility houses all manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing operations for VIQUA. Leading brands TrojanUVMAXT, Sterilight®, Advanced Water ProductsT and Ozone are backed by the same skilled group of water treatment professionals at VIQUA - a Trojan Technologies Company. We've combined and built our water IQ so that you can have water confidence.