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Kingston Engineering is a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of bespoke power screws. Kingston Engineering has history dating back to 1919 and is a well-known and well-respected name in the industry. The company employs a highly skilled work force of approximately 40 people who have many years experience in the industry and bundles of knowledge to create incredibly high quality products. We are able to provide customers with great flexibility and can create effective solutions quickly and easily. Our product range largely falls into two categories: Power Screw Products for mechanical power transmission, and Standard Screw Products which are manufactured from precision ground medium carbon steel. We also offer a range of specialist engineering services such as precision machining, CNC turning, conventional turning, cylindrical grinding, CNC milling, conventional milling, and a breakdown service.

Please take a look at our website to find out more about our products and services or please give us a call at Kingston Engineering with your enquiries or requests and we will provide all the information and advice you will need for high quality, cost-effective solutions.            

Standard Screw and Power Screw Products - Visit our website

We offer a wealth of experience in standard and power screw products, as we have been manufacturing screws and nuts for more than 60 years.  You can be assured that our expertise in reflected in all our standard and power screw products.  Power transmission screws and nuts are available in right or left hand, single or multi-start variations.  Additionally, we offer a full range of thread forms for mechanical power transmission conforming to British European Standards.  Our range of standard screw products is manufactured from precision ground medium carbon steel.  Various lengths are available and you can select left and right hand screw threads.

Leadscrews - Visit our website

Alongside our standard stock range of Acme and Trapezoidal power screws and nuts, we also provide a wide range of alternative choices such as our self reversing screw and follower assemblies which are used for the level winding of line, rope, cable and hawser on to storage drums, or, special purpose applications such as product feed screws with variable pitch, finned cooling tubes, telescopic screw assemblies, pen stock screw assemblies and more. Please contact us with your requirements and to find out how we can help.

Nuts and Screws - Visit our website

Our Acme and Trapezoidal power screws and nuts are suitable for a wide range of engineering applications. Our stock range covers 12mm to 60mm diameter and 0.5inches to 2.5 inches diameters screws which are available at lengths to suit your requirements and supplied with a full range of compatible nuts. Please contact our technical team for further information regarding our screw stock who will be able to advise you on suitable, effective solutions. All orders are met quickly and efficiently within fast turn around times. We strive to provide high quality products at competitive market prices.

Precision Machine Components - Visit our website

We provide a component reclamation and enhancement service which provides customers with alternative, cost-effective solutions. This service is beneficial for a range of industriess  where expensive components are mainly serviceable but with localised wear, where components are required for quick replace and only available on extended delivery, or where  worn areas on components can be reclaimed and strengthened with tougher materials to extend the shelf-life. For further information regarding our reclamation and enhancement service and to find out if this may be a cost-effective solution for your business, please give our technical team a call at Kingston Engineering.

Specialised Power Screw Products - Visit our website

Here at Kingston Engineering, we have been manufacturing various right hand/ left hand, single/multi start, cut thread power transmission screws and nuts for more than 60 years. Our extensive range has been designed to meet all mechanical power transmission requirements. Imperial based Acme and metric based Trapezoidal thread forms are the most commonly used for the transmission of power but various options are available. Our team is on hand to provide you with advice and information where needed in order for the most effective solutions to be reached.

Manufacture - Visit our website

Our highly skilled team follows strict quality control procedures in order to ensure that all products leave us and reach our customers in tip-top condition. We are also ISO 9001: 2001 accredited and all products undergo inspection at various stages of production. As a company, we are regularly researching and developing our product range and services in order to meet the demands of the modern industry. We use a range of state of the art machinery in order to create products of the highest quality. The combination of our highly skilled and experienced workforce, combined with excellent equipment enables us to produce excellent results.

Services - Visit our website

At Kingston Engineering we offer a range of specialist engineering services such as precision machining (machining capacities in mm/ 2000kg maximum weght), CNC turning (350 Ø swing x 650 long with 68 Ø spindle), conventional turning (450 Ø swing x 6500 long with 110 Ø spindle and 1500 Ø swing x 406 long with 110 Ø spindle), cylindrical grinding (500 Ø x 2500 long and 150 Ø x 5000 long), CNC milling (750 'x axis' x 370 'y axis' x 250 'z axis' machined area Accept 2000 long x 1000 wide x 400 high), conventional milling (5000 x 1500 x 1000 high component), and a breakdown service. Please take a look at our website to find out more about our products and services or please give us a call at Kingston Engineering with your enquiries or requests and we will provide all the information and advice you will need for high quality, cost-effective solutions.

News - Visit our website

Please visit our website to view some of the latest company news. Our latest entry features information regarding our contribution to NATO's refuelling capabilities of Gripen fighter aircraft. We are providing high quality components as part of the aircraft’s air-to-air refuelling capability. Our services are widely respected throughout the world and our products are recognised to UK, European and American standards.

Corrosion Prevention - Visit our website

We have offered for more than 30 years a thorough anti-corrosive and anti-erosive coatings service for all manner of applications. Our services range from surface preparation, with equipment suitable both for large ferrous components or smaller and delicate pieces; metal spraying to BS 2569; paint spraying for zinc silicates, high-build 2-pack epoxies, chlorinated rubber, inorganic zinc, or high-build vinyl; ceramic metal coatings designed to re-build eroded material and provide anti-corrosion and anti-erosion properties; and pickling. We also offer a comprehensive inspection, protection, and transport service, for finished and treated parts.

Roll Grinding & Fluting - Visit our website

We offer an extensive manufacture and refurbishment service for mill rolls including on-site roll changing. New rolls can be built according to your samples or drawings; we offer rolls in chrome iron, stainless steel, forged steel, or grey cast iron, with sizes up to 20” diameters and 96” lengths for smooth rolls or 10” diameters and 60” lengths for profiled rolls. And we can taper roll ends where needed. We also offer surface finishing, profile checks, roll repairs, and roll changing services. Please be in touch for more information and to request a quotation.

Component Reclamation - Visit our website

We operate an extensive component reclamation service designed to recycle, reclaim, and enhance older components, rather than simply discard them. Our reclamation work is used by firms across many industrial sectors. Reclamation can be used for components that are largely serviceable with only localised wear, or where quick replacements are needed and only slow delivery times for new pieces are available, and also when components with worn areas can be enhanced and re-built with harder and more durable materials. We use wire process stainless steel, hard chrome steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium bronze, and other materials, in our reclamation work; we also employ powder process self-bonding metals and thermospray coatings. Please be in touch for more information and to request a quotation.

Factory Maintenance - Visit our website

Kingston Engineering has a huge range of ex-stock and short order screws and nuts. Please consult our website to view the full table of available components – these range from ACME threads, trapezoidal threads, and Style “A”, “B”, and “C” round flanged types. Visit our website to study full details in these components and their various applications in your industrial sector.

Electro-Dynamic Balancing - Visit our website

Electro-dynamic balancing is the process by which an Armature assembly is balanced to minimise in-use vibrations – this is essential for the safe running of equipment and for a long useful lifecycle. Electro-dynamic balancing can also be used to stabilise and balance pump rotors, classifier rotors, flail mower rotors, fan assemblies, driving drums, and centrifugal pump impellers. Please be in touch for more information and to request a quotation.

Pump Reconditioning - Visit our website

We offer a full pump reconditioning service to save our customers expense and effort in replacing their pumps. Many pumps have had a useful lifecycle but still have some quality operational value to delivery – we can help get the most out of your pumps by reconditioning them for service. Please be in touch for more information and to request a quotation.

Precision Machining Nominal - Visit our website

Amongst our specialised services, we undertake precision machining nominal in millimetres, with a 2000 kg maximum weight.  Our experienced and skilful workforce at Kingston Engineering carry out all machining with attention to detail, producing work of the highest quality.  If you would like to discuss your precision machining requirements in detail, we are always pleased to hear from you and offer information and, where desired, expert advice.  There is a convenient contact form on our website, or you can phone us on +44 (0)1482 325676.

CNC and Conventional Turning - Visit our website

Two more specialised services provided by Kingston Engineering are CNC turning and conventional turning.  We produce CNC turning with 350 ø swing x 650 long with 68 ø spindle.  Our conventional turning is 450 ø swing x 6500 long with 110 ø spindle and 1500 ø swing x 406 long with 110 ø spindle.  As a recognised leader in precision engineering, we ensure that our CNC turning and conventional turning is carried out to the highest standards of quality.

Cylindrical Grinding - Visit our website

Our comprehensive range of specialised engineering services also includes cylindrical grinding at 500 ø x 2500 long and 150 ø x 5000 long.  All work is undertaken to our exacting standards of precision and quality.  Our knowledgeable operators use both experience and expertise to produce a superior product.  As always, we are happy to discuss your requirements in more detail, so feel free to give us a call or email us, using the handy contact form you will find on our website.

CNC and Conventional Milling - Visit our website

A further two services offered by Kingston Engineering are CNC milling and conventional milling.  CNC milling is 750 ‘x axis’ x 370 ‘y axis’ x 250 ‘z axis’ machined area, with 2000 long x 1000 wide x 400 high accepted.  Conventional milling is 5000 x 1500 x 1000 high component.  Both CNC milling and conventional milling are carried out by well-trained and experienced operators who maintain the high standards of precision engineering our customers expect.

Breakdown Service - Visit our website

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive breakdown service, offering a full and effective response to breakdowns.  Our experienced fitting force will carry out a ‘strip-and report’, after which we repair, reclaim and finish in our extremely well-equipped and up-to-date shop facilities.  When the job is complete, we will send the same fitters who carried out the ‘strip-and-report’ to re-assemble and commission on your premises.   You can be assured that our breakdown service provides a swift response and highly effective repair.

Services - Supplementary Facilities - Visit our website

In addition to the precision engineering services listed here, we also have a further wide range of supplementary facilities, all of which are supported by staff in our qualified and knowledgeable inspection department.  The inspection department is fully equipped with up-to-date technology and equipment, undertaking highly accurate calibration to ensure that all relevant approval requirements are complied with.  As with all our services, you can be assured of care and precision from our expert staff.

Datasheets - Visit our website

At Kingston Engineering, we understand the importance to customers of having full technical details and information about the equipment they have purchased, or are thinking of acquiring.  That is why we have a wide range of datasheets available on our website, all of which can be easily downloaded to ensure that you have comprehensive specifications for a variety of products.  Have a look at the website to see what is currently available.  But, if you don’t see what you are looking for, just contact us and we will be pleased to provide more data.



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