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With more than three decades in the industry, we are Europe's leading manufacturer of isolated pressure transducers and transmitters, producing more than 1.1 million isolated measuring cells in 2008 alone. We offer high volume and flexibility at low prices. Our company was formed in 1974 by Hannes W. Keller, a physics graduate of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Keller products are in use around the world wherever a pressure quantity needs to be converted to an electrical quantity; in applications such as hydraulic systems, aircraft cabin pressure regulation, dive computers, air conditioning systems and tank and water level monitoring. Our miniature pressure sensors and probes are in use in medical, industrial and aerodynamic research applications. We manufacture pressure sensors, transmitters, transducers and switches, as well as calibrators, gauges, tank content measurement systems, manometers, remote data transmitters and digital indicators. Our instruments cover pressures ranging from 5 millibar to 2000 bar. We also offer software packages for computer managing of data and instruments. Our products and processes carry a wide range of quality certifications, including ISO 9001 / EN 29001, ATEX, UL, FM, and ECE.

Laser Welded Media Isolation Diaphragm

Thanks to a new technique we developed for laser welding very thin stainless steel media isolation diaphragms, the Series 3L to 10L OEM Pressure Transducers feature crevice free diaphragms and smaller capsule dimensions while retaining the high levels of stability, performance and quality our customers have come to expect from Keller products.

With this new laser welded technology, we can produce transducers with diameters as small as 9.5 mm, depending on the pressure range measurement required. Lower pressures require larger diameters than higher pressures. We supply each transducer with a calibration sheet that details its sensitivity and compensation factors.

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transducer Series 10

The premium product of our OEM line, we have been producing Series 10 Piezoresistive Pressure Transducers for more than three decades. Several million Series 10 pressure transducers are in use around the world in applications such as pneumatics, avionics and hydraulics.

Series 10 pressure transducers feature a highly sensitive piezoresistive silicon chip sealed inside a protective stainless steel housing filled with silicon oil that transfers pressure from the diaphragm to the sensor. Each Series 10 pressure transducer is supplied with electrical leadouts and an engraved serial number. Pressure ranges from 100 millibar to 1000 bar are covered.

Digital Manometer dV-2

The sophisticated dV2 PS Digital Manometer features two independent pressure switch outputs and offers high accuracy to 0.2 % FS with temperature corrected and linearised readings. It is IP64 rated, with a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

The independent High and Low control switches are not subject to wear, as they are solid state. They can be programmed directly from the manometer's front panel or via an RS485 link to a PC running the Keller Pressure Switch Console software. The latter allows storage of user-defined configurations. Monitoring and recording of pressure sequences can be achieved with Keller's Read30 software.

Pressure Switch PA-22 PS

The compact PA-22 PS programmable pressure switch features an analog transmitter output signal for continuous process monitoring. User selected switch functions can be used to control relays or activate alarms at predetermined pressure levels.

The PA-22 has two solid state independent switches for high and low control functions. Outputs are factory set to PNP or NPN as specified by the customer.

The PA-22 pressure switch can also be used with the dV-22 PP programmer to enable setting changes via the dV-22 buttons and menu or optionally by Keller's Pressure Switch Console software.

Digital Manometers with Record Function

The LEO Record (Ei) digital manometers with record function are autonomous instruments with their own battery. They are designed for long-term recording of temperature and pressure. Piezoresistive and capacitive versions, as well as intrinsically safe models, are available.

Features of the LEO Record digital manometers include:

  • Non-volatile memory for data security
  • Digital display of actual pressure and record status
  • Robust construction with high resolution and measuring accuracy
  • IP65 protection
  • Logger 4.x configuration software for PC or PDA

The capacitive LEO Record pressure ranges are from 30 to 300 millibars, and the piezoresistive LEO record pressure ranges include pressures as low as -1 bar and as high as 1000 bar.

Pressure Calibrators

Pressure gauges, switches and transmitters require precision calibration. We offer robust and accurate low, medium and high Pressure Calibrators that are perfect for onsite and outdoor use.

The pressure ranges for the calibrators are as follows:

  • Low Pressure: -1 to 10 bar
  • Medium Pressure: -1 to 25 bar
  • High Pressure: 0 to 700 bar

The low and medium pressure calibration ranges are pneumatic, while the high pressure calibrators are hydraulic. All Keller pressure calibrators are constructed with a portable housing that incorporates the measuring electronics, pressure generating pump and a high precision reference sensor.

Many different measuring tasks can be undertaken, and optionally measurements can be transferred via the serial port to a PC running the Logger Software for further data processing.

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transmitters

Our LC family of Series 4 through Series 9 miniature OEM pressure transmitters take advantage of the Chip-in-Oil technology we developed, which allows all key measuring components to be integrated into a miniature, hermetically sealed oil-filled housing of high-grade steel. This results in a compact package which can be easily integrated into an OEM product.

These pressure transmitters feature both analog and digital output signals. The transmitters can be used at operating temperatures between -40C and +150C with the analog output, and at temperatures between -40C and +80C with the digital output.

Digital Indicator EV-94 EB

The fast, precise and reliable EV-94 EB Digital Indicator for transmitters offers high operational security with self-monitoring and self-diagnosis at an economical price. The EV-94 EB is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Measurement / display of pressure, temperature, flow, power, frequency or any
    other parameter
  • Monitoring, counting and controlling
  • Analog - digital conversion
  • Long-term monitoring and recording

The EV-94 EB features six standard signals, two switching outputs, adjustable scale, counter with prescaler and EasyBus connection of up to 240 instruments with easy to use results.

Low Cost Transducers

Here at Keller UK Ltd, we are pleased to supply the Series 2 and Series 4 low cost sensors.

  • Series 2 Sensors: the medium acts directly onto the silicon chip with contacts for the bridge. These sensors are suitable for application in dry air and atmosphere only.
  • Series 4 Sensors: the medium acts on the rear side of the silicon chip and the medium may be wet. These sensors are suitable for application in gas, water and non-aggressive fluids with benign reference atmosphere.

Please see product specifications online.

Autonomous Data Collectors

We are also pleased to supply the Autonomous Data Collector DCX-16 (VG, SG). This fantastic battery-powered data collector features stainless steel housing and a small diameter of 16mm. The data is extracted by removing the data collector from the measuring point and unscrewing the watertight screw cap. The SG and VG models feature a cable output rather than a watertight screwed enclosure and the interface plug is fixed in the sounding tube above the surface of the water using a screw-on fixing disk. The DCX-16 VG, SG does not need to be removed from the sounding tube to read the data. Please visit our website to download and view data sheets and operating manuals.

Tank Content Measurement System

The Castello tank content measurement system is a fantastic device designed to measure and display the liquid content of any type of tank. It features an electronic enclosure and a pressure transmitter for level measurement. It also has a digital display for clear readings. The Castello tank content measurement system is completely waterproof and provides users with measurements relative to atmospheric pressure. It can be used for any 3-wire voltage output transmitter. Please visit our website to download and view the Castello data sheet. For more information, please contact us directly at Keller UK Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Capacitive Pressure Transmitters for Level Measurement

Keller UK Ltd supplies top quality capacitive transmitters. The Series 46 X features the ceramic measuring cell for low pressure ranges alongside µP electronics of the digital Series 30 pressure transmitters. The signal values are determined by a polynomial compensation and the values can be easily displayed and stored on a PC. The Series 46 X pressure transmitters can also be supplied as intrinsically safe versions (Series 46 X Ei) suitable for use in areas where categories 1 and 2 are required. Please head over to our website to view full product descriptions and technical data.

Tip sensor - Miniature pressure probe

The tip sensor miniature pressure probe is a nifty gadget designed to measure flow range and ram pressure in pipework. It is suitable for use with liquid and gaseous media and is available in a range of dimensions from ø 1.32 mm to ø 2.64mm. The tip sensor miniature pressure probe is highly flexible and easy to use. Please contact us at Keller for more information regarding this item or head over to our website to download and view technical information.

Catheter - Medical pressure sensor

Keller UK Ltd supplies top quality catheters. These are widely used in urology, cardiology and gastro-enterology applications. They range in sizes from 4 to 8 French (1.32 to 2.64mm in diameter) and feature a modular construction which means arrangements of up to six sensors and/or lumen openings for injection of fluids to defined distances can be achieved.

Series 2 Mi - Miniature Pressure Sensors

The Series 2 Mi miniature pressure sensors have been expertly designed and manufactured for the accurate measurement of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic pressures. They feature a tough and robust housing and a silicone drum which protects the measurement cell from vibrations and fast acceleration. The Series 2 Mi miniature pressure sensors are widely used for turbine and wing profile measurements.

Series 1 TAB - Low Cost Transducers

The Series 1 TAB (Tape Automated Bonding) pressure sensor is a silicon cell that is directly bonded onto a flexible Kapton film. It features contacts which can be soldered directly onto a print or glass feed through. Please visit our website to download and view the Series 1 TAB datasheet. Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at Keller UK Ltd for more information and we will be happy to help.

Series 7 Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transducers

The Series 7 pressure transducers are designed and manufactured for medium pressure ranges. They are incredibly small, lightly isolated and feature a diameter of just 15mm. They also feature a high-sensitivity piezoresistive silicon chip which is protected against ambient influences by a stainless steel housing. The housing is filled with silicone oil for the efficient transfer of the pressure from the diaphragm to the sensing component. Please head over to our website for more information and to download the Series 7 datasheet.

Series 6 M / S - Low Cost Transducers

The Series 6 Piezoresistive OEM pressure transducers feature a welded stainless steel construction and integral media isolation diaphragm. They also feature a silicon TAB sensor which is mounted in the oil filled stainless steel capsule. The TAB (Tape Automated Bonding) sensor is a flexible printed circuit system which provides users with a stable measuring cell with negligible hysteresis, high output signal and a life of millions of pressure cycles. Please see full product description online.

Ultra-Fast Miniature Pressure Transducer Series M5

The Series M5 mini transducer is a practical solution to gaining measurements where space is limited or in pipes with small diameters.  This is accomplished by its fine thread.  Its miniature nature does not however affect its functionality.  The silicone sensor  can be used in temperatures of up to 200°C without the requirement of a cooling adaptor and its 80mV output signal is protected by a Teflon FEB cable that also provides vibration resistance.  This transducer exhibits a dynamic range of 0-50kHz and has been designed to offer excellent fluid dynamics, whilst delivering absolute measuring ranges of 3, 10 and 30 bar.


Differential Pressure Transmitters

Keller has developed the Series PRD-33 X range of differential pressure transmitters to address the specific needs of domestic and industrial applications where it is imperative that highly accurate measurements are acquired for differential pressure.  Our transmitter features two pressure sensors allowing it to not only measure the differential pressure but also the line/absolute pressure.  Both of these sensors are isolated from the High (+) side media ensuring they are protected from interference from external mechanical forces.  The Series PRD-33X pressure transmitter also offers a high overload resistance for pressures as low as only 350 mbar.  


Multi-Parameter Probe with Digital Interfaces

Keller’s 36 Xi W range of pressure level transmitters deliver high-precision readings via a cutting-edge microcontroller platform.  Not only does this unit provide data on pressure (level) but can also provide CTD readings on water conductivity, temperature and depth.  It features the 10 L-series pressure transducer as well as an RS485 interface and its capabilities include the provision of mathematical compensation of nonlinearities and temperature dependencies. Please see our website for full details of the specifications for this range of transmitters, including pressure ranges, accuracies and measuring ranges for conductivity data.



Data Logger with Measurement of Conductivity

This range of data loggers differs from the standard DCX-22 range in that it also collects CTD (Conductivity, Temperature and Depth) information.  There are three products within the range;

  • DCX-22 AA CTD – this unit is used for recording ground water levels and features an atmospheric pressure sensor in order to gain AA (absolute-absolute) measurements.  This negates the requirement for a humidity-sensitive capillary tube and enables data to be gathered without the removal of the unit from the immersion tube.
  •  DCX-22 CTD – everything, including its absolute pressure sensor, is contained within the same housing therefore the entire unit needs to be removed for data to be extracted.  When coupled with another DCX unit it can also be used to record data on changes in atmospheric pressure.
  •  DCX-22 SG/VG CTD – a cable outlet makes data extraction simple, whilst the use of a locking disc connects the interface to the surface.


Digital Manometer ECO 2

With the ECO 2 digital manometer from Keller you can easily view two pressure measurements every second via its high resolution digital display.  It is incredibly simple to operate, featuring only two function buttons, and the piezoresistive pressure transducer provides medium accuracy readings of <0,5 %FS at room temperature. Two readings are displayed; the latest reading and also either the maximum or minimum reading that has been taken since the unit was last reset, giving you comparable readings at a glance. A 7/16” UNF male thread coupled with an O-ring seal swivel fitting enables the ECO 2 to be turned 360° further enhancing usability. 




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