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KCM Catering Equipment is your first port of call for the best commercial catering equipment at competitive prices. We supply a mammoth range of commercial catering equipment, kitchen ventilation, and bar equipment, as well as offering a commercial kitchen design and refurbishment service for all types of catering premises. We pride ourselves on offering our customers huge discounts on catering equipment produced by leading manufacturers. KCM also aims to deliver its products - most of which are available for purchase online - within two or three days. For larger heavy duty commercial catering equipment, you can speak to our sales team to help you find the right product. In addition to the standard range of products available, we offer a complete set of services for your catering premises. Whether you need a no-obligation quote for a few units or a complete design and refurbishment package, KCM can provide the solutions. From design and management to full installation, you can leave your new kitchen in our hands. Your project is guaranteed to be finished within time and budget. Our design service also covers stainless steel bar systems that are suitable for any environment. So for all your Catering Equipment solutions, look no further than KCM!

Commercial Laundry

KCM Catering Equipment supplies the Whirlpool AWM 9100/GH, a heavy duty washer with an exceedingly large capacity. Thanks to its 92 litre drum, this machine can wash up to 10 kg of linen in each cycle. Exceptionally easy to use, this washer has a range of specific programmes for different types of washes, whether you need a fast wash or a deep sanitising clean. The machine is filled with hot and cold water instead of cold water only, giving a 40% saving in energy and time consumption. A central electronic control system enables you to programme the washer with a 23 hr delay.

Servery Counters

KCM has constructed and installed many different types of servery counters for a variety of customers. We'll design an attractive, functional and durable counter, whether it’s an addition or refurbishment to your existing counter, or an entirely new fabrication. If you have a vision of a counter for your cafe, coffee shop, pub or restaurant, we'll move mountains to produce the reality.

We fabricate servery counters in either stainless steel or joinery carcass, depending on your requirements and budget. We also have a huge range of tops, including corian, granite and stainless steel, all of which can be finished with laminate or veneers to create a shiny, stunning look.

Hygiene & Washroom

We can supply a comprehensive range of hygiene and washrooms devices. KCM can provide the solutions if you need a range of automatic hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, bulk pack paper towel dispensers, jumbo paper towel dispensers, fragrance dispensers and refills, knife sterilising cabinets, Ozone generators for washrooms, sanitary towel bins, classic and automatic soap dispensers, toilet brushes and accessories, toilet roll dispensers, and urinal hygiene products ideal for all types of washroom.

Insect Control

Pests and insects can provide a real nightmare for cooks, chefs and other kitchen staff. It is imperative that they are kept away from food and drink. That's why we supply a range of small, medium and large electronic fly killers. Also available are decorative and commercial glueboards for both front and back of house, flyscreens, door chains, and replacement UV tubes. KCM also offers foodservice counter insect control accessories for protection from wasps, fruit flies and other flying insects. These are typically used on confectionary, meat and deli counters, as well as salad bars and fresh produce counters.

Waste Management

KCM provides a range of waste management systems, including bins, containers and sack holders, recycling stations (ideal for schools, cafeterias and other catering premises) and waste compactors that can cut your waste (including tins, plastic and paper) by up to 80%. A selection of freestanding or table mounted waste disposal and dewatering systems are also available, as well as grease management systems designed to assist the management of grease within waste pipes.

Commercial Kitchen Refurbishment

If you need a complete professional kitchen refurbishment, KCM can offer a tailor-made service, taking your initial concept right through to design, management, installation and completion. We regularly deal with internal construction projects including shopfitting, plumbing and electrical installation, hygienic wall cladding, stainless steel wall cladding, restaurant flooring, anti-slip kitchen flooring, suspension ceilings, joinery work and decorative finishes. When you choose KCM to refurbish your catering premises, you'll get a professional project delivered on time and to budget. So even if your design starts life on the back of a napkin, you can trust KCM to take your concept to its completion.


If you need a quality bar for your restaurant, pub or club, we can design and manufacture a stylish structure that meets your practical requirements. Whether it's a traditional or modern design, we can fabricate the right bar to match the aesthetics of your interior. KCM is an authorised distributor for IMC and as such we can offer stainless steel underbar systems.

IMC's 'Bartender' and 'F2' ranges provide durable, hygienic and stylish solutions to bar design. We can also design bespoke bar fronts and bar tops to create the effect you desire.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction

Ensuring that your kitchen is correctly ventilated is imperative in providing comfortable working conditions for your staff - A comfortable workplace results in higher levels of productivity. Ventilation is also necessary for health and safety compliance. Our customised kitchen extraction systems remove heat and grease from the workspace, as well as extracting carbon monoxide produced from combustion processes and steam created by boiling. The polluted atmosphere is extracted to a safe exterior location and replaced with clean, breathable air.

Beverage Equipment

We are pleased to provide customers with a wide range of beverage equipment. All items are manufactured to extremely high standards and are designed and manufactured to be tough and durable for long term use. Examples of the range include: Bar Blenders, Coffee Machines, Coffee Cabinets, Cold Drinks Dispensers, Cup Carousels and Storage, Eau de Vie Filtered Water Systems, Frozen Granita Drink Systems, Hot Chocolate Dispensers, Ice Crushers, Ice Cube makers, Ice Dispensers, Ice Flakers, Juicers, Milk Warmers, Milk Shaker/ Frappe, water Filters, Water Boilers and Water Coolers. To view all items in these ranges please visit our website.

Catering Plumbing Accessories

We have also created a range of plumbing accessories that are essential for the catering industry. We hold large numbers of items in stock at any one time in order to meet customer requirements in fast turn around times. We provide various Catering Gas Plumbing Accessories (regulators, hoses, restraining chains), Catering Water Plumbing Accessories (tap hoses, mixer valves, double check valves), and various Gas Interlock Systems (control panels, air pressure differential switches, remote gas emergency stop, gas solenoid valves). Please see our website to view the range and delivery information. Certain items are delivered free of charge while others carry small delivery charges.


Our range of disposable catering equipment is supplied at competitive prices. The range includes Chafing Fuel and Fuel Cells, Napkins, Straws, Stirrers and Picks, as well as various other items including Bamboo Skewers, Paper Parasols, Steak Markers, and Aprons. All items can be ordered safely and easily online. Most items are delivered within 1-3 days, however, please check delivery estimates at the time of order. If you need any help or information relating to your order or your requirements please contact us at KCM Catering Equipment.

Dishwashers / Glasswashers

KCM offers a great range of dishwashers and accessories to cover all of your commercial cleaning requirements. As well as a selection of undercounter dishwashers and single and double rack pass-through dishwashers, we can also supply dishwasher and glasswasher baskets, cleaning hoses, pot washers, pot washing brushes, cutlery polishers and complete belt conveyor dishwashing machines. Take a look at our online catalogue to find out more.

Pizza Equipment & Accessories

KCM offers a range of equipment for the production and preparation of pizza, including:

  • Dough mixers – from leading brands such as Moretti, Forni and Cuppone.
  • Pizza ovens – a great range of conveyor, deck and counter top ovens in both gas and electric models.
  • Pizza press formers – a number of models to cover various volume requirements.
  • Dough rollers – from leading brands such as Pantheon and Fimar. 


  • Bussing trolleys – designed for a variety of applications, including transportation of linen in hotels and hospitals, as well as of plates, glasses and cutlery in catering establishments. 
  • Dishwasher basket trolleys – a range of trolleys and dollies suitable for transporting dishwasher baskets.
  • Tray clearing trolleys – in a variety of sizes.
  • Cutlery trolleys – in a variety of sizes for various catering establishments.
  • Tray stacking trolleys – in a variety of sizes. 

To find out more about our commercial catering trolleys, head over to the KCM website. 

Cooking Equipment

As you’d expect from one of the country’s leading catering equipment suppliers, we have a comprehensive range of cooking equipment to cover virtually all commercial catering requirements. Our products are chosen for their outstanding levels of performance, reliability and heating efficiency. They include: 
  • Electric and gas boiling pans
  • Countertop and freestanding electric and gas boiling tops
  • Bratt pans with manual or automatic tilting mechanisms – ideal for high volume food production.
  • Countertop and freestanding chargrills – including electric, gas lavarock and gas radiant models.
  • Chip scuttles – in various sizes.
  • Contact and Panini grills – from light duty through to heavy duty units.
  • Crepe machines – for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Deep fat fryers – from light duty countertop to heavy duty freestanding models.
  • Gas and electric griddles
  • Gas and electric grills – freestanding or wall mounted.
  • Microwave ovens – from leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Sanyo.
  • Ovens and oven ranges
  • Toasters, waffle irons, hot dog machines, kebab grills, rice cookers and pasta boilers. 


With an exceptional range of fridges, freezers, coolers, chillers and ice makers, KCM has all your commercial refrigeration requirements covered. Whether you need a double door bar fridge for your pub, a chest freezer for your restaurant, a refrigerated display cabinet for your grocery store or even an ice cream maker for your ice cream van, you can find it all at KCM online. 

  • Bar refrigeration
  • Blast chillers
  • Fridge/freezer cabinets
  • Fridge/freezer counters
  • Chest freezers
  • Ice makers
  • Ice cream freezers
  • Refrigerated display cabinets
  • Gastrowells
  • Undercounter refrigeration
  • Salad and buffet bars


We also now offer a great range of traditional and contemporary dining furniture suitable for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, bistros and other commercial establishments.

  • Aluminium and stainless steel tables and chairs – ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Foldaway furniture – including tables, chairs and benches. 
  • Leather furniture – stylish and contemporary; ideal for bars, clubs and hotel reception areas.
  • Stackable furniture – for indoor and outdoor use. A space saving storage solution.
  • Table and chair accessories – including chair covers, seat pads, transportation trolleys and more.
  • Wooden furniture – traditional and minimalist; ideal for restaurants, bars and cafes. 

Food Preparation

Whatever food preparation task you have in mind, we’ve got a practical, cost-effective solution that will improve efficiency in the kitchen or processing plant and make life a lot easier for your staff. Our catalogue includes bag sealers, baguette slicers, food blenders, graters, mixers, food processors, food slicers (manual and automatic), meat mincers, potato chippers, vegetable peelers, potato tanks, salad spinners, spice grinders, vacuum packing machines and much, much more.



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