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With more than thirty five years experience, Basildon Chemicals, based near Oxford, supplies a wide range of silicone products to consumer markets of personal care, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as to various others outlets such as home care, silicone coatings, rubber and plastics, water treatment, fermentation and detergents.

When it comes to the manufacturer of silicone emulsions and compounds, Basildon Chemicals' dedicated and experienced team of staff are specialists in their field. The company boasts a full product range of silicone and non-silicone antifoam compounds, release agents, conditioners and functional silicones. Unique silicone products can also be designed and made to meet specific customer requirements.


Our silicone products (antifoams, silicone emulsion, silicone fluids, silicone greases, and more) are widely used in a range of industries and applications such as agrochemical, car acre, fermentation, food processing, general industrial, home care, inks and coatings, personal care and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and the water industry. Our range of silicon products is available to view on our website, however, if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the team at Basildon Chemicals. We manufacture a wide range of products, some of which may not be displayed on our website.


We offer a wide range of silicone and non-silicone based antifoams to control or remove unwanted foam in various industrial and food based applications. As part of our range, we offer pharmaceutical grade silicone antifoams (Simethicone) which are tested to US and European Pharmacopeia standards.

Antifoams are available in three primary formats:

• high and low viscosity 100% active Simethicone compounds for tablet and gel capsule production
• high percentage concentrated products for pre-dilutio
• ready to use solutions.

Visit the Basildon Chemicals website for a full list of antifoams and their descriptions.

Silicone Greases/Emulsions/Fluids

We supply silicone greases, emulsions and fluids to suit a list of requirements in various industries. Within our range, greases are available for effective use as lubricants for water fittings in the construction industry. Other greases comply with WRC water regulations or certain electrical standards.

Various types of silicone emulsions such as fluid types, viscosities, particles and emulsifier systems are available and manufactured to meet high quality credentials such as lubrication, gloss, antistatic, protective, and release properties.

We also offer a range of silicone fluids of various viscosities, types and grades which include amino, hydroxyl, methyl hydrogen, polyether and phenyl silicone fluids. A small range of pharmaceutical grade dimethicone fluids is offered in addition.

Paper and Pulp

We can provide a range of specialist products to combat foam generation during brown stock washing processes. We stock two varieties of anti-foam agents which can be used for a wide variety of applications and offer a efficient and effective performance. We also offer a comprehensive selection of lotionising emulsions. To find out more information about any of our paper and pulp products, including technical details, please visit the website.



Registration Number: 01016104
VAT Number: GB199 0774 12
Registered at Companies House:29 June, 1971 (52 years and 10 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: a subsidiary of KCC Corporation
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