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KBR Machinery based in Telford, Shropshire, specialises in the manufacture and supply of top quality conveyor systems.

We manufacture and supply conveyor systems suitable for small or large businesses. New and used conveyor solutions are available to suit a range of customer requirements and budgets.

Our highly experienced team is on hand to provide customers with expert support and advice to ensure the most suitable and effective conveyor systems are selected and installed. We provide advice on full system automation and control set up from basic to advanced systems.

Our range of equipment includes: Flat Belt, Gravity Track, Belt Bends, Incline Belt, Powered/ Gravity Flex, Powered Roller, Container Loader and Parts and Spares.

Please read on and/ or visit our website to find out more about our range of conveyor systems. Alternatively, please contact us directly at KBR Machinery with your requirements or to find out more.


Flat Belt Conveyors - Visit our website

KBR Machinery manufactures and supplies flat belt conveyors to suit a range of industry requirements. Our flat belt conveyors are widely used for the transportation of small or loose parts and are extremely quiet in operation. The range includes: NFB1- Flat Belt, NFB2 – Flat Belt, NFB3 – Flat Belt and NFB4 – Flat Belt. Various electrical options are available including: Stop/Start Breaker, PEC Sensors, Isolation Switches and Emergency Stop.

Our flat belt conveyors feature drum motors, external shaft mounted motors, end/ tension rollers, frames/ beds and belts.

Please visit our website to find out more about our flat belt conveyors.

Flexible Conveyors - Visit our website

We also supply flexible conveyor systems.

The Gravity Flex Range includes:

  • Standard Gravity Flex
  • Skate Wheel Flex 300 KGS
  • Skate Wheel Flex 400 KGS

The Powered Flex Range includes:

  • Powerflex 15 – Driven Flex Conveyor
  • Powerflex 19 – Driven Flex Conveyor
  • Powerflex Sensors
  • Side Guides
  • Roller Pitches
  • Castor Wheel Upgrades
  • Flex Track Joints

Our flexible conveyors feature optical flow control, zero-pressure accumulation, electronic package stop, indexing, heavy duty roller connectors and roller pitches. All units have been designed to suit tough applications and heavy material handling.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Conveyor Bends - Visit our website

KBR Machinery offers top quality conveyor bend solutions designed to enable the mapped flow of integrated systems in the best possible way. Our belt curves are manufactured from top quality materials in order to be tough and robust for long term use. They can sit as low as 170mm and feature a low output noise.

The range includes:

  • 90 Degree Belt Curve
  • 180 Degree Belt Curve
  • 30 and 40 Degree Belt Merge 

Our conveyor bends can also feature an automatic tension device incorporated with a guidance system to create a low-maintenance solution. Please visit our website to find out more, or contact us at directly at KBR Machinery with your requirements.

Gravity Roller Tracks - Visit our website

KBR also offers a fantastic selection of gravity roller tracks. These rollers are one of the most simple but effective methods of transferring items from one area to another. They are commonly manufactured with steel or plastic tubes and are capped to incorporate steel or nylon housed ball bearings which run on a spindle. Various spindles, bearings and tubes are available to suit different weights and types of products being handled. Please head over to our website to view examples of our gravity roller tracks. Straight tracks, lift-up gates, straight tracks with ball tables, bends and other variants can be incorporated into your roller system.

Incline Belt Conveyors - Visit our website

Incline/ decline conveyors are widely used for transporting items such as totes, boxes and containers through include and decline scenarios. We supply pre-assembled modules to suit different customer/ application handling requirements. These conveyors can be easily integrated into various conveyor systems such as Powered Line Shaft Tracks and standard belt conveyors. They usually feature horizontal in-feed and out-feed sections to marry up with existing system parts. Our incline swan type conveyors are usually manufactured and supplied as single, standalone units. These types of conveyors transport items away from a working point up into a different area such as a part bin or storage sack.

Loading Conveyors - Visit our website

At KBR Machinery, we offer an excellent range of loading conveyor equipment designed for safe and effective loading and unloading applications.

Examples of the Gravity range include:

  • Powered Telescopic Gravity Loader
  • Low Level Gravity Unloading
  • High Level Telescopic Unloading

Examples of the Powered Range include:

  • Powered Vehicle Loader
  • Powered Flexible Tongue Option
  • Gravity Flexible Tongue Option 

Please visit our website to view the range in full. Alternatively, please contact us directly at KBR Machinery to discuss your application requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

Powered Roller Conveyors - Visit our website

Quite simply, if you are looking for the most versatile and cost effective solution in material handling, our powered roller conveyors are the answer.  Used in all sorts of different applications in many industries, powered roller conveyors require fewer motors, operate quietly, increase capacity and therefore productivity.  They are robust and reliable, requiring fewer drives.  A truly versatile solution, the modular design works across a wide range of applications.  Have a look at our website to learn more about our powered roller conveyors.



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Parent Company: JRM Holdings Limited
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UK Branches: TELFORD

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