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Based in Derbyshire, ISYS Interactive Systems Ltd are recognised as market leaders within waste management and recycling software. We are extremely proud of our reputation and the way in which our software has changed the waste management industry. Our products have eliminated a large proportion of the administrative work which would often consume so much valuable time that could be spent on more service driven issues. A large part of our success can be attributed to our company policies of customer focus, quality, teamwork and the environment. All of our policies are geared towards helping our customers as much as possible as well as building a strong and familial company and protecting the environment around us. If you would like any more information on our products and services or you just have a general query, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. 


Our GateHOUSE package is a powerful and sophisticated data entry collection system for use within the waste and recycling market. GateHOUSE software can be used by companies who perform operations such as transfer stations, skip hire, landfill sites, bulk haulage, confidential waste and rail terminals, as well as many others. This software is recognised as a fully comprehensive product which utilises easy to use weighbridge entry and features a innovative back office suite for management.

GateHOUSE™ Multiproducts

Our GateHOUSE Multiproducts are designed for WEEE operations, metals recycling and paper/plastic/glass recycling, as well as other processes. This systems works by allowing additional weights and descriptions to the same weighbridge ticket. The GateHOUSE Multiproducts system also displays price history and allows you to see the last ten prices, including details. If you would like any further information about these or any of our products, don't hesitate to get in touch, by phone or email.

Skipman container collections

Our Skipman container collections software has been designed to handle all aspects of container hire and skip movement. This includes initial stages such as contracting, all the way to the later stages of billing and invoicing. Our Skipman software allows for a greater level of control and can be used either on its own or alongside our Isys GateHOUSE Transfer Station Model. For further information about this software package, you can visit the website or contact us directly.

Isys Mobile

Isys Mobile allows operators to completely sync with Skipman Container Collections and access real time job information anywhere, from their PDA. Isys Mobile is a sophisticated and comprehensive piece of software that allows for many different processes, including individual driver login, scheduling and accessing safety check sheets, as well as much more. If you would like any more information on Isys Mobile, don't hesitate to visit the website or contact us by phone or email.


SWOPS is a specialised application which allows users to track consignments, from inception all the way to invoicing and payment. SWOPS can be used for many different applications, including drummed waste collection, on-site laboratory analysis, bulk waste collection, solvent processing and recovery and electronic documentation, as well as many more. For more information on SWOPS or any of our products, feel free to visit the website or contact a member of our team.


Our Mediwaste application is a fully integrated piece of software which allows users to manage all areas within the clinical waste industry. This includes the collection and treatment of radioactive waste, hazardous waste, pharmaceutical waste and healthcare waste. Both modular and flexible, Mediwaste can adapt to many different applications and allows users to have a high degree of control. For further information on this or any of our other software, you can visit the website or contact us by phone or email.



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