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Invitca Forks & Attachments have over 85 years engineering experience and are dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality forklift attachments that provide our customers with real solutions and allow them to make the most out of their forklifts.  We have grown to become the UK’s largest manufacturer of mechanical fork attachments and stock a wide range of product lines including fork extensions, jib arms and booms, concrete skips, lifting hooks and drum handling equipment, to name just a few.  Each item has been designed for ease of use and many of our attachments are automated making them highly efficient whilst providing high levels of operational safety.  We are also pleased to offer our customers a bespoke service to ensure that your attachments are manufactured to your business unique needsPlease see our website for our complete range of products and do not hesitate to contact for any further information you may require.

Forklift Forks

We manufacture an extensive range of forklift forks to suit a diverse range of applications, including: folding forks that provide an excellent solution where space is tight, bolt on forks, stainless steel (clad or solid) forks that are ideal for use in volatile settings such as chemical works – our cladded option allows the fork to be re-clad once worn, forklift roller forks, tube mounted forks and ITA/FEM forks.  In order to protect your forks, we also manufacture rubber bonded fork sleeves fabricated from 6mm high impact rubber.  If you need a fork for a specific application that other forks aren’t suitable for we can manufacture one to your specific requirements and would be delighted to provide a quote for you.

Tipping Skips

At Invicta Forks & Attachments we manufacture four different types of tipping skips.  Our automated low level skips come in either 300kg or 600kg loads and have a unique tipping mechanism allowing the driver to conduct high level tipping from the safety of his seat.  This is combined with low level manual tipping. Bottom empty skip attachments allow the driver to automatically empty medium and light weight waste into high-sided skips without leaving his seat.  These are available in 550kg, 750kg and 950kg load capacities. Multi purpose scoops transform your forklift into a more universal asset and are perfect for transporting loose materials and are available in 300kg and 600kg capacities. Finally our tipping skips, which are available in 750kg, 960kg, 1100kg and 1500kg load capacities, utilise a unique ‘4way entry’ base. The standard model requires manual operation; however a converter kit is available for when automatic tipping is required.

Fork Extensions

Our hydraulic telescopic fork extensions are available in four different operating ranges from 1070-1770 to 1600-2600 their smooth and simple operation enables speed for loading and unloading jobs, a must for high volume pallet moving, and in turn provides visible cost savings. Our standard fork extensions are the perfect solution for occasional long and awkward loads.  They are available in a wide range of sizes and have a standard tip thickness of 6mm.

Access Platforms

We manufacture a range of access platforms to provide safety when working at heights on maintenance projects or inspections. Our range includes both lift up bar and side gated access, standard access platforms, crane/forklift mounted access platforms, high lift access platforms, fork mounted loadlifters and our industry first – the HipDeck safety loading system.  This manoeuvrable working platform has been designed for the safe and efficient unloading of containers and features a hinged ramp for easier access to the container.

Forlift Jib Arms & Booms

Invicta Forks & Attachments’ multitude of forklift jib arms and booms suite a diverse range of applications and we’re certain to have something that suits your requirements.  We manufacture carriage mounted jibs, high lifting jibs, adjustable fork mounted hooks, fork mounted hooks, low profile jibs, fork mounted forklift jibs, fork mounted forklift extending jibs and low profile extending jibs. Please see our website or contact us for further details.

Forklift Drum Handling Equipment

If you’re looking for drum handling accessories then Invicta Forks & Attachments will have a solution for you.  Our range includes crane slung drum tilters, fork mounted drum tilters, fork mounted drum lifters and fork mounted rim grips. Both tilters enable the contents of steel and plastic drums to be disposed of safely from either a crane or a forklift truck.  They come with the option of either loop crane or crank handle operation and feature three point mechanical constraints for secure drum grip.  Our fork mounted drum lifters provide excellent control and handling of drums, making it easy to lift, move and position them precisely from the safety of the cab.  The fork mounted rim grips are also fully automated and utilise steel jaws to grip the rim of open or closed drums.

Forklift Lifting Hooks

We manufacture forklift lifting hooks suitable to cope with a wide range of load weights.  Our range of adjustable fork mounted hooks start from a load capacity of 1000kg and go right through to 5000kg.  The adjustable nature of these hooks means different lifting positions can be attained by simply moving the attachment along the fork blade.  The fork mounted forklift attachments come in four load capacities: 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg and 4000kg and are a cost effective way of lifting materials when you do not have access to a crane.

Sweeping Equipment

Save time and effort clearing up with our forklift sweeping attachment, ‘The Basil’.  The attachment comes in three different widths (1500mm, 1800mm and 2450mm) and enables you to achieve thoroughly swept floors in far less time than a manual sweep would take.  It’s even great for moving items such as sand, top soil and grains. The brush itself is fabricated from durable nylon providing excellent longevity and a left and right hand sweep bracket can be included as an optional extra to provide even greater flexibility.

Wheelie Bin Handlers

Our wheelie bin lifters are designed for the safe lifting and emptying of 90-240 litre capacity wheelie bins.  The winch comes with an accompanying mounting bracket and 3mm lifting wire and operates using a fixed rotating pulley wheel.  The lifter is attached to the truck via robust zinc plated heel pins and there is a fail safe return mechanical stop on the winch to restrict the movement of the bin after the handle is released.

Forklift Booms

For complete versatility when moving coiled products such as carpets, linings, fabric rolls and paper rolls you can’t beat our carriage mounted poles which are manufactured with a tapered tip for ease of use. As they are mounted to the forklift they enable the truck to maintain optimal lifting capacity. If you just require booms for occasional usage, or are working with low volumes, then fork mounted poles can be a better choice.  They are still suitable with a range of coiled products and can also be used for moving pallets. Coil booms are the solution for handling big, heavy products such as steel coils, concrete tubes and industrial floor coverings.  Each coil boom is manufactured bespoke to your specific requirements and is available as either carriage or fork mounted.

Brick, Block Civils Grabs

Our mechanical scissor grab has been designed for driver safety as it can be operated without having to leave the cab or by an overhead crane/HIAB.  This strong and robust piece of equipment has a fully automated mechanism and is the ideal attachment on a building site or yard for moving and lifting blocks, bricks and kerb packs.  To minimise a swinging load, the scissor grab can be used alongside our locating yoke, which also allows you to accurately place blocks.

Spreader Beams

Spreader beam attachments provide the perfect aid for lifting and laying liners in a range of settings including landfill sites, ponds and bankings.  We manufacture two models, both with a capacity of 1700kg and a core diameter of 64mm, but one has a core bar length of 5350mm and the other 6350mm.

Battery Changing Beams

Our battery changing beams allow for the safe lifting and changing of forklift batteries.  We manufacture our battery changing beams to be standard forklift mounted, however we can also manufacture them to work with overhead cranes by using a lifting eye.  Please contact us for further information.  Two models of battery changing beams are available: 1000kg and 2000kg lifting capacities.

Forklift Snow Ploughs

Turn your forklift into a snow plough and keep functioning this winter.  Available in 1250mm, 1500mm and 1800mm widths, our snow plough attachments are the ideal solution for removing both freshly fallen and compacted snow from paths, car parks, service yards and access roads.  These fork mounted units are not just for the harsh winter months but can also be used throughout the year as yard scrapers.

Sand & Salt Gritters

Turn your counter balance forklift into a gritter and cope with the iciest of winters with our mini towable gritter attachment.  The majority of this unit is manufactured from galvanised steel and stainless steel to prevent corrosion and an integrated agitator ensures blockages are kept to an absolute minimum. It features large pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride and for maximum cost efficiency the flow of grit is regulated.

Fork Mounted Magnet

Make your forklift completely versatile with our forklift mounted magnet.  This attachment is an efficient way of collecting steel debris from car parks, factory floors and goods yards, that would otherwise present a damage risk for the likes of pneumatic tyres. The attachment is 1200mm wide and is designed to connect to forks of a maximum size of 150 x 60mm.



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