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Interpower International are specialist manufacturers of industrial, marine and bespoke generators from 2kVA to 4000kVA. We produce high quality, original diesel and gas powered generating sets, as well as rotary UPS systems.

At Interpower International, we have supplied thousands of generators to key installations all over the world since 1984. During the last 25 years we have established an international reputation for high specification equipment which is designed and constructed to meet our customers' exacting needs.

With full ISO:9000 accreditation, Interpower is an approved supplier to the gas and oil industry, the Hong Kong Housing Authority, and we also provide generators and UPS systems to a number of militaries, including the Royal Navy and British Army. We even recently designed and manufactured a generator to accompany the recently commissioned NATO submarine rescue package. This project threw up many challenges that we successfully overcame - we pride ourselves on the ability to tailor-make products that exceed the most demanding requirements.

We have the experience and the knowledge to design, manufacture, install and commission bespoke projects for many more projects, including hospitals, airports, telecommunications and factories.

Our generators are in use all over the world, from the Channel Tunnel to Kenya, Venezuela to China. All our sets are built, tested and inspected to the most stringent standards, ensuring a first-class, reliable generator. What's more, every generator that Interpower manufactures has a full one year, unlimited hours, worldwide warranty which is backed up and supported by a network of major component manufacturers.

Marine and Offshore Generators

Our marine and offshore equipment ranges from 20kVA to over 4000kVA. These generators comply with the highest marine standards, including Lloyds, BV, DNV, ABS and all other major classification bodies. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art marine class approved engine controllers, Interpower have the capability to supply multiple set synchronising systems for integration into vessel management systems. Our offshore equipment is extremely robust and where required, built to meet and surpass industry recognised rigsafe standards. Containerised marine and offshore units may be constructed to the DNV 2.7-1 standard. On projects where machinery needs to be enclosed within a container or canopy, we can supply a number of approved fire monitoring and suppression systems, including both manual and automatic systems, discharging water mist and CO2 extinguishers.

Industrial Generators

We offer a wide range of robust industrial generators for use in all types of applications, including airports, factories, government buildings, data centres, banks and hospitals. We offer soundproofed sets that have noise levels as low as 65dBA @ 1m.

Our industrial generators are used for telecommunication networks around the world; in Jordan, Dubai, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and China. These sets are often located on remote sites and are therefore designed to run for extended periods of time with little or no maintenance. Some of these generators are fitted with remote telemetry software, allowing the user to supervise the sets without having to visit the site.

Containerised Generators

Interpower manufactures containerised generators for when time, space and budget do not allow for purpose built engine rooms. These generators are designed to be used in extremely harsh environments, from deck mounted units on Naval vessels, to remote monitoring stations in the Falklands.

We also have a range of generators for rent which have been designed in coordination with the rental
industry's demand for rugged equipment that is easy to maintain and operate.

Interpower generators achieve ultra-low noise levels, making our containerised sets suitable for critical noise installations such as hospitals, city centres and built up areas.

Rotary UPS

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply units have been designed and developed with cost-effectiveness and maintenance in mind. Instead of employing complex electromechanical flywheels and expensive power electronics which can only be serviced by qualified engineers, our systems can be easily operated and maintained by the user.
Interpower's UPS system uses stored energy in a rotating flywheel which is directly coupled to an alternator permanently in sync with the utility. When outage occurs, the stored energy provides the power until the engine is up to speed. Available in both 50 & 60Hz, and from 400V to 13.8kV, our UPS systems can be relied upon since every eventuality has been covered.

Oil & Gas Industry Generators

We produce specialist sets for the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, all of which comply with applicable international specifications and standards. We have provided generators to gas field work projects in Pakistan, a gas refinery in Qatar, and oil fields in Azerbaijan. Organizations all over the world trust us to deliver only the best generator systems for their important projects.

Alternative Fuel

Because of the rising costs of traditional fuels, customers have requested us to develop generators that operate on a range of alternative fuels, including bio-diesel, vegetable oil and animal fats. We are proud to be able to manufacture generators which use more sustainable fuels.

At Interpower International, we constantly invest in new ideas and technologies and always try to adapt our products to changing customer requirements.

Combined Heat & Power

When fuel is burnt, not all the energy is harnessed and converted into electricity. Not only is this a waste of energy, but it's a waste of money. That's why we have CHP systems that can recover this wasted energy from the cooling and exhaust systems for use in processes in hotels, factories and hospitals where high quality heat is used to preheat boilers. We believe in energy-efficient and cost-efficient products that help our customers reduce overheads.



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