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IMA Ltd is a specialist company providing expert services to its clients. Established in 1991, IMA Ltd initially specialized in humidity and moisture measurement and has developed rapidly year upon year to provide a wealth of expertise in other areas such as Hygrometry/ Moisture, Watercut/ Oil in Water, Hydrogen Sulphide and Process Gas analysis systems. IMA Ltd supplies Hygrometers, Trace Dewpoint Meters, Relative Humidity Analysers, and Moisture in Solids Analysers to all corners of the industry. For the oil industry we offer the Delta C Watercut analyser, AKA Water in Oil analyser or WIO analyser. For produced water discharge we supply UV fluorescence Oil in Water Analysers that are typically used in PPM oil in water discharge. We also supply a range of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) measurement system for a variety of applications including: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Ammonia (NH3), Nitric Acid (NO), Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), Ethylene Oxide (ETO), Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), Methane (CH4), Oxygen (O2) and many more.

Fast Superior Gas and Liquid Chromatographs

We are pleased to offer a range of Calidus gas and liquid chromatographs (GC) from Falcon, which are both innovative and cost-effective, providing an ideal solution for measurement, control and automation.  The combination of accuracy, high performance and speed means increased productivity and profit across a range of industries, including hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas exploration and production, food and beverage and environmental industries.  All the Calidus GCs deliver results 10 to 50 times faster than traditional GCs.  The range boasts flexibility too – a  simple operation of one switch enables the operator to easily change from gas to liquid samples. 

Water Pollution Analyser for Side Stream Measurements

Leading the way in oil in water measurements, the innovative EX100 from Advanced Sensors was the first water pollution analyser that did not need regular routine maintenance.  Today, both the EX-100 and the EX-1000 monitor water pollution using a laser induced UV fluorescence technique which resulted in this breakthrough.  Both models are ideal for measuring oil in water levels before discharge or re-injection and can monitor from low ppb (parts per billion) to 20,000 ppm (parts per million) of oil.  The EX-1000 has an integrated spectrometer so that different oil contamination types can be identified and alerts the user to any changing conditions.  In the 9 years since their introduction, these Advanced Sensors systems have successfully operated in hazardous areas without maintenance, continuously making accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements.

Handheld Water Pollution Analyser with Integrated Probe

The Advanced Sensors HD-1000 handheld water pollution analyser enables users to easily take speedy measurements in water feeds, water return outlets or in rivers and seas.  The probe can measure directly in water samples, pipes or flows and provides real time measurement.  A full spectral analysis gives complete and reliable oil type identification and chemical identification, which represents an innovative and ground-breaking step forward in water pollution analysis.  Head to our website where you can see a video of the HD-1000 handheld water pollution analyser. 

Watercut Monitor, By-Pass System

Our DC-1510 watercut monitor is used for on-line monitoring of oil, as well as other non-conductive liquids.  Users are warned of any potential danger of water breakthrough in crude, fuel, hydraulic and lubricating oils.  The device, manufactured by Delta C, also functions as a quality control check.  The DC-1510 watercut monitor is well designed and sturdy, with a 4 to 20 mA output, providing thorough and reliable monitoring.  Additionally, ease of installation and use make this precise and accurate watercut monitor an ideal solution for monitoring water in oil.

A Loop Powered Dew Point Meter for Industrial Gases

The very latest nanosensor technology is utilised in the PLMa dew point meter for dry gases, ensuring precise, accurate and reliable results.  The loop powered dew point meter, with a range of -110˚C to +20˚C dew point, has been developed by PhyMetrix for use in severe and harsh environments.  It can be used with compressed air and a wide range of industrial gases.  With this meter you can be sure high quality air is available across a range of applications, such as medical air, breathing air and instrument air.  All this from a trim transmitter weighing only 170 grams.

Portable Dew Point Meter for Moisture Measurement

The PhyMetrix PPMa portable dew point meter uses up to the minute nanosensor technology.  Weighing only 0.8 kg, this hand-held device guarantees rapid and highly accurate measurements of trace moisture.  The unit has several useful standard features including: USB port for data connection and for use when charging the battery; integrated orifice to regulate pressure; temperature compensation; user-friendly graphic interface; programmable data logging and IP65 enclosure.  Additionally, you can choose from the following options: 0 to 10 Bar pressure sensor; 4 to 20 mA output and safe ATEX.  You can see more information about the portable dew point meter on our website.

Rh Meter

The Rotronic HygroFlex 5 rh meter delivers an astounding degree of system accuracy in the range of ±0.8%rh and ±0.1K.  Suitable for a variety of industrial applications, the HygroFlex 5 is sturdy and delivers consistently accurate measurements.   The device can be wall-mounted and probes can be placed on the instrument or, for use in high temperature or high pressure applications, can be inserted into process environments via up to 100m of cable.  Analogue and digital outputs are available for a range of humidity scales.  There is a good deal more information on humidity measurement and hygrometry available on our website, so do have a look.

Portable Rh Meter

We offer the HygroLog NT series as a portable, multi-channel measurement system, which conforms fully to FDA and GAMP requirements.  The device, from Rotronic, is sturdy, with enough storage capacity for more than 47,000 data point.  The portable rh meter offers flexibility, with options of USB or wireless connection to your pc or data acquisition system.  The HygroLog NT series provides unbeatable data logging capabilities for both humidity and pressure.

High Precision Reference Standard Hygrometer from MBW Calibration

This high precision reference standard hygrometer from MBW Calibration is used to measure the dew point, or frost point, of gases.  Precise and accurate measurements of humidity are achieved by controlling the temperature of a polished mirror.  A light-sensitive detector measures the thickness of condensation on the surface of the mirror.  Thermo-electric coolers (or a peltiers device) are used to cool the mirror until the temperature at which condensation occurs is reached.  The MBW373 reference standard hygrometer provides a rapid response time without affecting either stability or accuracy.  There is a detailed data sheet for this device available on our website.

SIL Rated % Oxygen Meter

This PMA30 % oxygen meter offers efficient, fast and accurate oxygen measurement, with a SIL rating of EN61508.  The 19” cassette includes an integral flow alarm and is available in two forms: the PMA30A/D comes with a combined analogue/digital meter, whilst the PMA30/D has just a digital meter.  Response time of less than three seconds means speedy measurements, which are the most precise and reliable available.  The system, from M&C, can be used for trace level oxygen measurements, in addition to oxygen purity applications, as the user is able to select from five ranges: 0 to 1%, 0 to 3%, 0 to 10%, 0 to 30% and 0 to 100%.

Water in Oil Analyser using Coulometric Titration

The Aquamax KF Coulometric Titrator system is used to measure the water content of oil and hydrocarbon liquids.  Very flexible in application, the battery-operated device comes with an optional carry case and is suitable for use by field operators as well as laboratory technicians.  The Aquamax KF Coulometric Titrator water in oil analyser conforms fully to the following standards:  ASTM D1533, D4928, D6304, IP386, IP4138; API MPMS Chapter 10.9; IEC60814, ISO 10101-3, 10337 and 102937.  The innovative designers, GR Scientific, made full use of suggestions and observations from users to produce a device that is user-friendly and simple to programme, allowing titration measurement to be achieved with the push of just one button.

A Moisture in Solids Meter for Process Control

We are pleased to supply the MCT360, from Process Sensors, designed to measure the moisture, oil and fat content of solid materials, using near infrared (NIR) light.  Measurements are of a high level of accuracy, as demanded in various industries.  The MCT360 moisture in solids meter is also used to determine coating thicknesses of many different products, such as plasterboard, pellets, powders and granules, wood and flaked products.  Several different models are available, including one suitable for use in ATEX 2 zone areas, another designed to be used in defined ATEX areas where there is danger from combustible dust.  Also supplied are models for use in the food, wood products and tobacco processing industries respectively.  You can see a good deal more about the MCT360 on our website, where data sheets are available for download.

Total Suspended Solids, Oil and Gas in Water Analyser

The EX400-M is an on-line system capable of taking three different measurements. It uses video microscopy to determine the size of suspended solids like sand and scale, the size of oil droplets, and the presence of gas bubbles. Changes to particulate concentration or size are automatically reported, alerting operators to potential filter breakages or plant problems. Self-cleaning technology eliminates the need for routine maintenance without the use of cleaning chemicals. Meanwhile, an intuitive, Windows-based user interface enables easy configuration and remote control. For full product details and specifications, please visit IMA online.

Precision Chilled Mirror Device

The MBW 973 is a fast and precise dew point measurement device with an intuitive touch screen interface that allows easy monitoring of key measurement parameters and system health. An advanced mirror check facility enables the user to vaporise accumulated condensates without having to disassemble the instrument. 


The MBW 973 features an Optimum Response Injection System (ORIS) which accelerates stabilisation times when measuring low dew point levels. A layer of frost builds up on the mirror to rapidly achieve an equilibrium point where the rate of sublimation and condensation are equal. 


2 Channel Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

HygroFlex 8 (HF8) is a relative humidity and temperature measurement transmitter with two inputs compatible with any of Rotronic’s HC2 series probes. This allows the HF8 to simultaneously monitor relative humidity and temperature in two different locations. The device also features an integrated data logger that allows all measurements to be stored for later analysis. The device has capacity for up to 10,000 measured values, which allows for lengthy logging periods between downloads. Full specifications can be found on the IMA website.

Mass Spectrometer

The TM-1000 from Advanced Sensors is a mass spectrometer capable of giving low-level measurements of light hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Windows-based software provides an intuitive user interface that allows the operator to view spectra from the mass spectrometer as well as from the laser-induced fluorescence system, giving an insight into contamination of process water streams. The device incorporates an ultrasonic cleaning system that keeps clean both the probe for the mass spectrometer and the laser-induced fluorescence system. For more details and specifications, please visit IMA online.

Instrument Rental

IMA offers a range of portable and online analysers for short term hire or long term lease. This service is ideal for anyone who needs to carry out spot checks, for those whose online-systems are off-line for calibration or repair, or for anyone who needs an analyser for cross-checking their installed systems. If you need help choosing the best analyser for your application, just give our engineers a call on 01943 878877.

Offsite/Onsite Testing

IMA provides offsite and onsite testing services for establishing analyser performance. This includes testing individual analysers on their own as well as comparing them against calibrated devices across all parameters. Tests can cover:

  • Linearity
  • Speed of response
  • Error reporting

Test reports can be used as independent supporting evidence for performance claims or for establishing the optimum set-up for a sampling system. For more information about this service, please visit IMA online or get in touch on 01943 878877.


Water in Oil Instruments

Lubricating oils contaminated with water can end up causing a lot of damage to the pumps, engines or motors they are used in. It is therefore essential to monitor water content if you want to avoid costly repairs and continual plant maintenance. You can do this with a range of devices supplied by IMA, including:

  • DC-1510 - Water in oil monitor, by-pass system
  • DC-3510F - Water in oil monitor, insertion system
  • Aquamax KF Coulometric - Coulometric titration system for water in oil
  • Aquamax KF Volumetric - Volumetric Karl Fischer titration system for water in oil
  • Micro TAN Titrator - Total acid number titrator for oils and hydrocarbon liquids
  • Titra-Max Titrator - TAN, TBN and mercaptan sulphur
  • BB4 - Low cost water in oil alert with fast speed of response


Calibration Products

In addition to our highly regarded calibration service, we offer a selection of calibration products for sale.  Here are some brief details of the calibration devices available in our Supporting Products range.  The SA-100-1000 is an oil in water monitor;  three MBW units are intended for precision and high precision dew point measurement, with one unit designed to measure dew points in Sulphur hexafluoride; our HygroGen 2 is for rh and temperature sensors and the Humidity Standards device provides inexpensive measurement and adjustment on site of Rotronic probes.  Visit our website for more detailed information.

Compressed Air Support

Included in our selection of Supporting Products is a range of systems designed to support measurements made in compressed air.  Included in this section is the DMS, a cost effective and reliable method of installing dew point transmitters.  The DMS is easy to install and can provide low or high pressure dew point measurement.  You can choose either line pressure or atmospheric pressure dew point transmitters.  Visit our website to learn more about the DMS and other products in the Compressed Air Support range.  Whilst there you can download our helpful dew point calculator.


In the Masterclass section of our website you will find a comprehensive guide to resources, containing information about products, technologies and best practice.  Our aim here is to make easily available education and training information about measurement systems and devices and to keep you informed about measurement practice.  You will also find details of available tools that will prove invaluable to you.  Please do have a look at our Masterclass section and if you have any questions, as always we will be happy to help.

Measurement Audits

We carry out measurement audits to provide our customers with a comprehensive and independent view of the condition of both on-line and off-line analysis systems.  We look at the entire measurement system when undertaking our audit, including sample take-off and let-down, analyser, data communication, calibration history and remote technical support options.  An independent assessment of measurement systems means you can be confident in the accuracy of your measurements.  Why not contact us for more information and to discuss your individual needs.

Maintenance Contracts

Regular and effective maintenance is crucial to ensuring high production rates and lower maintenance costs.  We offer a variety of maintenance contracts to suit your requirements.  When you schedule regular maintenance calls your systems become a high priority for call-outs.  We understand the importance of maintaining production as much as possible in the event of equipment failure and we endeavour to fix the fault with a minimum of interruption.  A maintenance contract with IMA will help to reduce emergency call-outs and give you considerable peace of mind.  All our engineers are fully trained and experienced in maintenance work.  We can also provide remote technical support as needed.

Commissioning Service

When you purchase any new system, there is still work to be done to ensure that it is performing as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We can help you to achieve set-up that is to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Further, optimising the measurement systems to your unique requirements will produce the best possible and most accurate results.  We provide a short commissioning report after the system has been checked.  You can discuss your commissioning requirements with one of our experts by phone or by using our on-line contact link. 

Systems Integration

It is no surprise that with over 20 years of experience IMA are experts in systems integration and sample let-down design.  You can reduce costs as well as the footprint that is needed for multiple analysis systems by integrating a number of different analysers into one complete system.  We have a great deal of experience and expertise in this area and can help you achieve the benefits of effective systems integration.  You can talk to our experts or contact us on-line.  Contact details are on our website.

Optimisation Studies

If you want to reduce operational costs and thereby increase profits, process optimisation is a splendid tool.  When you invest in getting greater efficiency from your processes you will soon see an excellent return.  At IMA, we specialise in de-humidification, drying, separating and de-sulphurisation processes, which makes us the ideal people to come to to optimise your processes and get the best possible results from your system.  We can provide a short study that could result in significant cost reductions.  We will investigate the effect of contamination on process fluids, optimising systems and lowering maintenance costs.  Call and speak to one of our experts or contact us on-line.


We can provide a service to determine if your process is or is not humidity dependent.  Our knowledgeable engineers can perform studies which will indicate whether or not an analysis system is required.  If the studies indicate that an analysis system is needed, our experts can suggest sampling and measurement options.  Several solutions are available, including undertaking a series of test measurements or taking a look at your process with a view to improving process efficiency.  We suggest you speak to or contact one of our experts on line to discuss your requirements and learn about all the options available.

Development Services

Off the shelf systems are not suitable in all applications and it is therefore sometimes preferable to develop measurement and analysis systems specific to an individual customer’s precise requirements.  We look at a number of ways in which development can take place.  In some cases, new technologies from other industries can be applied successfully.  If there is no suitable measurement system available, we work with our technology partners to find a system that delivers to specific requirements.   As always, our experts will be happy to discuss options and solutions with you.

Breeze Displays

Our Breeze range includes the Breeze 10, Breeze 20, Breeze 30, and Breeze 40. These different panel meters have a full range of input and output options to suit your requirements. They can be suited to simple, economic OEM models or to more complex, remote controlled EExd units for hazardous areas. Different models have different options. Some of these options include integral power supplies (ideal for driving loop powered transmitters), wall or panel mounting abilities, variable brightness displays, audible alarm, password protection, variable noise filter, variable relay turn on and turn off time and much more. For full specifications of each model within the range please visit our website.


Our CMC TMA moisture analyser range features high quality designs that have been created for operation in harsh environments and is suitable for corrosive gases such as chlorine and hydrogen sulphide. We supply portable, desktop or 19inch rack devices to suit different industry applications. These highly sensitive devices have remarkable accuracies of +/- 1% of FSD. They are auto-ranging, have quick sensor generation, self diagnostics and are compatible with most corrosive gases.

HydroQuest BB4

Our HydroQuest BB4 design is used to detect water in an oil system. It is an invaluable piece of equipment for this purpose and can save thousands of pounds worth of damage! As soon as free water rises above a pre-determined adjustable level, a relay indicates a fault which can in turn be used to drive an alarm or be used to trip the system. The BB4 can detect as low as 0.5% water in oil. The HydroQuest BB4 is designed for easy installation and is a tough and reliable piece of equipment. It screws directly into your system via NPT or BSP threads.

Moisture Balance

We supply a range of infra-red halogen moisture balance equipment for use in laboratory applications. Our AND range of moisture balances provide rapid results and have repeatabilities of 0.01% and a sample weight of up to 71g. The controllable halogen heaters allow moisture to be gently driven off from the sample and the integral quality balance and onboard computer calculate the weight loss giving accurate measurements within minutes. For further details of our moisture balance equipment, please visit our website or contact us for further information.

Process Sensors

We supply a range of quality equipment for moisture measurement in solids. Items within the range include the MCT 300 (designed for online NIR measurement of moisture, oils, coatweight or film-thickness), MCT 101-T+ (a specialist analyser for moisture measurement in tobacco), MCT 600 (for fast, accurate measurements of multiple constituents for laboratory or process operators) and the Model M (halogen moisture balance for accurate weight loss measurement for referencing and calibration purposes).

Rotronic: HygroFlex8 HTS

Our HygroFlex HTS relative humidity meters use state of the art processes based on digital technology. They are flexible devices that offer integration through analogue outputs or digital signals. Advanced features such as pressure and temperature compensation for dewpoint and relative humidity are user programmable. The use of digital signal processing enhances humidity measurement with increased accuracy, increased stability, application flexibility and high integration. There are multiple units that include % relative humidity, °C, dew point, mixing ratio, wet-bulb, enthalpy, water vapour pressure and saturation vapour pressure.

Rotronic: HygroPalm

Our HygroPalm Hand Held RH Meter uses digital technology in order to provide one of the most flexible, portable handheld devices on the market today. The HygroPalm offers all of the features of an on line analyser; it connects to a wide variety of probes, and through the LCD display, the analyser calculates a range of psychrometric values. The HygroPalm features increased accuracy, multiple units, increased stability, application flexibility, and high integration.

Calibration Services

Here at IMA Ltd we provide high quality calibration services that are traceable to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) dew point standards. We have the facilities to calibrate dew point meters and transmitters from all manufacturers for trace level water vapour measurements.

Our calibration services provide extremely accurate measurement performance for trace moisture measurement systems, dew point meters and ppm and relative humidity (RH) transmitters. Our highly trained and experienced engineers provide a first class calibration service at our own laboratory or on-site to suit customer preferences.

Please contact IMA Ltd with your enquiries and to find out more about our calibration services.

Design and Manufacture of Sample Systems

We have more than 20 years experience when it comes to designing system integration and pressure let-down systems. We work closely with clients at all stages to ensure the most effective solution is reached. Our facilities and capabilities combined with our skill and knowledge enable us to design and manufacture a wide range of on-line gas and liquid analysis systems.

Our complete design and manufacture package includes the creation of a technical pack featuring PIDs, GAs and relevant drawings alongside plans and schedules to suit each individual project.

We undertake each project with skill and focus to create excellent results within agreed time frames.   

Delta C Products

We are pleased to provide fantastic Delta C products. Delta C is a global company that has been operating since 1989 and supplies and installs water in oil products in more than 40 countries around the world. Please visit our website to view the DC-1510 (water in oil monitor by-pass system) and the DC-3510F (water in oil monitor insertion system). These water cut monitors are designed and manufactured for use in all kinds of environments – even the toughest. They are tough and reliable for long term use and deliver excellent performance. Please contact us at IMA for further information regarding our Delta C products.

Advanced Sensors

We also supply a range of oil in water analysers from Advanced Sensors. Advanced Sensors is a leading business that provides oil and gas industries with instrumentation, detection systems and communication solutions. The company was established in 2005 and has rapidly gained recognition and a fantastic reputation in the industry. We are therefore pleased to supply our customers with Advanced Sensors’ revolutionary oil in water analysers. These reliable models are the only ones of their kind and do not require regular maintenance. Please visit our website and take a look at the range.

Training Courses

We are pleased to share our skill, knowledge and experience with others via a range of on-site or off-site training courses. These courses are aimed largely at process, instrumentation and design engineers. Our courses include:

  • Hygrometry: background to humidity and measurement and the relationship between dew point and ppm.
  • H2S: looking at measurement by absorption spectroscopy in ppm/m3
  • Water in Oil: looking at the pitfalls of water in oil measurements.
  • Laser Hygrometry: looking at absorption spectroscopy, using light to determine trace levels of gas phase species.
  • On-line analysis of oil in water: looking at the latest fluorescence techniques.

Please call us at IMA Ltd to find out more about our training courses.



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