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Since our inception in 1988, InterFocus Limited have become established among the UK’s most prominent suppliers of furniture for laboratories and scientific facilities. Based in Linton, Cambridgeshire, our particular expertise lies in the provision of turnkey constructions of new laboratories and their contents. In addition, we can provide specialist advice and support if you wish to modernise or enhance your current laboratories. Initially, we primarily dealt with local projects, but we now routinely handle briefs from clients around the globe.

After you’ve contacted our friendly and superbly professional sales project department, you’ll be in the best of hands! We endeavour to give the most comprehensive response possible to phone calls and emails, and can also visit your premises if appropriate. Whether you only need a basic product supplied or want a completely original facility created, we’ll get our highly qualified team on the case. InterFocus will take full charge of your construction or refurbishment, meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Carrying full accreditation with CHAS, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSA18001, we pride ourselves on our compliance with the most rigorous professional standards. Whether you’re in the educational, medical, scientific or industrial sector, InterFocus will ensure that you have the laboratory you dream of!

Laboratory Furniture

Not only do InterFocus produce excellent furniture for your laboratory, we’ll bring it to you and install it! We employ the most modern CNC machinery in conjunction with current CAD software to create top-of-the-range items which will add credibility to your facility. If it’s help with storage you’re after, InterFocus’s tall and wall units come with or without glass in a range of dimensions, while our underbench furniture is available fixed or on castors or plinths.  It’s essential to have emergency facilities for washing in any laboratory, and we offer showers or eyewashes in this line. InterFocus’s sturdy laboratory shelving is compatible with all our products.

Laboratory Benching

Through the choice of five different systems, InterFocus laboratory benching allows you to lay out your facility in the way that suits you, whether you run a big commercial laboratory or are refitting a school science room. Whether you favour a cantilever or H-frame style, a suspended furniture system or a simple fixed model, we’ve got the right type of benching to keep your laboratory streamlined. Naturally, all our systems can be used with any type of InterFocus shelving. And, if you want something a little bit out of the ordinary, we can also produce a bespoke option to meet your own specific requirements.

Laboratory Worktops

Choice of the correct work surface is a key decision for laboratory managers. InterFocus have a variety of worktops that will complement your benching. The Trespa Athlon and TopLab brands are excellent in clinical situations, while durable laminate work surfaces are highly resistible to spillages and flame. The epoxy resin range are strong and easy to clean, and Velstone’s non-porous fabric represents a valid alternative to laminates. LAB20 is widely used in health and education facilities, and hardwoods like Iroko have always been popular in school and research labs. Finally, our stainless steel surfaces are ideal when conditions need to be kept sterile.

Laboratory Sinks

The appropriate sink in your laboratory is all-important in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Among the InterFocus range of sinks is the right one for your needs. Flanged insert sinks are placed inside a cutout area of the worktop, whereas drop-in sinks are positioned a little below the worktop.  Undermount sinks are attached underneath the worktop, making them useful for recessed draining grooves, and inset sinks (like those in a domestic kitchen) come with anti-drip edging plus a drainer. From health providers to places of education, an InterFocus sink will fit in perfectly at any facility and will be completely complementary with any of our worktops.

Laboratory Taps and Fittings

If you need to install taps and their associated fittings in your laboratory, InterFocus use the products of three major manufacturers to ensure the smooth flow of water, air and gas throughout your premises. Broen Lab provides complete fitting packages for working laboratories and hospitals all over the world, while WaterSaver deals primarily with hydraulic applications in a laboratory context, including faucets and remote-control valves. Brownall Labtap produces over 100 items, from chemical waste fittings and emergency eyewashes to fume-cupboard controls, and gives full technical support. Whichever brand you choose, quality and precision are guaranteed!

Laboratory Desks

When you need to get your laboratory paperwork done, having an appropriate desk or table will make things a whole lot easier. The InterFocus suite features suitable options for the laboratory workspace, all based on the ‘active desk system’ (which complies with Disability Discrimination Act guidelines). Simply touch a button, and your desk’s dual motors mean you’ll be able to adjust its height to correspond with changes in your position. Remember, you’ll need a seat to go with your desk, and InterFocus’s advisers can point you towards the right choice, from conventional office seats to poylpropylene stools.

Mobile Benches

InterFocus laboratory mobile benches are all highly flexible and multi-use. They each have an easy-to-clean Trespa worktop and a set of lockable castors, and a stainless steel frame is available as an option. Our mb1 model contains a pair of furniture units and an accessible shelf area, along with a space at the back which can fit a lab chair in. The mb2 bench has a deep shelf set under the worktop and above floor level, while the mb3 type has two cupboards and a fixed shelf above the worktop. The mb4 bench is a good all-round choice for any laboratory.

Fume Cupboards

Our attractively designed standard range of bench-mounted fume cupboards come in sizes from 1200mm to 2000m, all made from zinc-coated steel and with 150mm-wide side cheeks. You can select the cupboard’s work surfaces from several different materials. Should you prefer a walk-in fume cupboard, ours have angled side mullions as well as Trespa internal chambers and baffles. Light switches and fluorescent lights are set features, as are programmable control panels. All InterFocus fume cupboards are BS EN 14175-compliant, and if you want a bespoke variant, just let us know the details and we’ll be happy to provide it.

Cold Rooms and Clean Rooms

InterFocus are fully experienced in developing cold rooms for a laboratory scenario, drawing upon our design savvy  and scientific contacts in developing a contemporary product that meets prescribed safety regulations. We can offer you modular and walk-in cold rooms and freezers, as well as non-corrosive shelving as an accessory for storage. Clean rooms are also an InterFocus forte, should you need one of these artificially controlled environments in your laboratory. By filtering and then repeatedly circulating the entering air, a clean room keeps the dust and other atmospheric pollutants within it to a minimum.

Safetybox Cabinets

Keep your hazardous and sensitive products securely stored away with our state-of-the-art safety storage cabinets, produced in collaboration with Labor Security Systems . Flammable storage cabinets can house both liquid and solid items, and are Type 90 fire-rated. We have compressed gas storage options for external and internal use (the latter being GS-certified), while units for storing chemicals and acid can be either aspirated or filtered, and are made more secure by a charcoal filter. Should you need to store chemicals, liquid flammables and acids together, then a Kemfire aspirated and filtered cabinet will be a worthwhile investment for your laboratory.

Solutions - Research and Industrial Labs

InterFocus appreciate the demands faced by today’s research and industrial laboratories, and our furniture is made to meet and overcome these manifold challenges. All materials conform to stipulated standards for the research and industrial sectors, with the i system range of furniture consisting of five types, from the fixed C-frame i1 system through the cantilever i3 system to the more basic fixed-worktops i5 system. Developed with your particular needs in mind, this furniture is compatible with InterFocus shelving lines, while our extract systems and fume cupboards are also specifically designed to match the i systems range.

Solutions - Healthcare Laboratories

In charge of a clinical or healthcare laboratory? InterFocus can provide you with a full turnkey new build or refurbishment, based around our suspended laboratory furniture i4 range. Just right for infection-control labs or hospitals, the i4 system has been specially formulated for maximum hygiene.  It comes in materials including melamine, laminate and Trespa. You might also be interested in our HTM standard range, originally designed by the Department of Health. HTM63 hospital, laboratory and operating theatre furniture is made from easily cleaned laminated MDF, while the HTM71 standard is intended for equipment organisation and storage.

Services - In-House

InterFocus’s in-house services exist to give you exemplary after-sales care. From the minute you ask us to take on your project, we’ll keep you completely informed, reassured and ultimately satisfied. Your laboratory will be designed via current AutoCAD design systems, and with our manufacturing process all centrally networked, you can be certain wastage will be minimised. You’ll receive relevant project information, including plans, electrical certificates and warranty details, and we can help with grant and funding applications. InterFocus will appoint a designated project manager, who will coordinate everything while reporting directly to you.

On-Site Services

By offering a comprehensive turnkey solution, InterFocus take full control of your laboratory construction scheme. And, with just a single project manager in charge, it’s much more cost-effective for the client. Let us organise it all, from electrical work, ventilation and phone lines to water and gas supplies. We can remove or relay your laboratory floors, install air conditioning and heating, supply sockets, switches and distribution boards, and fit fume cupboards and laboratory wet systems. Our engineers, electricians, architects, decorators and other professionals are all fully certified masters of their trades, and will amply demonstrate this in the skilful completion of your project.

Solutions - Laboratory Refurbishment

InterFocus can provide a complete refurbishment for your current laboratory, tailored to what you most need and what you can best afford. Our comprehensive services encompass design, product creation and installation, and extend to the refurbishments of smaller facilities and advice on furnishings. The furniture we supply is all manufactured on our own premises, while our engineers are all holders of NICEIC registrations, CSCS Cards or Gas Safety Register registrations as appropriate to their specialism. General fitters, carpenters and IT specialist are all on hand with their expert services, and our ‘single solution’ strategy has consistently saved money for our clients.

Solutions - Laboratory Construction

Hospitals, educational institutions, government and biotechnical organisations all feature in the InterFocus portfolio of successful refurbishment and new build laboratory constructions. From planning and building issues to dealing with contractors, our dedicated in-house staff will look after every facet of your special project. The InterFocus CAD engineers employ the most up-to-date software available when developing a client’s design. Close collaboration with factory systems ensures use of the highest quality materials and consequent superlative standards of craftsmanship and production. We’ve spent serious money on maintaining our system, and it’s you, the client, who will reap the dividends!



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