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We have specialised in the manufacture and supply of a comprehensive range of flexible hose assemblies and bellows expansion joints for a wide variety of industries since 1987.

Our expansion joints are available with type approvals to: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)/ Bureau Veritas (BV)/ Det Norske Veritas (DNV)/ Germanischer Lloyds/GOST-R/ Lloyds Register

We export to more than 70 countries, and are authorised UK distributors for industry leaders such as Belman, Macoga, Mercer Rubber / Mason Industries, Oria, Pneuride, Powerflex, Springride, Torpress and Trelleborg.

Our product range includes: Stainless steel, metallic alloy rubber, PTFE, air spring rubber and specialist bellows expansion joints/ Braided stainless steel exhaust and decoupling automotive bellows/ Stainless steel convoluted hose assemblies/ Composite hoses suitable for chemical, oil and cryogenic applications/ Griplock, Squarelock and Stripwound hose/ Trellex hose, gaskets, flanges and gripstrips/ WRAS brewery, dairy and food flexible hoses and bellows/ Chilled ceiling and fan coil hoses/ Flexmaster joint couplings/ Rubber Pinch Valve Sleeves / Tube Inserts.

Willbrandt Rubber Bellows Compensators

We can provide an extensive selection of rubber bellows compensators from Willbrandt. Just some of the products within this range include, swivel flanged models, FPM rubber lined models, concentric reducing models, cuff ended models and high temperature/pressure models, as well as many more. Customers can visit the website for further information on all of our compensators, including details on features, dimensions and pricing. Alternatively you can contact us directly by phone or email. 


We stock a variety of rubber bellows compensators from Safeflex with many different options to choose from. The SFEJ, SFDEJ and SFU series of compensators feature both single and double sphere products and benefit from being Kevlar reinforced. The SFDCR series include products which are exclusively double sphered and can be provide in sizes ranging from 20mm to 300mm. If you would like more information don't hesitate to visit the website or you can give us a call directly. 

Stainless Steel Bellows Expansion Joints & Compensators

We supply a wide variety of stainless steel bellows expansion joints & compensators, including:

• Universal, angular, lateral and axial bellows
• Gimbal and hinged bellows
• Rectangular, pressure balanced and externally pressurised expansion joints

These specially engineered components absorb lateral, axial and angular movements. They are vacuum and pressure-tight, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.

Designed for a wide range of conditions in which ducting systems, pipework, pressure vessels, etc., are subjected to high stresses due to vibration, thermal expansion, misalignment or pipe movement, metallic expansion joints are frequently used to compensate for thermal expansion in pipes carrying steam, water, gases and oils.

Stainless steel bellows expansion joints and compensators are widely used in heating & ventilation systems and vehicle exhaust pipes as well as in the petrochemical and power generation industries. Metallic expansion joints and hoses are also available in duplex, super duplex, Avesta and Carpenter stainless steel, and Inconel, Hastelloy and Incoloy alloys.

Rubber Bellows Expansion Joints

We offer Mason / Mercer's extensive range of rubber bellows expansion joints, constructed from a wide variety of materials such as EPDM, natural and gum rubber, Neoprene, Chloroprene and Hypalon to name only a few.

Models and options include single and double-sphere, Kevlar reinforced, flanged or no-flanged pullout design, single or multiple arches, extra high movement or anti-vibration, and operating temperatures as high as 200 deg C.

Special linings including Viton or PTFE for expansion joints that will be used with chemicals and solvents are available, as are food grade linings. Flanges are to DIN/PN, SAE 300, BS10, ANSI/ASA and JIS standards.

Stainless Steel Convoluted Hose Assemblies

We manufacture an extensive range of stainless steel hose products that can meet any requirements for environment, temperature, pressure, media and flexibility.

Our stainless steel convoluted hose assemblies are available in a nominal bore range from .25 inch (6 mm) to 8 inches (200 mm), and with flanged or threaded fittings. Features include vibration eliminators and heat traced "Hose-Within-a-Hose".

A number of options are available, including internal PTFE or strip-wound linings, thermal insulating glass fibre sleeving or protective coil springs.

Our assemblies are all manufactured to conform with quality standards; generally BS6501 Part 1 and BS5750. We can also provide complete assemblies to specifications for quality assurance to BS669, ISO9001, Lloyd's and MOD DEFSTAN 05-91, etc.

Stainless Steel Pump Connectors

Interflex stainless steel pump connector hoses have been designed to suppress noise, absorb vibration, and accommodate lateral misalignment, thermal movement or building settlement in pipework systems utilising pumps or compressors. They are constructed of stainless steel corrugated tubing surrounded by stainless steel overbraid, with TIG welded end fittings of carbon or stainless steel.

A variety of end fittings are available, including threaded BSP taper male hexagon or half barrel screwed fittings and flanged assemblies to BS10, BS4504 and ANSI/ASA standards.

Nominal bore sizes range from 12 mm (1/2 inch) to 200 mm (8 inches) and maximum working pressures at 120 deg C range from 6.5 bar (95 PSI) to 86 bar (1245 PSI).


We can provide a selection of high quality components from our Supaflex range. Just some of the products we have to offer include chemical dosing pots, flexible rubber bellows connectors, buffer vessels and low loss headers, as well as many more. Customers can visit the website to view further information on all of the products within our Supaflex range, this includes technical details, sizes and diagrams. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email. 

Trellex Dust Control

Dust within the workplace can be a dangerous health issue, affecting many. Trellex can provide an innovative dust control system which works with many different machines to completely reduce the levels of dust they generate. As well as providing a protection against dust, this system can also reduce noise levels, in some cases by up to 12 decibels. For more information, including detailed specifications, don't hesitate to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email. 


The anti-stick, superior strength and non-aging properties of PTFE, as well as its superb chemical resistance, make it a perfect material for use in bellows expansion joints, smoothbore and convoluted hose assemblies and as an optional internal lining in our stainless steel hose assemblies.
Some of our products utilising PTFE include:

• "Invincible" Spool Arch Style Expansion Joints
• Flanged Single & Multi-Arch Joints
• 700 Series - PTFE Lined Rubber Joints
• 800 Series - All PTFE Multi-Arch fixed-dimension Joints which provide excellent service in relatively low temperatures. These are especially popular in the chemical industry.

Air Spring Rubber Bellows

Air spring rubber bellows are used in wide range of applications such as vehicle suspension systems, isolation mounts, pneumatic or hydraulic actuation, and height and level control devices as well as noise reducers.

We offer rubber air spring bellows assemblies in single, double or triple convolution models from Pneuride, Goodyear, Springride, Firestone, Taurus, Contitech, Oria, Dunlop, Parker, Norgren, Enidine, Pirelli Torpress and Phoenix.

Fan Coil & Chilled Ceiling Hoses

We offer a range of fan coil and chilled ceiling hoses in stainless steel overbraided EPDM rubber inner core and all stainless steel braid with corrugated hose in lengths to customer specification. All hoses are subjected to a sample BSRIA life cycle test and are available with quick release couplers.

Composite Hoses for Oil, Chemical or Cryogenic Service

Our comprehensive selection of hoses includes braided hoses in stainless steel, bronze or Monel. Inner cores of PTFE or stripwound linings are available, as is protective stripwound sleeving. With a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings ranging from full vacuum to 3700 PSI, these hoses are particularly suitable for use with oils, solvents, resins and corrosive media. Their operating temperature range include sub-zero operation conditions, making, them suitable for cryogenic applications.

We also offer composite Trellex Slurry Hose designed for use with hydraulic pressure for the suction of abrasive slurries. Optional Trellex 3xD Bends are available in 45 or 90 degree angles for situations such as cramped spaces where regular Trellex Hose cannot be sufficiently curved.

Metallic Expansion Joints & Hoses in Exotic Alloys

Here at Interflex, we also design and manufacture top quality metallic expansion joints and hoses from exotic alloys. We use a range of top quality materials such as Monel, Bronze, Duplex, Super Duplex, Titanium, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Avesta and Carpenter.

Metallic expansion joints are widely used in piping systems to absorb differential thermal expansion and vibration whilst containing the system pressure. They are used in a range of industry applications such as petrochemical plant, refineries, power stations, district heating installations, HVAC systems and more.

Our highly engineered metallic expansion joints can be created to customer specifications.

Stainless Steel Exhaust & Decoupling Automotive Bellows

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers also manufacture high quality, stainless steel exhaust and decoupling automotive bellows. These are widely used for the decoupling of engine movements and vibrations and are designed for universal use in the exhaust system.

A range of options are available including: Externally Braided with Optional Internal Braid or Stripwound Liner, Unbraided with Slotted Cuff Ends for Clamping and U-Bolt and Mikalor Exhaust Clamps.

Specialist Expansion Joints

We also manufacture a wide selection of specialist expansion joints suitable for use in a range of industry applications. Our range of expansion joints includes: H&V and Perimeter Heating, High Temperature Combustion and Exhaust Expansion Joints, Multi-ply Stainless Steel Pump Bellows, Flue Gas Bellows, Axial Gland Seal Packed Slip-Type Bellows and Small Bore Metal Vacuum Diaphragm Valves Bellows.

Please contact our friendly team at Interflex with your project requirements and/or for further information or technical advice.

Stripwound Interlock, Squarelock & Griplock Hose

Our stripwound interlock, squarelock and griplock hoses are available in a range of materials including stainless steel, galvanised steel, copper, fibre or rubber packed, polygonal and stayput hose. They can feature 3mm to 500mm sized bores. Please give us a call at Interflex for further information.



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  • AFAflex Rubber bellows.
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  • Contitech Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Dunlop Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
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  • E-Flex Rubber bellows.
  • Elaflex Rubber bellows.
  • Emflex Rubber bellows.
  • Enidine Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • ERV Rubber bellows.
  • Firestone Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Goodyear Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Jet Rubber bellows.
  • JMFlex Rubber bellows.
  • Masterflex Rubber bellows.
  • Norgren Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Oria Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Parker Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Phoenix Rubber airspring bellows assemblies. Single, double, or triple convolution versions.
  • Pirelli Torpress Rubber airspring bellows assemblies. Single, double, or triple convolution versions.
  • Pneuride Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Reiflexa Rubber bellows.
  • Springride Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Stenflex Rubber bellows.
  • Stourflex Rubber bellows.
  • Taurus Rubber airspring bellows assemblies.
  • Teguflex Rubber bellows.
  • Thermosel Rubber bellows.
  • Tozen Rubber bellows.
  • Tuboflex Rubber bellows.
  • Willbrandt Rubber bellows.

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