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Interface Force specialises in the supply of high quality force and pressure measurement solutions to various industries such as aerospace, automotive and auto-sport, bedding and seating manufacture, defence, engineering, industrial, nuclear, medical, OEM, research, retail and sports research. Our knowledge and experience of the industry enables us to provide high quality equipment to customers in these industries who return to us again and again for reliable, cost-effective, innovative solutions. Our products largely fall into the following categories:

  • Low profile load cells, force transducers, S-beam, shear beam, load washers and load pins, torque transducers, signal amplifiers, digital meters and custom load cells
  • Multi axis transducers, force plates, and 6 DOF sensors
  • Pressure mapping solutions including bed sensors, seat sensors, wiper blade sensors, door seal sensors, tyre sensors and wireless point of sale systems
  • Pressure sensors and level sensors

We pride ourselves on the service that we offer our customers and believe that this, combined with our excellent product range, sets us apart from competitors. Alongside our standard range of products our engineers are able to work closely with customers to create custom-made products and systems to suit specific requirements. We do what we can to meet all of our customers’ needs.

AMTI Multi-Axis Load Cells and Force Sensors/Platforms

We provide various multi-axis load cells and force sensors/platforms manufactured by Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc (AMTI). AMTI is well respected in the industry for its research into measurement tools for industrial applications and its subsequent design and manufacture of innovative solutions. AMTI’s range is widely used in industries such as material testing, vehicle testing, aerospace, robotics, manufacturing, research, marine, and biomechanical. Alongside AMTI’s range of multi axis load cells, transducers and platforms, AMTI have also created a range of multi-channel data acquisition instruments featuring Smart technology for Plug&Play operation.

AMTI Force Platforms

We supply a range of AMTI Force Platform products. The range includes:
  • BP400600: Biomechanics Force Platform: designed for the precise measurement of ground reaction forces.
  • MC3246: Aircraft Landing Gear Sensor: Designed for the measurement of aircraft landing gear tyre impact forces.
  • OR6-7: Biomechanics Force Platform: designed for the measurement of ground reaction force or any type of application that requires the simultaneous of several forces and moments or measurement of forces that change direction and position over time.
  • MC3232-6-50K: Aircraft Landing Gear Sensor: designed to test large forces in the X,Y, and Z axes as well as the moments around those axes.

Bedsensor by XSensor - The Proven Bed Sales Tool

XSensor’s innovative point of sale pressure mapping systems have been used by major companies in the USA, Australia and various European companies for many years. The benefits of XSensor’s pressure mapping systems enable the retailer to establish credibility as sleep sales professionals due to the high quality of the products they are able to sell to customers. Retailers are able to utilise the tool to engage customers in a memorable shopping experience whereby they discover the benefits of upgrading to a high quality bed or mattress. In just a few seconds, salesmen using the tool can body type customers using XSensor’s Comfort Index software and offer products that are suitable. Please contact us to find out more.

Load Cell and Torque Transducer

Here at Interface Force we specialise in sensors of various kinds to provide customers with solutions to suit all kinds of torque measurement applications. We display a huge range of our equipment on our website, however, if you cannot find what you are looking for then please call the team at Interface Force who will be able to source the product you are after or will discuss effective solutions with you. Our years of experience within the industry enable to be able to meet almost all requests and in the event that we cannot provide a solution we will point you in the right direction.

Mini Load Cells

We are pleased to provide customers with a wide range of mini load cells products. Examples of the range include: S-Type Load Cell (a low cost tension and compression S-beam style load cell), ULC – Ultra Low Capacity (capacities as low as 0.5N – the world’s most accurate ultra low capacity load cell), WMC 1 Miniature Sealed Load Cell (used where high accuracy and high performance is required), LBM Load Button (where space is at a premium), and MSC High Capacity (a high capacity, small diameter load button where space is at a premium). To view the complete range, please visit our website.

Reaction Torque Products

We are pleased to provide a range of high quality reaction torque products. All of our products are manufactured to extremely high standards and are designed and built to be tough and durable for long lasting use with all kinds of applications. Examples of our range include Hollow Flange Reaction Torque Transducers, Solid Flange Reaction Torque Transducers, Shaft to Flange Style Reaction Torque Transducers, Short Flange Style Reaction Torque Transducers, and many more. Our range can be viewed in full on our website where images and technical information is available.

Rotary Torque Products

Our range of Rotary Torque Products features various models including HRDT (High Resolution Digital Telemetry configured ready to run by connecting the components together and applying power), T1 (Torque Coupling Rotary Torque Transducer features a hollow, bearing-less design, 15 bit resolution, 10 kHz sampling rate and +/- 5VDC output), T25 USB (Contactless Rotary Torque Transducer for direct USB connection with PC), and RT12E (High Capacity Shaft Style Rotary Torque Transducer – one of the best available on the market). To view our complete range, please visit our website or call us at Interface Force for further information and advice.


We are widely respected in the industry for providing first class load cells, torque transducers and associated equipment. We are dedicated to providing customers with products of the highest quality and provide all customers with a first class service. All of our load cells are individually tested and calibrated with no sampling and all load cells and force sensors are creep tested to the highest industry specifications. Alongside our extensive range of products we are also able to provide custom made products to meet specific requests. These can be created in fast turn around times and at competitive prices.

Low-Profile Load Cells

Our low-profile load cells have been used in various industries around the world for many years. Our experience within the industry has enabled us to create a range of innovative and effective load cell solutions to suit all kinds of applications and environments. Our Low Profile load cells are used daily in aerospace applications such as static and fatigue test rigs around the world where they provide cost effective, reliable results. All of our low-profile load cells undergo stringent test procedures at low and high temperatures to meet high industry specifications. Our Gold Standard™ Calibration System is available to calibrate load cells quickly and accurately.

Xsensor Pressure Mapping Systems

The XSensor Pressure Mapping System is an innovative system designed to measure the pressure between two contacting surfaces. This enables users to determine key elements such as the best low pressure performance, high active area up to 70%+, and robust calibration intervals up to 1 year. The XSensor equipment allows users to discover all kinds of key information needed in a range of industry applications such as in racing where racing teams can accurately profile tyres to generate maximum contact area through correct chassis setup. Please contact us to find out more about the XSensor Mapping System.


XSensors provide various sensors to suit different industry applications. Examples of the range include the IX500:256.256.16 (a high resolution tyre sensor for displaying detailed images in 2D and 3D for tyre profile and tread analysis), the IX500:256.256.22 (particularly suitable for use in the automotive industry as it offers the highest resolution of any tyre pressure mapping sensor available), the PX100:36.36.02 Seat (low pressure sensor used where conforming to irregular shapes is required), and the PX100:64.160.02 BED (a high resolution bed sensor offering images in 2D or 3D. To view the complete range of sensors, please visit our website.

Sensor Systems

Our range of XSensor Systems features the Hi-Res 1.6mm Tyre Pressure Mapping System (features high resolution sensor, pro sensor packs, pro electronics, pro software V6.0 and Li-lon battery), Hi-Speed 5.08mm Tyre (offers increased speed of data capture necessary for higher speed chassis and suspension systems), R&D Bed System (designed for bed and mattress designers to create high quality, effective bed solutions), X3 Pro Seat System (used for product development of automotive seating, office seating, sofas and other seating products), and the X3 Wiper Blade System (designed for use as a quality assurance and design tool). Please visit our website to find out more about our range of sensor systems.

Sensor Accessories

To complement our ranges of sensor equipment we also supply accessories such as the X3 Battery Pack, and the X3 Display. The X3 display is a handy PDA device designed for simple but effective use when you are on the move. The X3 display requires a sensor and sensor pack to be connected before data can be collected and stored on a compact flash card for later use. This data can also be viewed on the colour touch-screen and downloaded to your PC for analysis using XSensor’s X3 Pro V6 software.

Multi Axis Load Cells

AMTI's model BOLT-3 transducer is a unique instrument that simultaneously measures the torque applied to a bolt and the torque at the threads as well as the axial tension in the bolt. In isolating these three values, the BOLT-3 enables a detailed study of the loading on a bolted element. This provides data for the effect of material, pitch size, thread form, lubricants and contact pressure on the element.

Both self-locking inserts and self-locking threads as well as thread-locking compounds can be examined. The BOLT-3 also measures the thrust characteristics and torque of lead screws.

Force Platforms

Designed for precision measurement of ground reaction forces and ideal for clinical studies and research,
AMTI's Biomechanics Force Platform model BP400600 measures the three orthogonal force and moment components along the X, Y, and Z axes.

Available in three force capacities, the BP400600 Biomechanics Force Platform is easy to use and features low crosstalk, high sensitivity, long term stability and superior repeatability. It is particularly suitable for medical research, biomechanics, orthopaedics, prosthetics, rehabilitation evaluation, engineering and general industrial uses. Specific uses include athletic performance analysis, shoe design, gait analysis,
"Romberg" testing or stability analysis, neurological study, prosthetics fitting and force, power, and work studies.

Pressure Imaging Platforms

Pressure imaging systems monitor and compare pressure distributions, dynamically measuring the interface pressure between two surfaces. Our XSENSOR pressure imaging systems, with state-of-the-art X3 technology, offer connectivity and portability with four core platforms. The base X3 platform is suitable for a variety of applications such as clinical work and medical research and mattress retail. The X3 Pro platform is designed for high-end data-intensive applications where accuracy and speed are critical. The X3 display is a convenient portable platform complete with software, calibration files and sensor auto-configuration, designed for clinicians and mobile researchers.

Bed Sensors

The advanced X3 Wireless Mattress System can match customers to their ideal mattress based on sleep positions and body types by highlighting pressure points and the proper support offered by a quality mattress.

The full-body X3 Wireless Mattress System offers ease of use and complete portabißlity; no cumbersome wires to tangle when moving from mattress to mattress, allowing for convenient mattress demonstrations throughout the store.

Providing a visual representation based on their particular body attributes, the system allows customers to compare peak pressure point and support measurements of up to six mattresses. Review of the results enables them to select the mattress most suited to their body type, for optimum comfort and support.

Torque Sensors

AMTI's smallest multi-component sensor, the MC1 force/torque sensor, is designed for precision measurement of underwater forces and moments, and is especially suited to applications such as research & development with underwater models, robotics, tow tanks and biomechanics.

The MC1 measures the three orthogonal force components and moments along the X, Y and Z axes. Easy to use, and with superior repeatability, high sensitivity and stiffness, low cross-talk and long-term stability, this sensor is perfect for research and testing environments.

Other AMTI transducers are available with varying sizes, materials and load capacities to meet your specific needs.

Digital Strain Amplifier

The six-channel AMTI DSA-6 digital strain amplifier, a high speed, high accuracy signal conditioning and data acquisition front end for strain gauge bridge instrumentation, is designed to be used with AMTI transducers and force platforms.

The DigiAmp is reliable, easy to use, and flexible. It is the lowest noise, highest stability strain gauge signal conditioning platform available. It interfaces with existing analogue data acquisition systems as well as providing future-proofing with its ethernet output for digital signal conditioning and data acquisition. Up to six amplifiers can be cascaded on one ethernet line.



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  • Xsensor Technology Pressure mapping systems. XSENSOR Technology Corporations innovative Pressure Mapping products are used in ever more varied areas of industry and research. If you work in bedding manufacture, bedding retail, seating, automotive, aerospace, defence or R&D then we have a pressure mapping solution to help.

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