Established in 2004, Innovia Films is a major producer of speciality Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose films with production sites in the UK, USA, Belgium and Australia. With 17 sales offices and a strong network of distributors and agents we sell into over 110 countries worldwide. We hold a leading global position in the markets where we chose to compete: labels and security films, high performance coated packaging, tobacco overwrap and biodegradable/compostable and sustainable films. Speciality coated films include those for high barrier, high speed, anti-mist, peel and re-seal, shrink-tightening, printable and low temperature sealing. We also produce coloured cellulose films, white, clear and metallised film. The range also includes fully biodegradable/compostable cellulose films which are manufactured from renewable/sustainable resources.

With over 1350 employees worldwide, our philosophy is based on the production of sophisticated high quality products, whilst building strong relationships between both our customers and partners and offering an unsurpassed level of service. We are also extremely proud of the awards we have won, not just for our products but also the impact they and our business are having on sustainability and the environment.

Films with Security Features

Innovia fabricates an overwrapping film with an integrated tamper-verification security feature. This new design, the Clarity®Pack, incorporates unique elements of the 'bubble' film-fabrication process. Hidden security markings are embedded in the film, then placed along a pre-printed frame on the carton box of the product, to create a unique image that cannot be duplicated.

A handheld scanner (which can double as a barcode scanner) then scans the image and stores it in a secure database. Any attempts to open the package disrupt this embedded image. And so a product inside this security overwrapping film can be checked at all times – the security seal and authenticity of the product are guaranteed by checking that the image has not been broken.

Our Clarity®Pack is especially useful for pharmaceutical applications, where European Union directives require that medicines must be shipped in tamper-verification packaging. Cosmetics, perfumes, and other high-value products would also be good uses for our Clarity®Pack product.

We also offer machine detection and authentication of the Clarity®Pack security features using our exclusive and proprietary Versus® technology.


There are many demands placed on packaging today, whether it be keeping its contents in premium condition for as long as possible whilst still looking attractive to the consumer or reducing waste and its impact on the environment. Many manufacturers place a high value on a film that can optimise speed as well as providing a barrier against things like gas, light and water vapour. Our BOPP film possesses many beneficial attributes, as well as being versatile and having many applications, our film offers a variety of grades to satisfy barrier requirements, high performance as well as new printing technologies.

Cellulose Film

Our cellulose based film packaging, Cellophane and Natureflex share some inherent properties. They are dead-fold, antistatic, heat resistant, resistant to grease and chemicals and are also made from renewable resources. As with our BOPP films, our cellulose based films have been developed within grades that offer maximum flexibility in terms of heat seal, barrier and aesthetics. The NatureFlex family of films have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly as they are suitable for industrial and home composting as well as being waste water degradable.

Packaging Markets

Innovia Films are used throughout the food packaging industry to keep produce fresh and improve product shelf-appeal. The following are some of the main markets that we supply: 

  • Bakery
  • Biscuits
  • Coffee
  • Confectionary
  • Dairy
  • Dried foods
  • Fresh produce
  • Home and personal care
  • Meat
  • Tea

You can find out more about the ways in which our films are used by visiting Innovia online. 

Packaging Applications

Our NatureFlex™ films are also used across a variety of market sectors. They offer an impermeable barrier to oxygen, moisture and mineral oil, and thus have many food packaging applications. Fully compostable, NatureFlex™ films are an environmentally-friendly choice for packaging tea and coffee, confectionary, biscuits, crisps, dairy products, bakery products, fresh produce, meat, dried foods and much more. They are easily printed with brand imagery and can be made with various types of heat seal.

Mineral Oil Barrier

Scientific testing has shown NatureFlex™ films to be effective barriers against mineral oil residues, which have been linked by toxicologists to the inflammation of internal organs and even cancer.  These residues are thought to derive from the printing inks present both on the packaging surface and in the cardboard, which is made from recycled newspapers. NatureFlex™ is proven to reduce the migration of these mineral oil residues far more effectively than conventional plastic substrates such as BOPP and PE.

RayoForm In Mould Labels

RayoForm injection moulding In Mould Labelling or IML films for short, are manufactured using the bubble process. The bubble process gives a balance biaxial orientation and has broadly equal mechanical properties in the machine and transverse directions. This process gives the film specific advantages including the ability to run to print via sheet or reel fed processes, the ability to down gauge versus many competitive products as well as having no orange peel effect. All RayoForm products are also known for their ability to produce superior die cutting of complex shapes and their optimised static performance.

Health & Personal Care Labels

Our range of films can be used within the health and personal care packaging industry. Whether it be rigid containers, squeezable tubes or flexibly plastic packaging, we have a product to suit any need. With many bottles within health and personal care being transparent, there has been a notable push for the "no label" look. We understand the importance of using  robust ink adhesion as this packaging is more likely to be used in humid environments. We also offer thicker films to be used within peel-and-reseal packaging, such as that used for wet wipes and cleaning products.

Beverage Labels

We offer a variety of different labels for the beverage industry, including clear film which gives a "no label" look to high opacity or metallised films. Our range of films are incredibly versatile and includes solutions for reverse printed webs for enhanced metallic ink effects as well as pasteurisable and ice chest applications. We strive to continuously redevelop and enhance our products, with one of our new developments being wash-off BOPP label film. This product is available with many different variations in mind whether it be high gloss, metallisation or a two sided coating.

Sustainable Labels

We as a company are working towards revolutionising all areas of our business in terms of its impact on the environment. We believe that sustainability affects all levels of packaging and when it comes to labels we have already launched products that are much more environmentally friendly. One such product is our Linerless labels range which, in collaboration with Ravenwood Packaging, reduces waste by up to 50%. This is due to the unique design that removes the need for liner web for some packaging applications.

Linerless Labels

We launched a new range of films that were suitable for use within linerless labels, back in 2011. Specifically developed for use in Ravenwood Packaging Ltd's Nobac linerless label applicators, the films are extremely specialised. The Rayoface NB films are available in a range of options including transparent and white grades as well as a choice of thickness; 92µm or 60µm. When the Rayoface NB films are converted into linerless labels they can be used for applications such as lidded food trays for meat and fish products.

Household Goods Labels

We have a wide range of labels for use within the household chemicals markets. As with many household goods labels, the packaging has to not only look good but be functional and instruct the customer. Our labels offer many different benefits, not only will they maximise the shelf appeal of the product but they can also be used to produce extended content and booklets. For more information on our household goods labels including the different films available, feel free to visit the website.

Print Technology

We can ensure that our coated films perform to a high standard when printed using traditional printing processes. This is thanks to our experienced specialised labels department who have spent so many years working with suppliers to perfect the process. We are also continuously redeveloping and improving our products and this is why our films are also suitable for flexography, letterpress, screen and offset print processes, hot and cold foiling films as well as thermal transfer. We also offer uncoated films which can be used on solvent based flexography and gravure presses.

Tobacco Packaging

We have been one of the global leading suppliers of tobacco packaging for films within the industry, for over 30 years. It is during this time that we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise within the field which has allowed us to manufacture a wide range of leading edge products. To maintain our hold within the tobacco arena, we are continuously researching and redeveloping our products so that they remain competitive. These redevelopments are mainly based on consumer relevent innovations and how to successfully implement them.

Cigar Packaging

We have a selection of tobacco packaging films which can be used to overwrap individual cigars by hand or flow wrapping. These include our coated films which are BOPP films that are coated to give a superior barrier against water vapour, flavours and aromas, ensuring the cigar remains in perfect condition. Our cellophane product is manufactured from regenerated cellulose and possesses excellent transparency, gloss and dead fold qualities. Those concerned about the environment should consider our renewable film which is completely compostable and manufactured from renewable resources.

Carton Overwrap

We have a wide range of tobacco packaging that allows for the over-wrapping of multiple carton boxes into one overall mutlipack. Our shrink BOPP films possess controlled and balanced shrinkage as well as high level of gloss and optical clarity. Our standard films have the benefit of a high speed packaging ability as well as being an excellent barrier against moisture and aromas. It should also be noted that we provide a renewable overwrap option that is fully compostable. For full specifications on these and other products, please visit the website.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Cellophane Cellulose films for packaging.
  • NatureFlex Certified cellulose biodegradable and compostable flexible films manufactured from renewable resources.
  • Propafilm Biaxially oriented polypropylene films for packaging and label facestock films.
  • Rayoart Thick BOPP films for graphic arts applications.
  • Rayoface BOPP films for label facestock applications.
  • Rayofoil Metallised BOPP films for label applications.
  • StarTwist Cellulose films with enhanced twist and deadfold characteristics.

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