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Industrial Design Ltd specialise in the production of Safety Control Systems used in the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. We design and develop a range of fire and gas detection, suppression, emergency shutdown and access control products which represent the very best in quality, reliability and safety.        

We’re able to offer complete solutions for organisations of any size. Years of industry experience, combined with extensive application expertise, enable us to develop safety control systems that are designed around your needs. Our strength lies in our unique ability to tailor systems exactly to your requirements, and our proven track record of delivering projects on time makes us the preferred supplier for international organisations the world over.

At the heart of our company is a dedicated team of highly skilled and vastly experienced design, project and field engineers who are committed to providing customers with specialist expertise, service and support unrivalled anywhere in the market. They ensure that all of our systems meet the extremely high standards our customers demand.

Our services - which include site surveying, design and integration, consultancy, installation and commissioning - are extended to a global market. We’ve completed projects all over the world for a diverse range of clients.

So for fire and gas detection, emergency shutdown, fire suppression and access control systems, look no further than Industrial Design Ltd. Visit our website to find out more about our products and services. There you’ll also find case studies detailing some of the projects we’ve completed in the past.

If you would like to speak one of our experts, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Material Supply

Industrial Design are able to source and supply a wide range of materials for calibration and maintenance or system expansion. Since we are not tied to any corporate brand, our components are selected from a number of different suppliers. This means we can ensure our customers get the very best parts for their particular application. Expert advice on materials and techniques for calibration and maintenance can be provided if required.

Addressable & Conventional Control Panels

Because Industrial Design Ltd is an independent company, we are able to design and supply safety control systems that utilise addressable and non-addressable control panels from other manufacturers. This means we will source the most appropriate control system for the application, ensuring optimum reliability, greater affordability, and most importantly, total customer satisfaction. Control panels can be supplied for small, independent, localised areas or for site wide protection.

HMI & Scada

Industrial Design Ltd are able to provide HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) which present data from a process or control system in a graphical format in order that an operator can more easily control the system. We also implement Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that include input/output signal hardware, controllers, HMI, communication networks and software.

SCADA systems are used for distributed measurement and control of processes and systems. Should a fire emergency occur, the SCADA system is able to activate emergency shutdown procedures, alarms, and fire protection devices.

PLC Based Systems

Industrial Design fire and gas detection and control systems incorporate PLCs that offer greater flexibility when expanding systems in the future and when interfacing with other systems. We can design to SIL (Safety Integrity Level) ratings and have extensive functionality for logic programming. Our range of PLC based systems have been developed using parts from industry leading brands such as Siemens, GE Fanuc and Allen Bradley, allowing for consolidated spares support with existing systems. PLCs can be used in conjunction with various front end interfaces in order to extend functionality.

Modular 19" Rack Control Systems

Our 19” rack control systems can incorporate the following modules: 

•System Monitor Module
•Single Channel Input Module
•Flame Detector Module
•Extinguishant Module
•LHD (Linear Heat Detector) Module
•4-20 mA Analogue Input Module
•Multi Input / Output Module
•Extinguishant Mode Indicator Module
•Dual Channel Output Module
•High Power Output Module
•Relay Module
•MOV Module (Motorised Operator Valve)

You can find out more about each of the above modules by visiting the product page on the Industrial Design Ltd website.

Fire Suppression

Industrial Design Ltd specialise in the design of fire suppression systems that use various mediums of suppression, including:

  • Watermist Systems – highly efficient and effective systems utilising micron sized water droplets which reduce smoke damage and inflict minimal damage to surroundings.
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) Systems – these use CO2 to displace Oxygen and therefore suffocate the fire. Suitable only for unmanned areas such as substations, transformer rooms, data centres, archives, etc.
  • FM200 Systems – a colourless, odourless gaseous fire extinguishing agent with a boiling point of 16.4°C. As a Clean Agent, FM200 (or heptafluoropropane) leaves no residue or deposit.
  • Dry Powder Systems – developed for use on Class A, B and C fires and fires that involve electrical equipment. Typically used in portable fire extinguishers.
  • Wet Chemical Systems – designed specifically for the suppression of fires that involve cooking fats and oils which have a flash point over 38°C (where class B extinguishers are ineffective).
  • Hypoxic Air Systems – used to maintain a concentration of oxygen between 15.5% and 14.5%, preventing fires from occurring. This concentration of oxygen is safe for personnel to work in

Site Surveys

Industrial Design Ltd offer a full range of supporting services carried out by a highly skilled and vastly experienced team of design, project and field engineers. Most of the projects that we complete begin with a full site survey of existing systems - assessing maintainability, compiling detailed specifications, and making suggestions for upgrades where required. Our surveyors will attend your site and produce detailed reports and drawings that give you a clearer picture of any risks and shortfalls that may exist in your site safety systems.

Design & Integration

Industrial Design Ltd produces safety systems that incorporate its own products, those of third party manufacturers, or a combination of both. As an independent systems integrator we provide solutions that utilise the most appropriate technologies for the required application. All of our safety systems are designed to comply with or exceed the respective design standard, and all of our design processes are completely transparent to ensure that our customers’ expectations are met at every stage of the process. 


Years of experience in the design and integration of safety control systems makes us well placed to provide independent and reliable advice on a consultancy basis. We are able to carry out thorough technical investigations into fire and gas installations and also advise on the most suitable technology for future installations. At Industrial Design Ltd, we believe that it is imperative to get the best advice as early in the design process as possible so that costly changes during manufacture or after installation are avoided. By using our consultancy service you can elude these common pitfalls.


The installation of a safety system should be undertaken by a provider that is familiar with the respective standards and regulations. Though we do not carry out any construction or installation work directly, Industrial Design Ltd are able to offer the required skills and expertise to plan, coordinate, supervise and deliver an installation project on time and in compliance with the standards and regulations in force across the industry.


At Industrial Design Ltd, we’re able to commission both our own and third party safety systems. After certification is given and full operator training provided, our commissioning engineers will hand over the systems to personnel who oversee its ongoing operation and maintenance. We help all operators gain a solid understanding of the principles, workings and limitations of the systems. It is this understanding that gives ownership and instils confidence to perform routine maintenance. 


In addition to the onsite training given during the commissioning process, we are also able to provide comprehensive training in operation and ongoing maintenance for personnel on rotation, new employees, or as part of a programme to maintain a well-informed workforce. Our experienced instructors can deliver seminars from our base in Oxford, in London, or onsite, depending on the number of people you wish to attend. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our personnel training courses.


Our support doesn’t end with sales and commissioning. We’re committed to providing a complete service for the entire lifespan of your system – this includes comprehensive technical support and fault diagnosis, helping you to resolve system irregularities should they arise. In most cases we can provide solutions remotely, but when called upon, our skilled and experienced engineers can visit your site wherever you are in the world.

Case Studies

At www.industrialdesign.ltd.uk, you’ll find several case studies detailing a selection of the projects we have completed in recent years. We have a proven track record of delivering on time and within budget, and we’re extremely proud of the excellent reputation we enjoy throughout the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

Fire and Gas Detection

Industrial Design Ltd is a leading supplier of fire and gas detection, suppression and control systems used in the Oil & Gas industry. The offshore sector demands the very best in technical innovation and product reliability, and we’ve been delivering on both fronts for many years. Our principle offerings to this critical industry include carbon dioxide extinguishing systems for vent stacks and highly specialised offshore fire and gas detection systems. By working with project managers, maintenance managers or consultants, we’re able to provide the appropriate fire and/or gas detection system for almost any oil and gas industry application. All work carried out by Industrial Design Ltd is fully compliant with the relevant British and European EN standards, giving you complete peace of mind.

Tunnel Boring Machine's (TBM)

The unique and highly specified requirements of tunnel boring machines and the environments in which they work make them a difficult proposition when trying to find a safety system solution. There are whole host of risk areas that require protection. AFFF (Aqueous Filming Forming Form), which is capable of tackling both solid and liquid fires, is used to protect the hydraulic system, while gaseous fire suppression techniques are used in electrical switchgear cabinet areas. Water curtains are also incorporated to provide a safe escape route for the personnel manning the machines.



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