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Induction Pipe Bending UK is an award winning, ISO 9001 & ISO 17025 accredited company providing a leading service to the offshore, petrochemical, power generation and general pipework industry. Formed in 2005, IPB UK draws upon the extensive experience of its management and staff who have combined have unrivalled experience in the industry. Our facilities in the North East of England provide a bending capacity from 2" NB through to 30" OD, while we also have the ability to carry out non-destructive and also destructive mechanical testing (in our UKAS approved testing laboratory). Heat treating, finishing and cleaning are also available, should they be required. We believe that our customers deserve a responsive, flexible service, as well as a high quality end product and the staff at IPB UK are always willing to make sure that is exactly what they get. If you would like more information on our products and services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you and discuss the options that are available in greater depth.

IPB Product Range - Visit our website

We are pleased to work with four induction bending machines – the smallest units bend from 2inch NB through to 12inch NB, next units bend from 4inch NB through to 20inch NB and the largest units bend from 8inch NB through to 30inch OD. We can work with a range of materials including carbon steels, high yield steels, low temperature materials, duplex and super duplex steels, high chrome materials, stainless steels and various specialist steels. Alongside our bending services we also provide a range of other in-house production operations including destructive mechanical testing, non-destructive testing, cutting, bevelling and chemical cleaning.

Destructive Mechanical Testing - Visit our website

We introduced our own test facility in 2007 and are fully accredited to ISO 17025. Our testing facilities complement our pipe bending services and can be carried out to various standards including American ASTM and API, European BS EN and DIN and individual standards such as DEP, DNV OS F101 and BP GIS 43-317 and more. Our various testing processes include tensile testing, impact testing, hardness testing, corrosion tests on Duplex and stainless steels, macro and micro examinations of metallic materials, determination of percentage ferrite to ASTM E562 and weld testing.

Non-Destructive Examination - Visit our website

To ensure our products are compliant with specifications we undertake various types of non-destructive testing from simple wall thickness checks to a series of surveys. Our highly experienced and qualified team carry out various testing types such as magnetic particle inspection (standard and fluorescent), liquid penetrant inspection, UT wall thickness survey, UT straight beam lamination survey, UT shearwave survey, UT longitudinal seam weld survey and surface hardness survey. We have also built great relationship with other leading businesses in the industry who we work closely with to provide additional services such as PMI via non invasive XRF type technology, ferrite check by Fischer Ferritscope and radiography.

Post Bend Heat Treatment - Visit our website

The process of induction bending pipework can sometimes alter the mechanical properties due to the heat input. It is therefore essential in many cases to carry out post bend heat treatment to restore the products or enhance their mechanical properties. We work closely with a local sub-contractor to provide various post heat treatment services including:


  • Normalise: usually for carbon steels such as ASTM A106 or Gr. B, A333 Gr. 6 and API 5L X52.
  • Normalise and Temper: usually for materials containing a higher level of chrome such as ASTM A335 P11 and P22.
  • Quench and Temper: usually for high yield materials such as API 5L X65.
  • Solution Anneal: applied to stainless and duplex steel such as UNS S31803 and UNS S32760.

Chemical Cleaning - Visit our website

Non-ferrous metals are at risk of contamination from contact with carbon steels.  We therefore employ a chemical cleaning facility, which operates to full HSE requirements.  We offer three large pickling tanks, two of which have dimensions of 4.0m x 2.0m.  A larger tank measures 8.0m x 2.0m, along with a passivisation area of similar dimensions.  First bends are immersed in a cleaning solution, then passivised and finally, if suitably sized, they are shrink-wrapped on clean pallets.  If you have special requirements and want a bespoke solution we also offer smaller units which can be commissioned for your use.

Bevelling - Visit our website

Bevelling is used to soften the edges of pieces for safety reasons, or to increase resistance to wear and tear or to allow for mating with other pieces.  At t IPB we offer bevelling to typical API and ASTM/ASME requirements.  We operate a horizontal boring machine with varying capacity of 0.5” to 30”.

Packaging and Transport - Visit our website

Working closely with a leading international freight forwarding company, we pack pallets, cranes, cases and containers.  If you require items to be transported anywhere in the UK, we offer an exemplary service.  If your transport needs are further afield, we have the ability to transport worldwide, via road, sea or air.

Offshore Oil and Gas Production - Visit our website

Induction formed bends have long been utilised by the UK offshore oil and gas exploration sector for both subsea and topside uses.  Induction Pipe Bending UK Ltd has extensive experience in the field of oil and gas pipe induction bending.  We offer a superior service that is personal, to meet your individual company’s needs.  We liaise closely with end users and with intermediaries to make sure the service you receive fulfils all your requirements.  We have expert knowledge of the benefits of induction bending and are always happy to discuss these and any other aspects of induction bending with you.

Power Generation - Visit our website

Today there is a great deal of activity in the UK’s power generation industry, centred around the refurbishment of many power stations.  Induction bends are a key component of many applications in power plants and we are therefore playing a major part in the widespread refurbishment that is going on.  We draw on our experience and expertise to offer a range of solutions to the power generation market, including bending from templates and/or items that have been removed previously.

General and Process Pipework - Visit our website

The uses for induction bends in a large range of general and process pipework applications are many and varied.  Induction bends are used for all sorts of solutions, be it providing large scale conduits or effective heat exchange, and much more.  Induction bends are utilised for the conveyance of a great many types of liquids and gases.  Drawing on our knowledge and expertise we can advise on the many options available, across a range of working environments.  As always, we strive to meet your company’s individual needs and requirements.

Experience - Visit our website

Since Induction Pipe Bending Ltd started out in 2005, we have successfully undertaken over 2500 contracts for all sorts of different applications.  Gaining ISO 9000 approval in 2006 meant that we could provide more project-led effective manufacturing.  You can see on our website a short list of some of the many projects we have successfully completed.  All of our projects are managed within stipulated quality requirements, with full documentation provided both before and after manufacture.  We pride ourselves on attention to detail and, whether your project is small or large, we deliver within strict time and quality restraints.

Technical Info - Visit our website

Induction bending is defined as a method of bending pipes by applying heat, utilising high frequency induced electrical power.  The materials being used and the format of the finished product influence achieved tolerances.  However, as we demand that our products are of the highest quality, whatever the application, we apply minimum standards across the board.  Our standards are outlined as follows: Angle:  + / – 0.5 degrees; Radius: + / – 1.0% of nominal; Linear distances: + / – 3.0mm to 12” NB, + / – 5.0mm thereafter; Linear plane: + / – 1.0% of centre line radius.  There is a good deal more technical information about induction bending that you can see on our website.



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