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Improve your customer relationships, increase your profitability

Having worked for top agencies, FTSE 250 companies and SME's, I have experience and expertise in increasing market penetration and revenue, driving sales-oriented marketing programmes and improving customer satisfaction levels across a wide range of markets and media.

Achieving results with creative strategic thinking and marketing insight to influence or change behaviour, I'll help you develop a more sustainable relationship with all your customers, ensuring loyalty, continued custom and increased profitability.Opel Astra Estate advertisement
Add Impetus to your marketing

I can manage all of your business’s marketing needs from the initial strategic planning to developing the marketing strategy, from implementing the marketing communications plan to the search engine optimisation of your website to increase its visibility. This guarantees consistency of message delivery across all customer contact points, enhancing your brand image and increasing your brand equity.

Or I can act as consultants on any aspect of the marketing mix.

Contact me and add Impetus to your marketing.



Direct marketing

Direct Marketing, the most common form being Direct Mail, also known as mail shots, are controversial, but using the correct strategy and creative idea, it is one of the best ways to speak with your target audience and offers a great Return on Investment. The key to Direct Marketing, both mail and email, is careful and well thought through planning in all aspects of the process, all drawn from our keen interest in your business and our market research. When all these factors come together successfully, as we have achieved for many of our clients, they can result in a much expanded customer base and open up a direct conversation between your brand and the potential customer.

Online advertising

We all know that we are living in a digitised time, where we are constantly online, which has to varying extents limited the effectiveness of traditional mediums of commnication such as TV and Print campaigns. The effectiveness of online advertising when using a strong marketing strategy, often integrated with other medias, can open up your brand to a much greater audience at a fraction of the price of other medias. However, this comes with the challenge of engaging a target market that have no obligation to interact with your advertising and brand. We have identified three levels of interaction on the internet - consumption (online content), credibility (your brand) and conversation (social media) - that we combine in our campaigns to engage the consumer and build online brand presemce.


Many have remarked that a brand is the most valuable asset a company can posses - we whole heartedly agree that by revitalising your brand you can increase your brand equity. Branding is all about differentiation - highlighting the values and qualities that make you stand apart from your competitors - to improve your bottom line and ultimately profitability. Investing in branding is one of the best decisions you can make for your business, building a brand builds a reputation, credibility and ultimately loyalty. Cost cutting operations cut your bottom line, while branding makes a long lasting improvement to your bottom line. 

The most succinct way to communicate your brand essence is to create a memorable and impactful tagline, which is where our expertise come in to their own. 

Internal Communication And Change Management

We are a communications organisation, so are perfectly placed to consult on your internal communication needs. Excellent internal communication helps turn business strategy into improved employee performance, required for any company to achieve its true potential. 

In our communications consulting we normally work closely with Human Resources departments, as communication is all about people. Our internal communication consultants have worked with some of the UK's top leadership teams and their services and expertise include effective, strategic organisational communication, staff surveys and research.

Our change management service is a specialist and highly valuable resource for your business, as telling hard truths is never easy, but we can make people related transitions in your business as quick and easy and possible for all parties. 



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