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The IMC Group Ltd was formed in 2007 and specialises in the design, development, manufacture and supply of reliable and innovative electronic and mechanical instrumentation.

The IMC Group features a Group of companies owned and managed by an enthusiastic and driven board of directors who are committed to pushing the boundaries in terms of development and acquisition in order to deliver outstanding products and services to a global client base.

We offer a wide selection of equipment, including: dust monitoring, energy monitoring, flood sensor, environmental control system, insect pest control, remote temperature sensor, light meter, GPRS transmitter, GPS tracking, blood temperature indicator, wind sensor, wood sensor, air quality sensor, differential pressure sensor and more.

We work closely with customers to ensure the most effective solutions are created. Alongside the supply of incredibly high quality electronic and mechanical instrumentation, we also offer first class installation services and outstanding post-sales support. We are committed to ensuring our customers get the very best attention and service at all times.

Our current systems are used all around the world and can even be found in high profile locations such as in Royal Palaces for preserving artefacts, or in The Vatican for monitoring damage during the transportation of power transformers.

Please read on and/or visit our website to find out more about some of our incredible products and systems. For further information, or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us directly at the IMC Group Limited and we will be happy to help.

Air Flow Sensor - ScoutPlus Anemometer

The ScoutPlus Anemometer air flow sensor is used to detect early failure of refrigeration plant, to detect reduced air flow through blocked filters, to reduce errors resulting from manual checks and ultimately reduce the risk of damage to stock due to equipment failure.

The unit features an HVAC miniature air flow sensor for use with high volume applications. The wireless transmitters are housed in an IP67 enclosure along with battery, radio transmitter, real-time clock and data storage facilities. The enclosure is ultrasonically welded to ensure it is completely watertight. Waterproof connectors are also used with external air flow sensors.

Air Quality Sensor - ClimaBox

The ClimaBox air quality sensor is a fantastic device designed to monitor CO2, temperature and humidity. It is available as a data logger version for standalone applications or as a wireless version for distributed monitoring and control applications. It features a CO2 sensor which silently draws air in through ventilation holes enabling it to pass across the sensor and out of ventilation holes on the other side. Information is gathered and displayed on an LCD screen and is available for easy download to PC via a USB cable or via wireless transmission of data to PC via an SR2 or CR2 base station. The ClimaBox is an effective system for improving air quality in a range of environments.

Differential Pressure Sensor - 4000DP

The 4000DP differential pressure sensor provides users with an ongoing record of differential pressure. Units in this range feature silicon micro-machined, stress concentration-enhanced structures to provide a linear output to the measured pressure. They are designed for use with non-corrosive and non-ionic working fluids such as clean dry air and dry gases and feature ports designed with matched dead volumes.

The 4000DP provides wireless data transfer in a range of up to 3km on open ground. It features an LCD display for data readings and battery life and is compliant with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives.

Dust Monitoring - DustBug

The Hanwell DustBug is a fantastic unit designed to measure the accumulation of dust in a range of environments. The unit is straightforward to use by simply placing it on a flat surface and leaving dust to gather on its glass surface. The DustBug’s integrated camera measures the percentage area of glass covered by dust and presents data for easy viewing on its display screen. Measurements are usually updated every 24 hours enabling users to monitor dust levels and optimise cleaning schedules. The unit also enables users to identify ‘high risk’ areas and reduce risk of damage caused by moulds and insects.

Energy Monitor - Hanwell Utility

The Hanwell Utility range has been expertly designed and created to measure and record utility usage over a period of time and provides users with statistical analysis of kilowatt/hrs, cubic meters of gas and litres of water consumed. The Hanwell Utility Sensors can be placed easily in different areas of a given site to enable users to identify and eliminate areas of waste and reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. The range is fully compatible with existing Hanwell systems and complies with RoHS, EU directives and WEEE. Please visit our website to view full product descriptions.

Flood Sensor - FloodWatch

Here at the IMC Group, we are pleased to supply the fantastic FloodWatch flood sensor designed to warn users of impending flood damage. The Flood series of radio transmitters and GPRS transmitters has been expertly designed to detect flood or leak damage in a range of buildings and environments. The sensors are connected to a series of highly responsive flood detection cables which are placed in key areas within the building ready to detect water leakage. The units and cables are easy to install and sensors are powered by internal batteries lasting for up to two years before needing to be replaced. Please see full technical details online.

Environmental Control System - MS1000

We are also pleased to offer the MS1000 Environmental Control System. This robust and reliable unit provides complete closed loop environmental monitoring and features outstanding control capabilities. It has been designed for direct interface to third party BMS systems, or can provide users with standalone control for areas that require constant and consistent conditions. The MS1000 carries the CE mark and complies with RoHS and WEEE EU directives. Please see full product descriptions on our website. For further information, please contact us directly at the IMC Group and we will be happy to help.

Impact Indicators - ShockWatch MAG2000

The ShockWatch MAG2000 is a nifty condition-based monitoring device used to protect fragile, sensitive or calibrated goods while in transit. This heavy-duty unit is resettable, reusable and designed for use with goods and freight containers of weights greater than 150kg. It is also widely used on rail cars and trucking fleets to monitor impacts during transit.

The device features two tuned and highly sensitive magnets which are forced out of alignment when an out-of-tolerance impact is experienced providing users with clear evidence of disruption to goods or mishandling of goods in transit. The unit is easy to use and features a fully tamper-proof design.

Remote Temperature Sensor - Alarmwatch

The AlarmWatch remote temperature sensors form part of the GSM based Watch series. These standalone units are suitable for use in a range of locations and are only limited by the availability of GSM signals. They feature different temperature combinations and volt-free contact inputs. If an alarm condition is breached, the units send SMS messages to pre-stored telephone numbers. Up to eight destination telephone numbers for SMS messages can be stored and setup is easy to carry out via a USB interface and a simple setup programme. AlarmWatch units are battery powered or can be powered by 12V if required.

Light Meter - ML4000LUX/UV Series

The IMC Group is pleased to present the ML4000LUX/UV series of data loggers and radio transmitters. This fantastic range has been created to provide users with equipment for the reliable and accurate measurement of light (LUX) and ultraviolet (UV). The ML4000LUX/UV series is widely used by clients wishing to reduce damage to objects caused by natural and/or artificial light. The prevention of damage to items is a cost-effective alternative to restoring light and UV damaged items. Please see full production descriptions on our website, or contact us directly at the IMC Group for further information.

GPRS Transmitter - iSense

We are also pleased to offer the GPRS transmitter, iSense. This fantastic unit is designed to monitor diverse parameters via wireless GPRS technology. It is completely self-contained and has a battery life of up to five years. It is extremely effective for use in locations such as buildings, machinery, infrastructure or vehicles that may have previously been inaccessible.

The iSense can monitor a range of parameters such as energy, temperature, pressure, structural stress and more. Information is collection and transmitted to a central database via GPRS ready for immediate viewing, recording and assessment.

Blood Temperature Indicator - Blood Temp

The Blood Temperature Indicator is an ascending temperature indicator designed to accurately monitor the temperature of a blood bag during storage and transportation. The unit is easy to use via a simple push of a button and tracks blood bags to ensure they are stored and transported safely without compromise. The Blood Temp indicator ensures blood is stored, transported and reissued in accordance with all regulatory standards. Each Blood Temp indicator features a unique identifier for traceability and the indicator features an obvious colour change from white to blue if temperature breach occurs.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor - 4000RHT Series

Products in the 4000 RHT Series of temperature and humidity sensors are widely recognised as the most flexible units available, being compatible with an impressive range of temperature and humidity probes.  Adding to the flexibility factor, the user can choose to have data transmitted directly to a local PC via USB cable, or wirelessly transmitted to a local PC for instant notification and analysis.  The extremely high performance, highly accurate 4000 RT Series is offered in data logger and radio transmitter formats.  All products in the Series are compliant with RoHS, EU directives and WEEE and carry the CE mark.  When you want outstanding accuracy in a robust and durable unit, the 4000 RHT Series fits the bill.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor - ScoutPlus RHT

The Temperature and Humidity Sensor ScoutPlus RHT forms part of the IceSpy wireless monitoring system, providing reliable remote wireless monitoring and data transfer.  The Scout Plus complies with BSEN 12830, RoHS and WEEE EU directives and carries the CE Mark.  The ScoutPlus RH/T has an integral power source, real-time clock and data storage facilities, all housed in an IP67 enclosure. The desirable features of this flexible temperature and humidity sensor are numerous and include the capacity to store approximately 30 days of 10 minute and 80 days of 1 hour temperatures.  This wireless solution can be used in many different applications, due to the impressive range of units and probes.  The ScoutPlus provides up to 5 years of battery life and the durability offered means you can be sure of accurate and reliable wireless monitoring for years.

Temperature Sensor - 4000T

The 4000T series of temperature sensors is easily the most flexible you will find, being compatible with a wide range of temperature probes.  Data can be downloaded directly to a local PC or wirelessly transmitted, providing instant automatic notification and analysis.  You can be assured of the high levels of accuracy and performance you require.  The 4000T Series is fully compliant with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives and carries the CE Mark.  Offering a battery life of up to 3 years, the 4000T Series will give you highly accurate and reliable temperature data for years.

Temperature Sensor - ScoutPlus - T

Scout and ScoutPlus temperature sensors are used across a wide variety of industry sectors.  Scout and ScoutPlus wireless transmitters form part of the IceSpy system.  The Scout model has 1 internal temperature sensor and the Scout Plus offers, in addition to the internal sensor, an external connector allowing the use of a remote control external sensor.  Battery power source, real-time clock and data storage facilities are housed in an IP67 enclosure.   Both Scout and ScoutPlus are compliant with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives and carry the CE Mark.  The units will provide an efficient temperature monitoring solution for years, offering high quality performance, durability and excellent levels of accuracy.



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