Igus are market-leading specialists in the production of reinforced plastic energy chains and injection moulded polymer bearings. Our Energy Chain Systems, which are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, are able to travel long and short distances at high speeds and in all directions. We also manufacture top quality, ultra-flexible high speed data cables and glass fibre-optic cables.                   

Igus (UK) Ltd is a subsidiary of Igus GmbH, a world-class supplier of complex technical polymer components and injection moulded polymer bearings. Since 1985, the company has grown from 40 to over 1350 employees working at the HQ in Germany and at subsidiary offices all over the globe. The UK branch was set up in 1991, and has quickly earned a reputation for product excellence and a fast, reliable service. An expert team of skilled engineers and electricians ensure all of our products are finished to the very highest standards, while experienced installation staff complete the systems on site.                   

In the coming years, Igus will continue to invest in the latest materials and production techniques in order that our customers remain at the forefront of modern technology.If you would like to find out more about who we are and what we do, make sure you head directly to the Igus UK website, where you’ll find information on all of our innovative products and their uses.                   

E-Chain Systems

Our E-Chain Systems (or Energy Chains) are like the umbilical cords of modern machines. They supply the energy (electric, hydraulic and pneumatic), digital data and signals, and have been used in an endless array of applications, from plant machinery and production lines, to robotic machines and TV studio equipment. Because they are of a modular construction, our Energy Chain systems are easily configured and installed into virtually any arrangement, meaning our customers can save vital floor space. Resistant to wind, weathering, dirt and chemicals, our E-Chain systems can be used in almost any environment.


ReadyChains are our Plug-and-Play version of the E-Chain System. That means they're ready to install as pre-assembled units. A fine-tuned logistics system allows us to supply them on a guaranteed date, within 3-10 days, almost anywhere in the world. You determine the degree of harnessing, the size, and the travel length, and we'll come up with the solution, complete with all the cables and hoses, patch plugs, inner partitions, connecting elements and connecting parts that you need. The ReadyChain system is incredibly versatile and interchangeable, allowing you to respond the economic conditions of your sector. To find out more, just follow this link to our website.


We're extremely confident about the tricks and innovative features of the Chainflex cable design, which has been developed to eradicate the problems that have plagued automation technology for nearly 30 years. Guided cable systems often fail because of 'corkscrews' and core ruptures which can bring the entire production process to a standstill – downtime can be extremely costly. Igus has come up with a quality cable solution; a strain-relieving centre, a bundled stranding arrangement, a gusset-filled extruded inner jacket, an enclosed shield braid, optimized shield braiding angle, and a gusset-filled extruded outer jacket. Factories throughout the world are benefitting from our innovative Chainflex cables.

Igus Connectors

Igus offers its customers a broad range of plug connector options. The accumulation of stock by the Igus assembling operation ensures high material availability, while our trained specialists offer advice and guidance on the assembly of your plug connectors.Plugs can be assembled together with cables in almost any combination. There are over 950 Chainflex cables and 3500 connector components available to choose from. To find out more, please follow the link to the Igus UK website.

Invis Power Module Kit

Our Invis power module kits consist of seven components: the feeder module, the M-Pick-up, the flat pickup, the compensation, the loop line, the feed line and the terminal box. These systems offer contactless, insensitive and quiet inductive energy transmission. The modular design enables the cost-effective selection of standard parts which may be assembled in line with the individual requirements of the customer. A unique design makes cornering, endless circular motions, and even the ascent and descent of slopes possible. These power module kits can also simultaneously supply several consumers from the loop line.

Iglidur Bearings

Our Iglidur bearings require no lubrication and very little maintenance, whist also improving service life. Manufactured from special polymers, these ingenious bearings have been tried and tested to work in even the most abrasive and frictional applications. In addition to being highly resistant wear, Iglidur bearings can reach temperatures of up to 250°C without fail. They can be used in a wide range of machinery and equipment, including welding plant, screwdrivers, mounting devices, cranes, conveyors, food processing plant, and much more.

Igubal Bearings

Igubal is an innovative system of self-aligning spherical bearing elements made from high-performance polymers. They are extremely easy to mount, and are suitable for all angular variations. The specially developed polymer materials have outstanding vibration dampening properties, and are also entirely resistant to corrosion, meaning they can be used in liquids and chemicals. Because they require no lubrication, Igubal bearings are also ideal for dusty or dirty environments. To top it all off, they are completely maintenance-free, saving you time and money over the course of their lifetime.

DryLin Bearings

These are our range of lubrication-free and maintenance-free linear bearings, available in four unique varieties. Rugged and insensitive to water, dirt, chemicals, impact and extreme temperatures, DryLin bearings glide rather than roll. This means they are extremely quiet. Other advantages include a high static load capacity, low magnetism, and low coefficients of friction.To find out more about our DryLin Bearings, or any of the products that we offer, please head directly to the Igus UK website, where you'll find technical information, application examples, and a full catalogue detailing the benefits of our exceptional designs.

Xiros® Plastic Ball Bearings

Our fantastic Xiros® Plastic Ball Bearings are highly versatile and require little maintenance. They provide the user with many benefits and compared to other ball bearing types provide many advantages. Xiros® Plastic Ball Bearings can run dry and do not need to be greased. They are highly resistant to corrosion, can be used under water, are non-magnetic, lightweight and can be used with temperatures up to +150 °C. Xiros® Plastic Ball Bearings are ideal for applications with rotational speeds that exceed the limits of a plain ball bearing. They are not advised for use with very high loads and rotary speeds or for high precision requirements.


Speedigus is our excellent service for the manufacture of bespoke tribo-plastic parts. The process is simple; simply get in touch with your design, material and other requirements. Our team will take that information and provide you with the best possible quote and completion/ delivery information. You can choose from eight different iglidur® triboplastics including: iglidur® G, iglidur J® W300, iglidur® X, iglidur® M250, iglidur® P, iglidur®A 180, iglidur® H2 and igumid G. Please head over to our website where you can choose the properties that your tribo-plastic part will need and see which iglidur® materials are most suitable for your requirements. Alternatively, please get in touch with the team at igus who will be happy to help.


We provide an incredible range of robolink products. Simply visit our online shop where you can select and easily order the parts you need. You can also visit our configurator section where you can directly inquire about or order specific configurations from our robot joint kit online. We offer various movement mechanisms in one component. These may be lightweight (joint made of tribopolymers, light and lubricant free), compact (multi-axis joint – pivot and turn), and free (driven by chords or ropes for freely selectable drive technology. Please see further information, images and videos on our website.

Industrial Solutions

Igus provides a comprehensive range of equipment and services for various industries and applications including: automotive, cranes, robots, steel works, fluid engineering, aviation, offshore, machine tools, sheet metal forming, engineering offices, agricultural machinery, clean-room, wind power stations, wood, construction, food, glass and many more. Our years of experience enable us to provide all industries with the very best services at competitive prices. We are pleased to have the facilities and capabilities to meet various batch sizes. To find out more about our services, please take a look at our website or give us a call at igus and we will be happy to help.

Pikchain® Conveyor Chain

Here at igus (UK) Ltd, we are pleased to supply the Pikchain® Conveyor Chain. This fantastic piece of machinery features an integrated power and data supply and each conveyor link can be equipped with grippers, suction cups, tools, sensors, cameras and more to suit specific requirements. The Pikchain® Conveyor Chain can be installed horizontally, vertically or can be side mounted. It has a continuous speed of 2-3 m/s and can accommodate a maximum load (per conveyor chain link) of approximately 5,0k. If you would like to find out more about Pikchain® Conveyor Chains, please head over to our website. Alternatively, please contact us directly at igus (UK) Ltd for more information.

Drylin® SD Lead Screw Units

We are also pleased to offer Drylin® SD Lead Screw Units. These screw drives feature self-lubricating plastic nuts and threads which remain in dry operation. These screw drives are suitable for a range of applications such as in the hygiene sector or sectors where extreme dirt accumulation may be an issue; the dry operation of the screw drives means dirt does not accumulate on the threads. A range of thread types are available to suit different applications such as the self-locking trapezoidal thread which can be used for a wide range of common uses. Please get in touch for more information.

Drylin® E Electrical Linear Axis

The Drylin® E Linear Modular System is an extension of the Drylin® drive technology design kit. It features lubrication-free linear drives for dirt-resistant operation and ready-to-fit actuators and drive units can be equipped with a lead screw drive or toothed belts to suit different application requirements. A large range of optional accessories are available and full advice and support is provided to ensure the most effective system is created and installed. Please head over to our website for more information about the Drylin® E Electrical Linear Axis solutions, or call our friendly team at igus (UK) Ltd who will be happy to tell you more.


At igus (UK) Ltd we supply complete chain systems including Energy chain systems®, connectors and cables. All units are manufactured to incredibly high standards using tough and robust materials for long-term, reliable use. Our highly skilled and experienced team works closely with customers in order to assemble energy chain® systems that meet different specifications. Our complete energy chain® systems are delivered within 1 – 10 days and are supplied with a system guarantee. Single components are also available via our online shop. Full details regarding our energy chain® products and solutions are available online.

Iglidur® Piston Rings

Our Iglidur® piston rings are extremely popular. They are not only easy to assemble but they are also available at low prices. These piston rings feature excellent wear properties and are particularly effective for use in areas where simple assembly is required or when high edge loads occur. Tailor-made solutions using Igladur® materials can also be created to meet specific customer requirements. Please visit our website for detailed product specifications or to use our piston rings product finder. Alternatively, please speak with a member of the team at igus (UK) Ltd to discuss your requirements.

Iglidur® Semi-finished Products

Here at igus (UK) Ltd, we are pleased to supply iglidur® materials as round material from stock or mechanically ready-machined to suit different customer requirements. Our semi-finished products are supplied within 3 – 5 days and are the ideal solution when required dimensions are not available as standard in the iglidur® catalogue or when iglidur® plain bearings in special sizes and small quantities are required. Iglidur® semi-finished products are also popular when customers require plastic components with high demands on wear resistance and when friction coefficient is needed. Please use the product finder on our website to find the best solution for your application, or contact our friendly team directly at igus (UK) Ltd who will be happy to help.  



Registration Number: 02600806
VAT Number: GB581 1684 31
Registered at Companies House:12 April, 1991 (33 years and 2 months ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: 5-10m
Parent Company: igus GmbH
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  • Chainflex igus own cable specifically designed for dynamic applications
  • DryLin Linear bearing systems from igus
  • Energy Chain Cable carrier from igus
  • Energy Chain System Cable carrier system from igus
  • iglidur Injection moulded polymer plain bearings manufactured by igus
  • igubal Spherical polymer plain bearings manufactured by igus
  • igus Company name
  • ReadyChain Pre-harnessed cable carriers from igus
  • Triflex Multi-axis cable carrier

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