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ISO Compliance: HSE approved. NHS approved hand sanitisers. Alcohol free

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Established over 15 years ago, Hygiene First Ltd is a family business supplying first aid supplies and disposable protective clothing to the Food Processing Industry. In recent times, Hygiene First has concentrated its efforts on first aid, PPE, janitorial products, safety footwear and outdoor clothing. Our products are imported from carefully selected suppliers in the Far East. We believe that we have the capacity to take on the most demanding of annual contracts whilst still sticking to our core values of looking after the details. All of our products are selected on their quality, while we aim to provide them cost-effectively so that our customers can drive down their overheads. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by our outstanding customer service. Local deliveries are made by our own vehicles, and the rest of the UK is served by a next day parcel carrier service or a 24-72 hour palletised delivery. These speedy distribution capabilities - combined with our extensive stock - allow us to rapidly respond to our customer’s demands. Our mission is - and always has been - to offer the highest product and service quality. Committed to ongoing improvements in product quality and customer service, we always operate to the stringent British, European and International regulations for quality. When possible, our products are purchased from approved original manufacturers and sold directly to the end user. This decreases the length of the supply chain, meaning we can drive down costs for our customers .

First Aid Supplies

We supply all the typical first aid supplies that are necessary in the food processing industry. They include First Aid Kits and refills, wound dressings, plasters, Eyecare, first aid signs, burn care, pharmaceutical products, sundries and other first aid equipment.

Workplace First Aid Kits

We can provide a comprehensive selection of first aid kits for the workplace. Our kits come in a range of sizes, including small, medium and large which helps us to provide the perfect product for each and every workplace. It is also worth noting that as well as stocking standard first aid kits, we can also offer economy products which helps our customers to save money. For any more information about these or any of our products, please visit the website.

Catering First Aid Kits

We can also provide a range of catering first aid kits which have been designed to deal with the unique problems faced within a catering environment. Customers can choose between a range of kits with different sizes available. It is also worth noting that we can provide refills for your first aid kits to guarantee that you are always well prepared.

Domestic & Travel Kits

Our domestic first aid kits include all of the necessary components needed to cope with medical emergencies within the home. First aid is also important when travelling or abroad and it is for this reason that we also supply travel kits. It is worth noting that in conjunction with our standard kits, we also stock economy travel kits which are extremely cost effective. For any more information, please visit the website or contact us directly.


Dressings are basic necessities within any first aid kit and we can provide a range of these products. It is important to have a selection of different dressings within your kit and therefore we can provide, plasters, wound dressing, triangular bandages and finger bandages. You can visit the website for more information on these products, including technical details and pricing or alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email.

Protective Clothing, Equipment and Footwear

We have been supplying protective clothing for the food processing industry since 1995. Some of our products include; Hi-Vis clothing, Workwear, Ladies Workwear, ear protection, eye protection, respirators, industrial gloves, head protection and safety signs. Our protective footwear covers safety boots, shoes and wellingtons. We also supply disposable headwear, gloves and bodywear.

Sanitisers, Wipes and Biohazard

Hygiene First supplies Alcohol Gel products, surface wipes and sprays, hand soaps and detergents, biohazard products, C Difficile and Clinell Alcohol Free Products.

Janitorial Products

Hygiene First now supplies janitorial products, including refuse sacks, cleaning products, cloths, scourers, wipers, mops, buckets and brushes.

Disposable Headwear

We supply various items of disposable headwear. Examples of the range include beard masks, bouffant caps, disposable peaked caps, fine mesh hairnets, mesh beard snood, mob caps, navy pork pie caps, white nylon balaclava hoods, white nylon trilbys, white peaked caps, and many more. Please visit our website to view images and information regarding our disposable headwear range and to order safely and easily online. All items are sold in bulk quantities at competitive prices.

Safety Signs

Our safety signs are manufactured from high quality materials in order to be tough and durable in various settings. Our ranges include first aid signs (eye wash signs, first aid location signs), hazard signs (caution fork lift trucks, caution slippery floor, danger high voltage, mind the step, mind your head), fire action signs (automatic fire door keep clear, fire action instructions, fire assembly point, fire escape keep clear, and more), mandatory signs (fire door keep shut, hand protection, please switch off lights, respirator signs, and more), prohibition signs (no parking, no smoking), and factory and information signs (electricity at work regulations signs, health and safety law, pull, push, toilet baby change facility, and more).

Disposable Clothing

Hygiene First offers a great range of disposable clothing for use in a variety of hygienic environments, from food processing to crime scene investigation. This range is constantly being updated with new products to give customers even greater choice. Currently available in this category are a selection of disposable gloves (in various materials and thicknesses), headwear such as hair nets and beard masks, and bodywear such as aprons, coveralls, overshoes, oversleeves and disposable coats. Discover the full range at HygieneFirst.co.uk.

Care Home & Hospital Supplies

Hospitals and care homes are two of our most important markets, so we’re always looking for ways to expand our range and satisfy their demands for hygienic supplies. Our products include disposable aprons, disposable gloves, antibacterial hand wipes, patient bathing wipes, chlorexidine wash cloths, continence care wipes, surface sanitizer sprays, sanitizing wipes, toilet seat sanitizers, hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and much, much more. You can purchase all your supplies online at HygieneFirst.co.uk.

Warehouse & Stores Products

We also now supply a range of warehouse and stores products, including refuse sacks, tapes and various other essentials. It’s a range that’s constantly growing, so head over to our website and take a look for yourself. 

If you would like any further information regarding our products, please contact our dedicated sales team on 0845 00 999 01. 


If you've any questions about Hygiene First Ltd products or services feel free to ask them here.

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