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Hydrotechnik UK is a market leading supplier of microbore hoses, pressure test kits and gauges, hand held test and data logging equipment, measurement sensors, and the original Minimess series of test points.


Filtertechnik UK, formerly a division of Hydrotechnik, offers a wide range of filtration, separation and purification solutions that allow the fast, efficient and effective purification of oils, fuels, fluids and gasses.


Each and every one of the products we supply has been designed, developed and manufactured with quality, reliability, performance and ease-of-use in mind.


As well as an extensive portfolio of products, Hydrotechnik and Filtertechnik offer an outstanding level of service. Our customers are given as much advice and guidance as is needed in order to find the right product for their application.


Below you'll find a small selection of some of our best selling products. Only by visiting the Hydrotechnik and Filtertechnik websites can you appreciate the extent of our entire product portfolio. If you would like any further information on the products listed below, or indeed any of the products you find on our website, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales teams are ready and waiting to provide all the help and advice you need.

Minimess 1620 p/t pressure & temperature test point


These unique, versatile test points are used for fitting our PT100 test temperature sensors to systems, as well as for standard pressure uses. Viton and EPDM sealed versions are available if required. If you would like any further information, please get in touch directly with the team at Hydrotechnik UK.


Measurement Sensors


We manufacture a diverse range of top quality sensors used for precision measurement in industrial applications. Whether you need pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, or RPM sensors, Hydrotechnik has the perfect device for your requirements. Our sensors have been designed to operate in all conditions, no matter how harsh or demanding, and they also have the added benefit of multiple output and connection options. Follow the link for more information!


Multi System Data logger


Introducing the Multi System 5060 series 8 channel data logger, an all new mobile all-rounder. The 5060 represents the next generation of hand held data logger, using the very latest technology that sets the benchmark for mobile hydraulic diagnostic measurement and logging. Developed from the innovative 5050 data logger, this cutting edge device has 8 channels, with capabilities for 14 CAN Bus channels. The 5060 comes complete with Hydrowin software, which allows the user to transfer and analyse results. A 128Mb internal memory, 0.1mS scanning rate, and a hi-res colour screen makes the 5060 data logger a must have device for all hydraulic professionals. Technical specifications can be found on the Hydrotechnik website.


Minimess Pressure Test Kits


Hydrotechnik supplies a wide range of analogue pressure test kits for all test point variants. These include pipe adaptors that are tailored to suit virtually all hydraulic machines or systems. There are several different kits available, from low cost basic packages to 6 gauge fixed metal test boxes. These can be BSP, Metric, ORFS or JIC based, with all the common test points and hoses, including 1620, 1615, 1215, HSP, Steck, Flat Face Quick Release, and many more. Minimess Pressure Test Kits come in a specially designed box which may be printed with your logos and contact details if required.


Microbore Hose


Our Microbore Hose assemblies are typically connected to a Minimess Test point for pressure testing, but there are a wide range of other applications for which they can be used. These lightweight, ultra-flexible hoses are available in 2 mm or 4 mm internal diameters, and are often used for protecting electrical cabling, transferring oils, water, gases, aggressive mediums and grease, as well as pressure testing (up to 630 Bar) and bleeding. Hydrotechnik stocks a large selection of hose ends in carbon and stainless steel, and offers numerous accessory options, including hose labelling, hose sleeve protection, and anti-buckling springs.


Digital Pressure Gauges


Hydrotechnik provides a number of low cost, high performance digital pressure gauges for accurate testing and measuring. Our stylish, precise and exceptionally designed 75 mm diameter digital pressure gauges are able to measure pressures ranging from 0 to 60, 250 and 600 bar. These innovative devices have a 4 digit LCD readout with a 0 to 100% bar graph and Min/Max pressure memory.


All digital pressure gauges need to be calibrated at regular intervals so that they continue to give the most accurate results. Hand your gauges over to Hydrotechnik, and we'll calibrate them for you. If needed, we'll also supply accuracy certification for quality assurance purposes.


Dessicant Air Breathers


Filtertechnik UK supplies dessicant air breathers made with silica gel, a moisture absorbing formula which can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The silica gel traps the moisture whilst filtering air down to 2 microns. As it absorbs the moisture, the gel turns a yellow green colour, which gives an indication as to when it needs changing. Filtertechnik also provides a number of non-dessicant air breathers. If you would like to find out more, please follow this link to our website.


Filter Elements


Filtertechnik stocks thousands of filter elements, and these are available for immediate despatch. Also, because we have direct access to leading manufacturers such as Schroeder, Mahle, MP Filtri, Hydac, Argo, Baldwin, EPE, Stauff, Internorman, Vickers and Western, we can probably get hold of the element you're after if we do not already have it in stock. Our excellent business relationships with these manufacturers also means we can offer their quality products at great prices, so if you're looking for value for money, Filtertechnik is your best bet. For more information on our filter elements or any of the products listed above, please head directly to the Hydrotechnik and Filtertechnik websites.





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