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Hydromar is a waterjet cutting specialist offering its services across all sectors and throughout the UK. Using the most advanced waterjet profiling equipment, we’re able to fabricate a range of materials and cut even the most intricate shapes. Continual investment in the latest cutting technologies has put Hydromar at the very forefront of a highly competitive industry. 


Why us?


Although Hydromar can offer a range of supplementary services (either in-house or via several approved subcontractors), we focus most of our energies on waterjet cutting. This is reflected in the fact that the majority of our profits are reinvested in the latest, state-of-the-art cutting equipment. Focussing almost exclusively on waterjet cutting means we can offer a service that most other contractors cannot; waterjet cutting at up to 94,000 psi of materials up to 250mm thick, and the ability to trim 3D components of varying thicknesses. 


Product and Service Quality


At Hydromar, we aim to provide a first class waterjet cutting solution. That means ensuring a fast, efficient and cost-effective service, and delivering a high quality, close tolerance product every time. To ensure our products and services meet the standard you expect of them, Hydromar has implemented a quality management system that is fully ISO 9001 approved. 


Additional Services


Hydromar offers several in-house manufacturing services to augment its waterjet cutting processes and to ensure we are able to deliver the finished or semi-finished items our customers need. Some of these services are listed in the sections below. We can also provide comprehensive technical support and tooling/jigging design and development services. 


How can I find out more?


You can find out more about Hydromar and the services we provide by visiting us online or contacting us directly on 01983 404997. 


Waterjet Cutting

Hydromar uses state-of-the-art technology in order to achieve outstanding results. We can cut at a water pressure of 94,000 psi which is almost 50% above industry standard. The cut quality is taper-free and profiles can be cut in any material up to 250mm thick. We can also trim 3D components with varying material thickness.

We work closely with customers to ensure the most suitable and effects results are created. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and deliver results within fast turnaround times while maintaining exceptionally high standards of care.


De-burring is one of the many finishing processes that can be carried out in-house by our engineers after the component(s) have been profiled (waterjet cut). De-burring is a commonly employed method of smoothening ragged edges on metal, wood and plastic. At our facility in Sandown on the Isle of Wight we have several de-burring machines in operation. Find out more about our finishing services by visiting Hydromar online or calling us on 01983 404997.


We are also able to perform a variety of drilling tasks as part of our finishing service. A range of state-of-the-art drilling machines enable us to create bores of various sizes, in materials of varying thicknesses. Find out more about our drilling capacity by visiting Hydromar online or contacting us on 01983 404997.


Tapping is yet another post-profiling procedure commonly carried out by Hydromar engineers. We have several manual and CNC tapping machines that enable us to create internal threads in cut components of all thicknesses. Find out more about our tapping capacity by visiting Hydromar online. If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our engineers, please do not hesitate to call – we’re always happy to offer our advice where it is needed.


Countersinking is the process of cutting a conical hole into a workpiece. This is usually to allow a bolt or screw to sit flush with the surrounding material. However, the process is also commonly employed to remove burrs left after a drilling or tapping operation (as these often leaved ragged edges). Find out more about countersinking and our component finishing capacity by visiting Hydromar online.

Tooling / Jigs

At Hydromar we have a great deal of experience and expertise the design and manufacture of jigging and tooling, for use both in our own processes and in those of our customers. Because waterjet cutting requires no tooling itself, it is a highly efficient and economic solution for rapid prototyping and product development. In fact, prototypes and incremental development will incur no setup or tooling costs whatsoever. To find out more about waterjet cutting as a rapid prototyping process, please head over to the Hydromar website or get in touch on 01983 404997.


The latest CAD/CAM facilities enable us to use customer specifications to create even the most complex, close-tolerance components. We can work with a range of CAD files - though we usually find that .dxf and .dwg formats give us the least compatibility issues.


If you do not already have a CAD drawing, Hydromar can create one for you. Just send us your template or sketch and one of our design engineers will convert it for you. If you would like to discuss your design requirements with a member of our team, just give us a call on 01983 404997.

Material – Stock Holding

By holding a significant amount of material in stock at all times, Hydromar is able to offer a much faster turnaround. Materials held include (but are not limited to):


  • Ferrous Metals – S275 and S355
  • Non Ferrous Metals – Stainless Steel (grades 304 & 316), Aluminium (grades 5083 & 6082 T6), Copper and Brass
  • Rubber & Plastics – Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone Rubber, Viton, UHMWPE, PTFE, Acrylic and Polyurethane
  • Timber – MDF and Plywood


Hydromar are happy to work with customer issued materials. We also hold supplies of customer free issue materials for call off through agreement. 



We understand our clients’ need to streamline supply chains and to consolidate the supplier base, and although we cannot undertake all the required manufacturing processes in-house, we can make things easier for you by subcontracting them to a small number of approved suppliers on your behalf. Unlike some engineering companies, we will always tell you when we are proposing to use subcontractors. 


General machining tasks are mostly carried out by our partners (though de-burring, drilling, tapping and countersinking are all carried out in-house). 


Welding / Fabrication

Partnerships with several welding specialists also allow us to offer TIG, MIG and spot welding services. To find out more about our welding partners and the services they offer, please contact Hydromar on 01983 404997.

Powder Coating

Components can be sent to various approved subcontractors for power coating. This gives a smooth, coloured and texture-free finish and forms a barrier against corrosion. The process is commonly applied to aluminium, galvanised steel and various alloys for decorative and protective purposes. Powder coating thermoplastics are available in a range of colours and may even have special metallic finishes. Find out more about the benefits of powder coating by visiting Hydromar online or contacting us on 01983 404997.

Zinc passivation

Zinc passivation is used to protect the appearance and physical integrity of metallic surfaces. The process creates a hardened shell that acts as a barrier against the onset of corrosion, preserving the life of the component quite considerably. Zinc passivation is a process commonly applied to parts and components that are to be used in outdoor environments where weather can have an adverse affect on surface quality. For more information on the benefits of zinc passivation, speak to one of our engineers on 01983 404997.

Case Study 1; Carbon Fibre Show Piece

Hydromar was recently challenged by Gurit, a global leader in the manufacture of advanced composites, to profile a 130mm thick carbon fibre composite. Using our advanced waterjet profiling equipment, we were able to rise to the challenge. Before cutting the final profile, Hydromar cut a test piece to ensure Gurit were happy with the cut quality at that thickness. Needless to say, they were. We then went ahead and cut the final profile. This was carried out without any problems. Although cutting internal profiles in composites adds to the complexity of the task, Hydromar has developed a number of techniques over the years to deal with such issues. 


Our willingness to embrace these sorts of challenges demonstrates our confidence in both the capability of our equipment and the flexibility of the waterjet cutting process in general. 

Case Study 2; Bridge Expansion Joints

Hydromar was also recently approached by another waterjet cutting company who were struggling to complete a project due to the close tolerances involved and the fast turnaround required by the customer. They needed us to cut components from 130mm thick mild steel, a task which their machines could not handle. Not only could we complete the task, but thanks to our twin head dynamic machine we were able to produce the parts they needed four times as fast as what would be possible on a conventional single head 60,000 psi machine.



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